Featured Beretta 93 Raffica 1.0.0

Adds M93R into Tarkov

Introducing Beretta 93 Raffica, a 3-round burst machine pistol based off the Beretta model

This weapon was requested by RaiRaiTheRaichu

This mod adds M93R, the foldable angled grip (animation not yet available), a stock, a switchable firemode between single and burst, a suppressor, and 1 special item that I will not reveal.

The gun can be bought from Peacekeeper LLV 1 by trading in a regular Beretta alongside $216

Credit Section

RaiRaiTheRaichu for providing the models (i have 0 clue where he yoink it from)
Me porting the gun to EFT

You can support me by leaving a feedback and comments. Optionally, you can also support me financially through here

P.S. Burst recoil are awful unless recoil is very low, can't have shit in tarkov

  • Thanks for the mod!

    I've recently become interested in creating custom weapons myself, could we discuss a couple of details? I use your guide, and sometimes I don't understand exactly how to make animations.

    Now I have transferred the fss hurricane model from COD, completely with textures and divisions into parts. Handle, butt, and so on.

    Can't I take ready-made animations of the same P90? To avoid doing animations manually. I know that KMC used ready-made animations, I just don't understand how it can be done.

    Since I took it from COD, there are already animations ready, can't I just use them?

    If I can contact you somehow, I will be very grateful. Since I will be able to make a video guide where I will tell people how to transfer weapons, this will greatly help the community.

    • you can use ready made animation from CoD and EFT. You would probably still need to animate some motion, mostly non complex one, given the FSS hurricane is a mix of P90 and AR15. You can contact me by pinging me in the SPT Pub server especially in mods-development.

  • sick, hope to see some more weapon mods soon. would love to see some CZ weapons like the Scorpion EVO, the Bren and some others

    • there was some scorpion EVO being developed a while back by Mc Witch Doctor but it never ended up coming out, probably because it was gonna to drop with KMC modpack.

  • Nice. Recognised this from when I was a kid playing cod

  • incredible timing, literally just this morning i was thinking about how an M93 would fit inside tarkov.

    thank you for this mod

  • I used this gun in cod

    And now I will die with it in tarkov

  • A Triumph of Craftsmanship: The Beretta 93 Raffica

    Hark, noble denizens of Single Player Tarkov! I cometh bearing news of a wondrous creation that hath graced our realm: the "Beretta 93 Raffica." Allow me, in the spirit of chivalry and honor, to regale thee with my enthusiasm for this most magnificent addition.

    Behold, the Beretta 93 Raffica, a marvel of weaponry, a 3-round burst machine pistol borne from the noble Beretta lineage. This masterful work was brought forth at the request of none other than RaiRaiTheRaichu, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for this splendid creation.

    The offerings of this mod are nothing short of awe-inspiring. The M93R, a veritable jewel in the crown, takes its rightful place, adorned with a foldable angled grip (alas, animation remains elusive), a stock to steady one's aim, and a versatile switchable fire mode that alternates gracefully between single and burst fire. To heighten the intrigue, a suppressor graces our presence, and a singular mysterious item, whose secrets the creator, Choccy Milk, tantalizingly keeps from our eager grasp. Such enigma!

    To acquire this esteemed piece of craftsmanship is a quest unto itself. A pilgrimage to Peacekeeper LLV 1 is in order, where one may acquire the M93R by tendering a standard Beretta and a humble sum of $216. A transaction most befitting the discerning adventurer, I dare say.

    Let us, in our wisdom, offer due recognition to RaiRaiTheRaichu for their generous contribution of the models. The creator, Choccy Milk, in their noble role as a craftsman, hath ported this weapon into EFT with great skill, and for this, we raise our goblets in salute.

    In our journey through the virtual realm, let us not forget the importance of support, both in word and deed. The leaving of feedback and comments is a virtuous pursuit, and for those who wish to further elevate Choccy Milk in their endeavors, the option of financial support is extended.

    In conclusion, I declare with the utmost sincerity that the "Beretta 93 Raffica" is a triumph of our time. It breathes new life into our beloved Single Player Tarkov, and I, as a humble knight of the digital realm, eagerly anticipate the adventures and battles that await with this splendid addition to our armory. Kudos to Choccy Milk for their exemplary craftsmanship!

  • yeah