UnityToolkit 1.0.0

A framework library for client modders to make writing efficient, allocation-free code easier.

What is this library for?

This library aims to provide additional tools to client modders which will (hopefully) allow them to write more optimised code and reduce the performance cost and memory allocation of their code even further.

How to install this library (For non-modders):

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Open the .7z file with 7-Zip
  3. Drag and drop the "BepInEx" folder into your SPT folder

How to use this library (For modders):

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Copy the assemblies EXCEPT the UnityToolkit.dll from the release zip to where you store your project's assembly references
  3. Add all the assemblies as assembly references to your project
  4. Add [BepInDependency("com.Arys.UnityToolkit")] attribute to your plugin class
  5. You can now use UniTask and Unity.Collections in your mod

What features does this library provide?

  1. UniTask is a near zero-allocating, performant version of C# Tasks that's suited for Unity than the standard C# implementation.
    • It doesn't use threads or SynchronizationContext/ExecutionContext so the result is faster performance and lower allocation while matching Unity threading (single-thread).
    • It is also possible to replace Unity Coroutine usage, which has poor performance and higher memory allocation, with UniTask instead.
    • Documentation: https://github.com/Cysharp/UniTask
  2. Unity.Collections is included in this library for the additional NativeContainer types it provides such as NativeList, NativeHashMap, NativeMultiHashMap, and NativeQueue.

Is it safe?

Yes, both assemblies are just compiled versions of their original git repo I've also included a VirusTotal scan of both on the GitHub releases page