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  • Heyo! I'm trying to streamline the process of downloading all the mods I have for singleplayer tarkov for my discord users (2k+ Members for those who care). Wanted to make sure that you didn't mind that, as I wanted to be asked for permission. I tried reaching you through private message but couldn't. I'll provide links, mod name, etc and also stressed that I did not make any of the mods

    This does NOT hurt you mod authors as the links to your mod (Main page) are provided as well as credit. I accept no money (And never will for this specific modpack) and I do not claim anything other than just making sure the mods work together.

    I can understand why you MAY think "it will cause confusion for many who get bugs / errors" because people may report bugs thinking it has to do with your mod but instead of a mod confliction. I can guarantee what my purpose is. To make sure there is not confliction with mods in the collection and to notify mod authors when I have found out what the issues/conflictions are as to potentially address them. As far as not knowing where to report them they would definitely know because I have an active discord community with dedicated sections where I take direct control on figuring out any and all issues BEFORE even addressing the mod authors so that I can guarantee exactly what is causing the issue. I don't just send people to the mod authors without knowing for a fact what the issue is and what mod has what issue.

    I've been trying to message all mod authors on mods I use but I didn't realize there was a daily message limit... So things have been delayed sadly.

    P.s. Specifically


  • strawberry milk is better <.<

  • Hey chocc! Hope you're doing well, haven't seen ya in the pub for a while.

    • well I rarely interacted in the pub. I am doing relatively fine as well

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  • Your Raffica mod is one of the best modeled weapon mods I have seen for SPT, I think it would be awesome if you made a mod for an old Colt Navy or Colt SAA considering how well that Beretta model is

  • how long dose the patch client take to finish

  • You are really good at making animations!

  • Ever heard of TungstenRat?