Arys' Custom Asset Importer 1.0.0

Mod framework for modders to import custom assets, like particle system effects, into SPT

  • how do i make this work , does this mod make the rpg have an actual explosion or what?

    • All you need to do is install this like any other client mod.

      If you installed it correctly, Choccy's RPG-7 will actually show the new bigger explosion he made.

  • will this be useful for retexture ?

    • No, you should use EFT-SDK + Unity Editor for that

  • what exactly is the purpose of this? I just wanna know if it's useful for me. Does this involve using the SDK?

    • This client mod was made so mod creators would not need to worry about writing a client mod to load in their custom bundles.

      At present this client mod only supports adding custom effects.

      You will have to make your own custom effects in the EFT-SDK and export it as a bundle, then place it within my mod's "assets/effects/" directory. The full instructions are on my GitHub repo.

      If you take a look at the latest version of Choccy's RPG-7, you can see that it does not contain a client mod, but simply adds a custom bundle to be loaded by my mod.

      His server mod which adds the RPG-7 to the DatabaseServer only needed to change the RPG warhead's "ExplosionType" property to his own custom effect name for the new effect to work ingame.

    • ok. You're saying this is different from loading bundles using a server mod right? Like stuff like custom particles. Pretty cool

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