Featured RPG-7 1.1.0

Introduces the RPG-7 to Tarkov

  • Version 1.1.0

    From this version and onward, user will need to install a bepinex plugin mod

    +New explosion particle for the RPG-7

    ~Minor Tweaks for some stats

    Installation Guide

    1. Download the zip.

    2. open the zip, inside there are 2 folder. User and BepInEx folder.

    3. place these 2 folder into your SPT folder. They are structured to go into the mods and the plugin folder.

  • Version 1.0.2

    +Increase the minimum distance to 30 and maximum distance to 50

    There was a bit of inconsistency with the danger range when it explode, making it not as deadly as I made it out to be.

    ~Changed explosion effect to the F1 grenade

    It ain't much, but at least you can see the boom of it, honestly don't know why the 40mm grenade explosion isn't that visible

    Might need to dig around on how BSG name their explosion particle to see if I can make my own, no promises tho.

  • Version 1.0.1

    ~Tweaked zeroing so it doesn't fire far from the center of the iron sight

    +Reduce the arming distance (Can be used in somewhat close quarter, try not to blow yourself)

  • Version 1.0.0

  • *AEK971 AEK971 AEK971 AEK971 AEK971*

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  • Only complaint is no sound for kicker charge, then the rocket motor firing.

    Gameplay wise is fun, the barter is well designed, the animations are quick, and crisp fitting nicely into the basegame, the model, and texture work is amazing as well. Great job!! :uwuCoke:

  • I tested a couple of times, i even killed myself once, but honestly is not doing any explosion to me, is jus like the normal grenade launcher, no Big Explosion. i shot from 113 meters.

    • Because you didn't install the new dependency mod.


    • Thanks, i downloaded directly from the Overview page, thats why i didnt see.

  • Absolutly amazing mod, though I really wish that the warheads were 1x3 so they could fit into a rig such as the CSA

    • If you go into the SPT/user/mods/Choccy-RPG7/src directory and edit mod.js (line 259) and mod.ts (line 224) change width to 3. It'll chop off part of the image, but it'll fit in 1x3 after that.

    • Oh nice, I'll give that a try. Though knowing me, the chopped image will probably really annoy me tho.

  • (Sorry for asking) Would it be possible to make an AK-308? :/

  • New explosion particle for the RPG-7

    MY DAWG.

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  • hello what's the item id for the launcher?

    I want to add it in Backdoor Bandit Grenade Launchers file

  • suggestion: add the mount for russian dovetail scopes and then maybe PGO-7V rpg scope ;)

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  • what animation tool you use? and any chance of a Youtube tuturial to birth new gun modders into the SPT community?

  • Hello, for some reason the rpg does not work for me, that is, when a shot is fired anywhere, a small spark occurs and that's it.

    • You were too close before the rocket could arm itself. This will be fixed in the next update as the safe distance currently is around 30m to 40m.

    • Understood, thanks for the answer)

  • it is INCORRECT hand position. Right hand holds the main (front) handle and pulls the trigger, left hand holds the support (rear) handle

  • does it have an explosion? after that video, im so confused... :D

    • it has, but it's using the 40mm grenade explosion effect which is very small

  • There is almost no impact explosion. Would be cool if there were!

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    • Yeah, it is using the 40mm grenade explosion effect. I don't know the name of the other explosion effect sadly and I could not find a single clue on where BSG store them.

    • Would be very interesting if you could use the AGS explosion effect.

    • If there was a way to copy the AGS explosion and just scale the effect up by 2, all there would need to be is large smoke effect upon shooting and then we have a weapon that can be replicated. With KMC Weapons I now have 2 choice for rocket launchers :D

    • i remember seeing ssh showing a nuke explosion in tarkov in one of his videos on youtube. So it is possible to make your own but how... I have no idea. I work a lot in the SDK and if I find out I will contact you.

  • Whoa, I gotta try this.

  • First of all, great mod! Animations look good and the model looks great too! Just a minor thing I wanted to point out, the proper way to fire an RPG-7 is with the right hand on the foregrip, left hand on the rear grip. Here are examples of live firing and an excerpt from the soviet army manual on the RPG-7:

    https://prnt.sc/bSXSeI_tuHhg (manual)




    It's not a big deal and the mod is great, but it's just something to point out if you do want to change it :)

    Again, good work on the mod, seeing rocket launchers in Tarkov is wild

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  • Finally, I can smoke Shturman across the lake with explosion.

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  • Recoil angle should be 180 to reflect the irl RPG recoil being downward ;)

    amazing addition

  • Just headshot BigPipe from 160m. I love it already

  • The Rpg itself works for me, firing, reloading all that but there's no explosion although direct hits cause damage?


  • Could you tell me how to change the number of shells sta

  • Kaboom?

  • Great work! Had to say that the picatinny rail modifications by the Americans would be great for this especially in tarkov. imagine a RPG with 3 2U lights and a VUDU optic on it. xd

  • My hero.

  • I play Tarkov for the realism, I download mods cause I like chaos. Will AI also have the RPG? Can't wait to get booped by an 85mm HEAT round

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    • AI won't spawn with it due to the size of the round, they won't be able to reload.

    • Could there possibly be an update in the future that adds them to AI? Pwetty pwease? <3<3<3 just be the most hilarious thing, spraying some poor scav with my AK and his buddy comes round the corner and hits me with a heat

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  • this looks great

    Have you considered adding the G3 or the M249 SAW as these are sorely missing from EFT

  • As Russian, I'm absolutely mad rn, it's amazing, I've always wanted some launchers in game and i think we'll get some sort of RPG in real Tarkov next wipes cuz BSG added BTR on Streets. 2 questions: Will there be added some sort of RPG optics like PGO-7V or modifications? And i think there's a trouble with arming distance (original APHE round has 2.5-20m of safe distance, then goes activation of main rocket engine, similar to other variations of RPG rounds)

    • UPD: Saw what you replied to other man who asked for PGO-7, its sad to see
      Can we ask someone to build model for PGO from scratch?

    • UPD: got a model from public paid service, if that's what we're looking for, I'm ready to buy it


    • Thanks for the info on the arming distance, i'll change it to something lower. Currently it's 0.4 second and it's finicky cause i need to take into account the velocity. As for the PGO-7 scope, the model looks good but I worry the zeroing won't be accurate with the marking on the scope. It's a bit difficult to handle zeroing and I don't have a way to tweak it without exiting and entering raid, which can get tedious at times.

    • Alright, so when you'll need that model, reply or dm me, i'll buy it and you'll check if that's what you need or not

  • I can only do damage if I hit directly

    and tagilla eat 3 round,it only Causes 5+10 damage.

    anything wrong?

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    • Distance might affect the damage on it, i am unsure i will have to check. In general it should kill anyone who is close enough to the explosion

  • great to see you man

  • Doesn't do a lot of damage does it? Unless you get a direct hit.

    • It should do enough damage, there's a lot of fragment counts on impact

    • Did some testing. Fired into a small room on Reserve that had two scavs in it...barely tickled em.