Nooky's Custom Presets for SWAG 1.1.10

Please be patient as people update their mods for 3.5.0
There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

Modders - we encourage you to report people that annoy you either through DMs or with repeated comments asking about updates - Staff will happily hand out warnings to offenders.

Do you like spawn mods but don't feel like messing with config files? Want an "out-of-the-box" "live-like" experience? Tired of raids that always seem dead? Then these presets are for YOU!

SWAG 1.4.3+ by props IS REQUIRED!


What is this?

This is an extension of SWAG by props which adds spawns to your raids in "waves". What I've done is create my own custom SWAG presets that try to achieve the following:

- out-of-the-box "live" SWAG - do you like SWAG but don't feel like messing with config files? just copy and paste these and play, no other action needed!

- no more dead raids - my presets have bots spawning in ALL zones of the map consistently throughout your raid. Think you're safe heading to your Trailer Park extract with 5 mins left? Think again.

- a balance of PMC and SCAVs - raids start with more PMCs then balance out throughout the duration

- Rogues and Raiders - Labs should be a challenge, so I filled it with groups of Raiders. Rogues spawn in Lighthouse consistently.

- "live-like" bosses - all bosses should spawn in their "live" location on each map at the very beginning of your raids, no more boss randomness!

- more action in POIs - forget "clearing" Dorms, Resort, etc. Once you think you're safe you may hear PMCs around the corner...

- ...and more - now with the current version of SWAG, the possibilities are endless.

Why would I use this?

The goal of this mod is for anyone who wants to enjoy a "live-like" experience with a bump in PvP without having to fiddle with JSON files

How To Install

Be sure you have SWAG 1.4.3 installed first!

1. delete your "patterns" folder: SWAG/config/patterns

2. download the .zip, extract/copy/paste and overwrite into your SWAG folder: user/mods/SWAG/

3. play the game

Please read the included README for more info.

How To Uninstall

Copy, paste and overrwrite my files with the SWAG defaults, that's it!


How do I know this mod is actually working?

When you load your server and launcher, look at your server console logs. SWAG should show you each wave it's configuring from these presets - so as long as those match what you have in the preset then you're good to go.

What happens if I want to enable default waves?

Regardless of "pmcWave" setting you should see normal vanilla SPT waves of a mix of PMC/SCAVs in addition to my preset spawns.

What is "pmcWave" and what does it do?

If set to "false" what you should expect to see in you raids:

  • PMC spawns spread around the map at the start of every raid
  • SCAV spawns shortly after
  • SCAV waves throughout the duration of the raid

If set to "true", what you should expect:

  • PMC spawns spread around the map at the start of every raid
  • SCAV spawns shortly after
  • SCAV waves throughout the duration of the raid
  • small number of PMC waves throughout the duration of the raid
  • PMC spawns at POIs throughout the duration of the raid (Dorms, Resort, etc.)

So, generally if you want more PvP/PMCs in your raids then you probably want to set this to "true".

What is pmc/scavSpawnWeight?

These are values that determine a chance to reduce a number of spawns in each wave. So, generally speaking:

If you want more SCAVs and/or PMCs, then you want a higher number.
If you want fewer, go low.

pmcSpawnWeight: 30

scavSpawnWeight: 80

What is ScavInLabs?

By default my spawns prevent SCAVs from spawning in Labs - however, if you'd still like to see those dummies at the Lab just set this to "true" and the usual SCAV waves should show up throughout the raid.

How does SnipeChance and BossChance work?

These are both flat percentages for sniper SCAVs or bosses to spawn in your raids. Default is 50% and 20%, respectively.

This is a bit chaotic, I'm getting killed everywhere! How can I turn down the amount of spawns?

These presets are tuned so that your raids are (hopefully) never dead. So yes, spawns are frequent, you will find yourself in fights OFTEN. If that's not your thing, there are a couple of things you can adjust to your liking in your config.json:

Lower the AI amount...

"aiAmount": "low"

or increase the time between waves -

for example, my default config is 45 seconds between waves, however, this can be changed so that there is a longer period between waves and can be stretched out over longer periods of time. See below.

Well, I love chaos, how do I turn these up to 11?

Easy, change this...

"aiAmount": "asonline"

to "high" or "horde", gl hf.

I like long raids (60 min+), will these presets work for me?

Yes! Thanks to SWAG number of waves and intervals between them are entirely configurable.

"WaveTimerMinSec": 70,

"WaveTimerMaxSec": 115

for more spread out waves and/or longer raids. Or you could just simply add more waves:

"RandomWaveCount": 20,

REMINDER - THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS - I'm always open for improvements, please give me feedback in the comments or find me in the SPT Discord!

Recommended Mods

if you're experiencing bad performance from lots of spawns, try using this

similarly, if you're a psycho that likes to play with 'Horde' mode then use this so that bots don't spawn on top of you

  • Version 1.1.10

    Major Fixes

    FIXED: 1st Raid "Bug"

    1st raid bug is GONE! All patterns will now load properly when you start your game, no need to quit/restart/etc.

    Special thanks to Props and DrakiaXYZ for debugging and finding the fix!

    FIXED: Disabled "triggered waves"

    I've had triggered waves left on which has introduced unexpected boss spawns in some raids (this is my fault, sorry!) - this is now set to "false" as originally intended so that all bosses spawn as expected going forward (seriously this time)

  • Version 1.1.9

    Fixes and Improvements

    This version supports SWAG 1.4.3

    Install SWAG first!

    NEW: PMC waves on different time intervals at POIs and other areas

    I've added the ability to add separate PMC (or SCAV) waves to each map, at specific zones in specific time intervals.

    I'll explain with an example:


    PMC waves at each zone

    12-40 min.

    (NEW) PMC wave at Dorms

    10-20 min.



    PMC waves at each zone

    20-45 min.

    (NEW) PMC waves at Resort, Port

    10-35 min.


    Generally speaking you'll likely see more activity in your raids so feel free to tweak your config as you see fit. You can add, remove or change any of the spawns configured in my patterns.

    FIXED: Patterns with incorrect wave intervals

    In previous versions certain wave patterns weren't being configured correctly for certain maps (Streets, Woods and a few others).

    This has been fixed and tested so all patterns should be accurate and spawning as they should going forward. Now you can define as many bots as you'd like per any zone, at any given time intervals.

    FIXED: 2x bosses

    HOPEFULLY this is gone forever - rather than letting the game decide what zones for bosses to spawn in, I've modified SWAG to handle this instead. So going forward, any zones that are defined for bosses are chosen randomly each raid. In other words, if Reshala can spawn at Gas or Dorms, SWAG will only pick one randomly so that no 2x boss weirdness happens.

    FIXED: Factory Night Cultists

    Cultists now spawn as boss spawns instead of "normal" waves. Their AI should behave normally as boss spawns going forward.

    Other Changes


    - added PMC wave at Dorms

    - added SCAV wave at Dorms


    - added PMC waves at Goshan, IDEA and OLI


    - added PMC waves at Barracks, Rail Storage, Bunker Storage

    - added SCAV waves at Barracks, Rail Storage, PTOR1 and PTOR2


    - Zryachiy is now a 100% spawn (UNLESS you have BossChance set to 0)

    - if Zryachiy does not spawn (BossChance: 0) then a group of Rogues will spawn at the Lighthouse instead

    - added PMC and SCAV spawns to Chalet and Long Road


    - added PMC waves to Resort, Port


    - added PMC waves to Hotel, Concordia, Car dealership

    - increased max bot cap: 22 > 24


    - added PMC waves to Mini House, Red House, Wood Cutter, House

  • Version 1.1.8

    Fixes and Tuning

    All Maps

    - decreased PMC weight 30 > 25

    - decreased SCAV weight 80 > 70


    - minor increase to PMC waves


    - Fixed "Zone_Hellicopter" typo (nothing was spawning in this zone previously, sorry about that)

    Special thanks to PattyPN for helping me test and find the zone issue!

  • Version 1.1.7

    Another big update

    NEW: More Spawn Re-work

    I've re-worked all spawns (again) so that PMCs and SCAVs spawn in different time intervals.

    if pmcWaves is true, what you should expect in your raids:

    - start of raid PMCs

    - start of raid SCAVs shortly after (~1-3 mins)

    - SCAV waves on specific intervals

    Example: Customs (live raid length: 40 min)


    27-42 min

    42-57 min


    where SCAVs can spawn in each zone around the map at some point within each interval.

    PMC waves on specific intervals

    Example Customs (live raid length: 40 min)

    15-40 min

    40-65 min (if extended raids)


    where PMCs can spawn in each zone around the map at some point within each interval.

    However, it's not guaranteed - each PMC wave spawn is a random faction (USEC/BEAR) and also has a 80% chance to "roll low", which means a PMC has a 80% chance to either spawn solo or not spawn at all. Hopefully this will help ease the spam of PMCs throughout the raid even with pmcWaves set to true.

    This progresses toward the ultimate goal of emulating the live "feel" of raids, where action and spawns in general are on a gradual, downward curve over time, but also being able to support raids that go on for hours.

    NEW: pmcWaves default is now true

    The motivation behind this is purely personal preference - I just like a good bit of PvP and extended raids.

    if you're not sure which to choose...

    If you want more of a "purist" live experience where PMC numbers are finite, set pmcWaves: false

    (note: for those who enjoy the behavior of 1.1.6, setting this to false will be just about the same as that)

    if you:

    - play long raids (1 hr+)

    - enjoy lots of PvP all over the map

    then set pmcWaves: true (default)

    My personal recommendation is set it true and play longer raids.

    NEW: pmcSpawnWeight & scavSpawnWeight

    These are values that determine a chance to reduce a number of spawns in each wave. So, generally speaking:

    If you want more SCAVs and/or PMCs, then you want a higher number.

    If you want fewer SCAVs and/or PMCs, go low.


    pmcSpawnWeight: 30

    scavSpawnWeight: 80

    These numbers are far from perfect so feel free to play around with them.

    NEW: ScavInLabs (default: false)

    Want to see poor bastard SCAVs in Labs? Set this to "true" and your normal SCAV waves should show up throughout the raid.


    - Factory and Factory Night

    Tagilla and PMC/SCAV spawns are fixed. Similarly, cultists spawns work as intended.

    Other changes:

    - increased random wave timer (SCAV timer)

    - this is to help balance out the additional "refresher" SCAV waves as described above


    - added possible mid-late raid PMC spawns to treatment zones


    - significantly decreased timed Raider spawns underground... but also added a Raider wave mid-raid

  • Version 1.1.6

    Big Update

    NEW: pmcWaves

    (default: false)

    If "false", there will be no random PMC spawns throughout your raid - meaning, the only PMCs that will spawn will be at the very beginning, all spawns after that will be SCAVs.

    If "true", adds a small number of random PMC waves throughout your raid. Additionally, adds more PMC posssible group spawns at POIs (Dorms, Resort).

    Set this to "true" if you want more PvP and or just want more PMCs in your raid in general OR if you have higher max bot caps (otherwise you'll get flooded with only SCAVs)

    NEW: Spawn overhaul

    Using the default settings what you should expect to see in you raids:

    - PMC spawns spread around the map at the start of every raid

    - SCAV waves throughout the duration of the raid

    If using "pmcWaves: true", what you should expect:

    - PMC spawns spread around the map at the start of every raid

    - SCAV spawns shortly after

    - SCAV waves throughout the duration of the raid

    - small number of PMC waves throughout the duration of the raid

    - PMC spawns at POIs throughout the duration of the raid (Dorms, Resort, etc.)

    Fixed 4 Major Issues

    SCAVs in Labs

    No more SCAVs in Labs. What you should expect from Labs raids:

    - PMC possible groups at the start

    - Raider group spawns every 200 seconds

    - no random waves (default: pmcWaves: false)


    BossChance is now a flat percentage chance for bosses to spawn in your raid. Set it to 100 to have all bosses spawn (according to the map) or 0 to have no bosses spawn.

    No sniper SCAVs

    I've added a new option, "SniperChance", which is a flat percentage chance for snipers to spawn in your raid. They will spawn immediately (if they do) like bosses. Snipers spawns have been added in their familiar spawn locations.

    Rogues in Lighthouse

    Rogues actually spawn in Lighthouse now in every raid and they'll spawn in their usual zones from live (water treament/military camp)

    To Install

    1. delete your "patterns" folder (SWAG/config/patterns)

    2. download the .zip, extract/copy/paste and overwrite into your SWAG folder: "user/mods/SWAG/"

    3. play the game

    IMPORTANT: SWAG patterns may not load properly until your 2nd raid!

    If you're experiencing weird spawns in your 1st raid after loading up the game, quit (SVM safe exit is a nice option) and re-load into your 2nd raid and you should be good to go.

    Full Changelog

    All maps:

    - PMC start-of-raid spawns added to all maps and most* zones

    -*since we won't be seeing random PMCs in our raids (default) I wanted to at least spread the starting PMCs around the map

    - removed PMC waves (default: pmcWaves: false)

    - added sniper SCAVs (Customs, Woods, Streets, Shoreline, Lighthouse)

    Special thanks to rihtari, Riddy, Zybergeris, JacksonBrownPants, and JussAren from the SPT Discord for helping me test, Skwizzy for their contributions to SWAG and other mods, and a huge shoutout to Props for dealing with my annoying questions and creating so many great mods. Good luck, have fun!

  • Version 1.1.5

    Please delete your "patterns" folder first!


    PMC/SCAV ratio should be improved significantly in all maps.

    Instead of a PMC scheduled to spawn in every wave now there are some waves that are SCAV only - this is to help balance out the PMC/SCAV ratio. Thanks to all who tested spawns for me in their raids!

    Also, wave timers have been slightly reduced (so, slightly faster waves)

    Other changes:

    - fixed Reserve bot cap not setting correctly

    - improvements to PMC spawns in Labs

  • Version 1.1.4

    Please delete your "patterns" folder first!

    - Fixed Factory and Factory Night spawns not being on random wave timers (they should be, like the other maps, my mistake!)

  • Version 1.1.3

    Lots of changes

    Please delete your SWAG/config/patterns folder before installing this version!

    The older versions (<1.1.3) have the "all.json" pattern which is old and no longer needed. Keeping it around wouldn't break things, you would just get additional spawns than intended.

    I've completely disabled vanilla SPT spawns from my presets, but still keeping "triggered" waves:

    "UseDefaultSpawns": {
    "Waves": false,
    "Bosses": false,
    "TriggeredWaves": true

    What does this mean?

    Some things will behave differently:

    - maps will still get full but a little slower

    - since spawns will now only generate from SWAG there shouldn't be as much spawn spam, especially at the start

    - first spawns will start a little later

    - you may be used to seeing bots start spawning in almost immediately - instead, it may be 60-120 seconds before the first wave begins

    - you will likely encounter more PMCs earlier, then more SCAVs later

    - I've tried to have more PMCs spawn near the start of raids close to actual PMC spawns from live

    - additionally, I've split up the PMC and SCAV waves so that PMC waves start on a downward curve and the SCAV waves start on an upward curve, sort of. It's far from perfect so more testing will be needed

    Some other cool stuff...

    - fixes 2x bosses some people have been seeing in raids

    - all SCAV sniper spawns have been re-worked are 100% configurable

    - spawn location, time and amount are all adjustable per map or can be entirely removed, if desired

    - snipers only spawn once now (may change in the future)

    - all Rogue and Raider spawns are 100% configurable

    - spawn location, time and amount are all adjustable per map or can be removed,if desired

    - improved zone parity

    - we should hopefully see even better spread out spawns going forward rather than clumps of spawns sandwiched on one side of the map

    Known Issues

    - SCAVs in Labs

    yeah, I've seen them too. We may need a SWAG update to work around this, but in the meantime, there's an easy manual fix which is to simply remove the "all_scav.json" file prior to going to Labs. Just remember to add it back before playing other maps, otherwise you probably won't see any SCAVs in your other raids.

    - too many PMCs

    this is something that I'll tune over time - needs more full raid testing for consistent results. Some raids I'll see very few SCAVs, some I'll see too many. Regardless, more improvements to come. Keep in mind this is also something that may vary depending on your mod list - if your PMCs are cracked then they'll probably kill every SCAV they see.

    Other changes:

    - slightly increased time between waves

    - despite removing vanilla SPT waves I've also added a lot more wave spawns from SWAG. So, to try to keep things balanced I've spaced out waves a bit more

    - debug output turned off by default (to reduce the amount of spawn config spam in your server console)

    Max bot caps adjusted:

    Customs: 25 > 24

    Woods: 25 > 26

    Streets: 25 > 24

    Factory: 16 > 15

    Shoreline: 25 > 26

    Interchange: 25 > 24

    Reserve: 25 > 24

    MaxBotPerZone: 7 > 6

    gl hf - please leave me some feedback for further improvements!

  • Version 1.1.2


    All maps

    - minor increase to SCAVs for each wave

    Factory and Factory Night

    - fixed Tagilla spawn so it's no longer random (start of raid)


    - added more PMC spawns in outdoor zones


    - minor PMC spawn timing adjustments at Dorms


    - added more Rogues to all Treatment zones


    - added more PMC spawns to Resort


    - added more Raiders because why not


    - added more PMC spawns at Barracks

  • Version 1.1.1

    It's possible KIilla spawning randomly could cause 2 Killa spawns in some raids so this version should fix that (hopefully) along with some minor adjustments.

    All Maps

    - minor increase to SCAV waves

    - minor increase to wave intervals


    - fixed Killa to spawn at the start of raid (was random)


    - fixed Killa to spawn at the start of raid (was random)


    - minor decrease to D2 Raiders (was regularly seeing 5+)

  • SWAG 1.4.3+ required

    To Install

    1. delete your "patterns" folder: SWAG/config/patterns

    2. download the .zip, extract/copy/paste and overwrite into your SWAG folder: user/mods/SWAG/

    3. play the game

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  • Apologies if this has been askedanswered already, but is anyone else getting the following error with SPT 3.5.4, fresh install of newest SWAG and this mod v1.1.10. These pop up in the server terminal upon loading the game client which causes the game to hang at the first loading screen.

    The code at that line is trying to access the 0 index of BossZones array.

    Of note, SWAG alone loads fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Never mind. Did a fresh install and, importantly, cleared my cache folder in /user

      Fixed the issue

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    • Same issue/log output but cleaning the cache folder did not solve the problem.

      SWAG also load fine on its own.

      I use SPT 3.5.4 and the latest of both SWAG and your preset.

    • Sorry you’re having issues, try the following:

      - completely delete your SWAG folder

      - delete all files in your cache: "user/cache/"

      - download SWAG 1.4.3/1.4.4 and install

      - delete the "patterns" folder: "user/mods/SWAG/config/patterns"

      - download and follow my install instructions for v1.1.10

      If you’re still having issues let me know!

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    • Yup... did not follow the guideline stating to delete pattern folder during the install.

      All good now thanks

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  • If I understand correctly with the new version of SWAG that if i leave zone in boss config empty it should be totally random where they spawn on map?

    • good question! My SWAG code is a bit different - for bosses specifically you need to define zone(s) like this:

      "BossZone": [

      and SWAG will choose 1 zone randomly to spawn the boss in. so if you want the boss to spawn in any random zone on the map you would put all zones in the list.

      now that you've asked though i'll probably change this so that you can use "null" instead (1.1.10 probably)

    • Would be really nice to give it more randomness.

      Also asking again,
      will there be a config with everyone (bosses, rogues, goons, cultists) on all maps please?

      Can´t wait to have total randomness

    • More randomness, varying patterns and other things of that nature is more of a design choice. The scope of this mod in particular is focused more on a "realistic" "live" experience, so some things are less random than others. What I would like to avoid doing in the future is overlapping with other spawn mods, i.e. SWAG variety, BSP, MOAR, etc. Those mods already accomplish a lot of randomness and have a huge number of config options which is great for those who want a different kind of SPT experience.

      tl;dr - different "random" patterns are beyond the scope of this project, but I may consider adding "fun" patterns in the future.

  • I played a few raids since installing your patterns yesterday.

    The experience was absolute awesome. Woods, Coast, Customs, Interchange, a lot of action on all of them over the whole time I was on the map.
    This morning, my first raid was my first raid on Interchange with this profile, and it lasted 1:15 hour, I had blacked out limbs 7 times, was starving and dehydrating 3 times got 17 kills on Scavs, Bears and USEC and barely made it off the map.
    There was gunfire all over the mall the whole time, absolute immersive awesome experience. One of the most intense raids I had so far with SPT.
    There is just one point where I need help. I switch between Scav runs and my PMC and I do all the Scav runs on factory. But somehow there are never any USEC or BEARS on factory. Just Scavs and Tagilla is pretty often there (he doesn't attack me, friendly Scav Boss setting).
    How do I get more USEC and BEARS for my Scav runs on factory?

    This is finally the experience I wanted for SPT. Tried all spawn mods, different patterns and settings but this one is nearly perfect.

    Edit: Did 3 more runs as Scav on factory and each and everyone had Bears and USEC. Seems I was just unlucky with the first 5 runs.

    • Thanks for the kind feedback! A bit of insight - every PMC spawn (other than the "start of raid" PMCs) each have a random chance of being either faction. So it's definitely possible to have raids with lots of BEARs or lots of USECs.

  • damn this is so weird... now I have another problem: PMCs don't spawn on the first raid

    • The 1st raid bug is still around with SWAG 1.4.3 unfortunately. I did a definitive test with the SWAG defaults with Props to confirm. So patterns won’t load properly until the 2nd. We’re working on a fix, sorry about the trouble!

      edit: 1.1.10 fixes this!

  • This is amazing and please please keep this updated thank you so much

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  • This is absolutely awesome! These presets paired with SWAG are by far the best wave generators on the market today. I hope you and SWAG's author continue working together, it would be great to see further branching into setting up many custom zones like from LUA's mod. For the most part I still only see bots at their predictable locations on each map.

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  • Okay, I actually really enjoyed prev versions, raids were alive, I could hear shooting from time to time.

    But now It feels completely dead.

    I barely see any PMCs, if I encounter them, they are most likely just sitting somewhere in the corner camping.

    Scavs are also rare.

    No AI gunfights whatsoever.

    I am not using any other mods, only swag with nooky preset, with default settings>

    Can anyone explain please what could be the problem?

    Also, do I need to toggle "enable bosses" every time before the raid? Any way to make always active?

    • do you experience this in your 1st raid or after?

    • try a clean re-install for SWAG:

      - completely delete your entire "SWAG" folder

      - delete everything in your cache: "user/cache/"

      - re-install SWAG

      - install 1.1.8 presets

      - play the game

      - load 1st raid, then quit

      - load 2nd raid in any map

      see if it's any different and let me know!

    • Hi! Thanks! I played a lot of raids and most of them were dead. I quit after the 1st one, then played a few, quit, changed the difficulty, played again. It didn't change anything.

      Probably will try to reinstall today,

      Thank you!

    • Thanks I appreciate it. If things are still a bit dead for you after that then it's simply a tuning issue.

      In that case I would suggest trying the following:

      Shorten these wave timers if you want more SCAVs, in your config.json

        "WaveTimerMinSec": 30,
        "WaveTimerMaxSec": 60,

      Try bumping both of these up, or one or the other.

        "pmcSpawnWeight": 25,
        "scavSpawnWeight": 70,

      You can also try increasing your map max bot caps.

      If you want more SCAVs, bump up these numbers in "all_scav.json":

                  "BotType": "assault",
                  "MaxBotCount": 2

      If you want more PMCs, bump these up per map (i.e. "customs_pmc.json"):

                  "BotType": "pmc",
                  "MaxBotCount": 2

      and shorten their intervals to see them faster/more often:

              "Time_min": 900,
              "Time_max": 2400,

      Good luck!

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    • Hi! I tried the new version. Reinstalled, deleted the cache. Now it works and def better! Thank you. Still needs timings tweaking to my liking tough. I encounter PMCs quite rarely and they usually just stand or sit at POIs.

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  • I was using 1.1.6 without any issues. Updated to 1.1.8 by replacing the files and now I get errors when loading the game:

    In response to Error reading string. Unexpected token: Startarray. Path '56f40101d2720b2a4d8b45d6.waves[170].SpawnPoints; line 1, position 126517

    SPT version 3.5.3.

    Mods: SVM (Loot & Insurance only), SWAG - Latest versions of both

    Tried reinstalling all of SPT and tried creating a new profile, but still the same. Reverting back to the files from 1.1.6 clears the errors.

    • hey there, sorry about the problem - have you tried doing a clean SWAG install with 1.1.8?

      - completely delete your entire "SWAG" folder

      - delete everything in your cache: "user/cache/"

      - re-install SWAG

      - install 1.1.8 presets

      - play the game

      - load 1st raid, then quit

      - load 2nd raid in any map

      let me know if it's any better at this point

  • Not a single PMC at raid start, all slots are filled by scavs.

    Weight has no impact, it's always a scav sausage fest.

    Here's my config :

    • first I’d increase your wave timers to something like 300/600, this is your regular SCAV waves

      additionally I would try pmc weight to 75, scav weight to 10

      Keep in mind since you play on “High”, SWAG will multiply more SCAVs than PMCs, but that can be rectified a bit with doing some of the above. Good luck, let me know how it goes!

    • actually try 120/300 scav timer

    • Another thing I suggest: adjusting the PMC Time_min and Time_max for each map, change those to 120/300 or something similar

    • I'm afraid I suffer from the bug where the config is disregarded on the 1st raid.

      Second raid on factory I could see PMCs at the start while it was 100% scav on whole 1st raid.

      Any work around ?

    • the only workaround right now is just loading a 2nd raid unfortunately. it's a long-time SWAG bug that Props is working on fixing. Once SWAG is updated then I'll patch my presets to include the fix.

      my personal suggestion is either:

      - use SVM's "Safe Exit" option to quit the 1st raid and not lose anything


      - do a quick SCAV run on Factory as your 1st raid

      sorry for the inconvenience

  • Hey Nooky. Decided to post this here as i think its the best spot for it.

    I've run into a issue im 99% sure is caused by SWAG.

    Whenever i run the mod i use a debugging tool to see AI spawning to make sure it all works.

    When my raids start i wont see anything ( Besides Bosses ) for anywhere between 2 - 5 minutes which is quite the long time for the first wave.

    Whenever they do spawn it usually is about 1 - 2 scavs which is nowhere enough.

    I've changed timers of waves and even modified spawns and nothing seems to fix this problem.

    I've also tried increasing the ai spawn to horde but when i did that no scavs spawned and a horde of PMC's spawned all over the map instead.

    I've reinstalled SPT and made sure SWAG was the only thing loading and the last thing loading in my order should i have another mod enabled but this problem estill exists.

    Hope you can help me fix this problem as i have no idea how to fix this issue.

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    • Hey, thanks for trying it out!

      I have to ask - have you tried a 2nd raid after loading the game? SWAG has a notorious bug that's been around for a while where your patterns won't load in your 1st raid (after loading the game), so they may get completely ignored (which could explain the behaviors your experiencing).

      edit: troubleshooting via discord

  • "SWAG patterns may not load properly until your 2nd raid!"

    But in my situation, SWAG patterns only load properly for the first raid. After that, scav waves are not presented. It just spawns several bots at the beginning of the raid, and only spawns a single bot when I kill one.

    I use spt 3.5.3(this also happens when I use 3.5.0), SWAG 1.4.2, preset 1.1.6, Valen's AIO, AI limit.

  • Was using Swag variety but I like this more. It's more grounded, still keeps things interesting but doesn't go overboard with all the options. GG.

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  • My pmcwave is false,i find only 2 sptbear in factory at the beginning but u mapbosses set is 6.....

    • yeah sorry Factory is a bit broken atm but it'll be fixed and working as intended in the next update! (expecting today) so in 1.1.7 you should expect to see 4-7 starting PMCs in Factory plus a few SCAVs.

  • What do I have to change, to get more Scav bots on shoreline?
    So far I'm super happy with your config but while doing missions on shoreline, I noticed that there are nearly zero Scavs, or they spawn very early to get killed by dozens of PMC and Bear bots.
    I have more than enough of PMC and Bear over a 40 minutes raid, but Scavs are super rare or already dead when I find them.
    Pretty difficult to do missions on the map, when the desired target spawns not often or is already killed.

    • It’s probably expected… I have an update coming very soon (today, hopefully) that improves early SCAV spawns, fixes some bugs and other things so hopefully will resolve what you’ve been experiencing.

      In the meantime you can try increasing the SCAV bot counts in your “all_scav.json” and decrease your wave timer (so faster waves).

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  • I noticed in the logs while trying to balance the waves to my liking that the number of generated waves goes as follow :

    config."RandomWaveCount" * all.scav."Bots":

    If I set config."RandomWaveCount" to 80, the server will generate 2400 waves for scav because there's 30x lines within the brackets "Bots": [...]

    Not sure if that is supposed to go this way, seems overkill. At least, overkill in the debug logs :)

    • lol yeah it's normal and probably overkill (25 waves) since SWAG will generate waves for every map, i'll probably decrease this closer to 1-2 hr raid times. feel free to turn debug logging off if it's too much spam.

  • Thank you for your development and contributions!

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  • Hi nooki.

    Thank you for this, I love it. I've been using every iteration of your wave patterns, from your patterns for BetterSpawnsPlus to this and I think your work is great!

    I'm just having one problem. The cultists don't seem to spawn for me, do you have any idea why that is?

    Thank you!

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    • It's a bug, it'll be fixed in the next update, thanks for letting me know!

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  • I noticed on a couple raids in factory with your default settings Tagilla would spawn midway through the raid, or by himself with no scavs or PMC's. Noticed very few PMC spawning as well.

    • Tagilla on Factory is a bit broken atm on 1.1.6 but I have a fix almost ready for 1.1.7, sorry about that!

    • no worries, figured I would let you know. I had issues with him spawning as well that i thought were mod related ( spawning when i set his wave chance to 0 ), but figured out that was because the base game percent was still at 24 and so he still could spawn at start of raid, so now i am tagilla free for until it is fixed. Dude is scary.

  • Hello,

    Latest version is better balanced regarding the PMC spawns, however is there any setting or change to the config that would allow me to slightly raise the PMC waves during the raid ?


    • sure - try setting “pmcWave” to true in your config.json, it should give you a mix of PMC and SCAV waves in your raids. If it’s still too many, let me know!

    • Done that and it is too little now :) At some point it's full-on scav.

      But globally much more diverse and enjoyable over time than the previous version.

      Thank you

    • Hey Lt.Dan, it's the hijacker again, haha. What you could do is go to Aki -> user -> mods -> SWAG -> config -> patterns -> all_pmc.json

      There change the MaxBotCount on the sptusec and sptbear. I have mine set to 3 on all and I always have alot of PMCs around. This however, doesn't raise the PMC waves. It just raises the chance for every PMC to spawn with buddies. Or atleast that's how I understand it.

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    • Leoo is close!

      Each "MaxBotCount" represents "# of Bots to spawn at this time, in one zone"

      So, if you edit your "all_pmc.json" like Leoo mentioned and increase the first PMC spawn to 5 for example, then you should expect to see 5 PMCs (or as close as the game can get) spawn in one zone in the first wave of bots. Keep in mind that the game does its best job to be as accurate as possible but it's far from perfect.

      If you want more PMC GROUPS - you can edit the MAP PMC files (i.e. customs_pmc.json) and change these values:

      "BossEscortAmount": "0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1"

      to something like:

      "BossEscortAmount": "2"

      which guarantees a PMC trio spawn. Feel free to play around with it!

    • Thank you both for your detailed answers, now one last question if I may.

      What does the pattern of this syntax match in the PMCs waves :


      "Name": "sptbear",

      "BossName": "sptbear",

      "BossZone": "ZoneBrige,ZoneWade",

      "BossEscortType": "sptbear",

      "BossEscortAmount": "0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1",

      "Time": -1,

      "Supports": null,

      "RandomTimeSpawn": false,

      "OnlySpawnOnce": true


      Does it match a zone or like a 1 over 9 chance to pick an escort of 1 PMC ?

  • Are these backwards compatible? Would 1.1.6 work with 3.5.0 for example?

    edit: Also, for some added context... I am using swag 1.4.2 (for 3.5.0) with your 1.1.5 presets I'm not seeing any scavs on Shoreline. Only PMCs. More I think about it Customs seems to be the same. Only other bot mod I use is the back to 12.11 mod and the zero fragmentation setter mod.

    • as long as it’s compatible with SWAG 1.4.2 then it’s fine. I recommend only using 1.1.6+ of my mod going forward since all spawns have been overhauled - you should see more SCAVs/fewer PMCs

    • Awesome. Thanks. I forgot I also grabbed AI Limit as I read a reply of yours somewhere in the comments to use that with 3.5.0, I think? I just left it to the default 200 distance and 10 ai limit. Going to try your 1.1.6 now.

      edit: so far, so good! Saw plenty of scavs and a team of 3 PMC's down near pier. Thank you for all the time you put into these updates.

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  • Thanks for the updates. Loving this mod. Just curious, with SPT-AKI 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 being out for a while now (and SWAG at 3.5.2), is there a reason that this mod is still only at SPT-AKI 3.5.1? Thanks in advance.

    • thanks for asking, I've updated my mod page to include 3.5.2 - since it relies on SWAG, my mod will only support the latest version SWAG supports.

  • Thanks for this awesome mod!

    What sort of values for WaveTimerMinSec/MaxSex and "RandomWaveCount": 25 do people think is best for extended raids (up to 4h as in SVM), please?

    Thanks! :)

    • Thank you!

      For extended raids, I would recommend the following:

      - pmcWave: true (this will keep your raids from becoming 100% SCAV over time, unless that's your kind of thing)

      - RandomWaveCount - increase this number, although 25 is already several hours I believe, but you can make this as high as you'd like

      and that's it. you'll see waves of PMCs and SCAVs for hours.

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    • Brilliant, thanks so much for the tips and hard work in making the mod! :thumbup::)

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  • Is it possible to still get scavs in labs? I kinda like it as idea of few brave ones.

    And how is it looking with the all bosses/rogues/goons/cultists on all maps config

    Thank you

    • I can add a config option for SCAVs in Labs.

      All bosses will come later, I need to test different configs for this.

  • Hello,

    I sometime have a raid with 90+% of bear spawn :

    see factory example :

    It is not 100% bear spawn because the boss always spawn properly, and some usec/scav spawn along the way.

    But as time pass it's 100% bear because they wipe the opponents quickly.

    If you know a solution to make bear fight each other it will become a non-problem for me.

    Here is my modlist :

    • Faupi-MunitionsExpert 1.7.1
    • HideoutArchitect
    • Lua-CustomSpawnPoints
    • ServerValueModifier
    • SWAG

    I have disabled all options related to spawns in other mods.

    Here are my settings in config :


    • Additional input : I've noticed that the situation worsen after a few raid.

      Starting the game I can see balanced spawns, after a few raid it's just sptBear all around in the first waves.

    • Sorry for hijacking your question, but would you mind me asking how you can see the specific waves like in your imgur link? Like their distance, names, faction etc.

    • Thank you very much!

    • can you see if you're still experiencing this with the latest version? (1.1.6)

  • Hi there, just tried out this preset for 2 raids(only factory though). I find that without this and SWAG the Raid is pretty dead and not much is going on. Have LUA Custom Spawn Points, Extended Spawns and PMC Spawns that make sense installed for SPT 3.4.1. With SWAG and your preset its a bit too much on factory at least. I have now reduced the Bot Cap in your SWAG config to combat that. Is there anything else i can try?

    • Hey, thanks for trying my mod! Yes if things are a bit too hectic, the first thing I suggest is increasing your wave intervals - you could try something like:

      "WaveTimerMinSec": 120,
      "WaveTimerMaxSec": 240,

      which would spawn waves in this interval pattern (in seconds):

      120-240 / 360-480 / etc.
      each interval is a wave, so this would be slower than what you're experiencing. Give it a shot and let me know!

    • Alright, will give it a try. Thanks a lot.

    • Did my first Raid with the new Settings. Its much better, maybe even a bit too quiet now... Didnt meet many Scavs, mainly PMC. But i will fiddle with that some more.

  • Default spawns for waves + bosses are on again in newest version

    • I double-checked 1.1.5, they should still be false, double check your config.json:

       "UseDefaultSpawns": {
       "Waves": false,
       "Bosses": false,
       "TriggeredWaves": true
    • yep it was my bad, thanks

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  • Using defaut]lt preset with 20 maxbotcap, Sanitar is spawning twice in Shoreline and Knight isn't spawning. Playing 3.5.2

    • Thanks for letting me know - Goons are currently not configured to spawn in Shoreline, this will be corrected in the next update (1.1.6)

      Regarding 2x Sanitar, some questions for you if you don't mind:
      - what version of my presets were you using?

      - how far into the raid were you? (if you don't know that's ok)

      - what other mods are you using?

      - are you using my SWAG config.json?

  • Would it be possible to add chance to all bosses on all maps just by adding them in map pattern if so can you please show me proper format?
    Also if I put boss zone null does it mean he can spawn anywhere?

    Thank you

    • It should be possible but it's not something I've tested enough of yet, but I am working on an "all-boss, all-maps" style preset. I don't think you can set a "null" zone for bosses, you may get errors.

    • That would be nice while you at it can you please add also add rogues and goons (big pipe etc) and cultists? I really love the randomness and variety in spawns.

      Also possibility for bosses to spawn anywhere would be really nice so you never know what to expect and where

  • on the new version im only getting PMCs and Bosses, almost no AI scavs anyone else?

    • new version 1.1.5 should help with the PMC/SCAV ratio.

  • Best presets out there

    These presets are a must have. I've tried several other mods and presets out there in regards to bot spawns and these are the best. Every raid is alive and you can easily tune your config and patterns to fit the way you want the spawns to behave, if you were to feel that the already perfect config doesn't quite cut it. Nooky and Props (Creator of the SWAG mod) are also extremely helpful. I would give this a 10 out of 5 if I could. Thank you so much for this! <3

  • A must have preset!!!

    Nothing to say because nooky's preset is that good and should be mandatory if you are gonna play SPT.

  • Simply Outstanding

    If you're even mildly curious about whether to get this mod, then this is exactly what you've been looking for! I've tried every other variation and it just doesn't quite have the same feel so I keep coming back to this. On top of that, this creator is quite flexible and open for feedback on improving his system. *chef's kiss*

  • Version 1.1.9 - Best out of the box experience you can get

    Every map I played so far, even with long extended raids beyond 1 hour, have always a lot going on. Massive fire fights between Scavs, Bear, USEC and you as the player right in the middle.
    I recommend using POOP + POOP Variety, otherwise you will die a lot.

    Fun fact, you have more immersive action and fire fights, than with Live Tarkov.

    15/10 - Best spawn patterns out there! <3