BotMonitor (CWX's Debugging Tool) 2.3.0

Keep track of all your bot spawns during a raid with an in-game information overlay

SPT 3.8.0, 3.8.1 ONLY

ALL credit goes to CWX for creating this mod and DrakiaXYZ for updating it

This is a rebuild of CWX DEBUGGINGTOOL for SPT 3.8.x

Use this tool to keep track of bots in your raids.

How to install

- extract to your SPT folder

- F12 for options or use console command 'BotMonitor'

Console Commands

0: turns botmonitor off

1: shows Total amount of bots

2: 1 + Total Bots per Zone

3: 2 + Each bot

If you see this overlay on your screen then it's working:


  • For those looking if it works in 3.8.3: It doesn't.

    • Don't spread misinformation. It works on 3.8.3, but only through the console command, not an F12 menu. Type "BotMonitor 1" in console. Change 1 to 3 for a total info, or 0 to disable it.

  • is it possible to show only live PMCs and live ones scaves, without zones and distances to them

    • you want to ONLY see PMCs or SCAVs?

  • now i know my enemys numbers ryewr bugcatscared