Quieter Faceshield Breathing 1.0.1

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Configurable volume for breathing with faceshield on!

Very simple mod that was difficult to figure out how to implement thanks to how Unity and BSG handles audio sources.

Use the BepInEx F12 config menu to change the volume (0-100%) of the faceshield breathing sound.

Known issue: If you have faceshield on when loading into a raid, you will still hear the heavy breathing play out ONCE but will be silent from then onwards (I probably won't fix this)


  1. Download the mod
  2. Open the mod zip with 7-Zip (not WinRAR)
  3. Drag and drop the "BepInEx" folder straight into your SPT folder
  • The link for the 3.8.x version isn't working.

  • Since the first time years ago when I wore a faceshield on live I have always HATED the over-exaggerated breathing sniffling and plethora of other garbage mouth noises BSG greenlit as 'breathing' into the sound effects for this game...FINALLY NO MORE THOUGH I AM FREE. I love you, you just made faceshields viable again for me after 3 years.

    Edit: Just popped into factory and slid the volume down and I slowly started grinning as I heard the stupid unrealistic heaving fade away...Almost cried ngl this is amazing.

  • My hero.

  • Works perfectly. Is there any way to do the same thing for player footsteps? Always feel like my guy is intentionally stomping around like he's pissed off.

    • Yeah it's possible.

      Don't want to make a new mod for that though so I'd probably have to rename this mod lol

    • You can do this with Profile Editor, there is a "Skill" called BotFootsteps. The higher you increase this skill the more silent your character moves, at max you are completely inaudible similar to a Cultist

    • There's already a mod for that called:

      Configurable Steps Volume

  • Thank you for making this mod! I am a Chinese player and I want to ask may I repost your mod to our website? Of course I will indicate the source and your name

    • Sure go ahead!

    • Thank you again!

  • He's the one

  • PMC: We gud
    PMC with faceshield: *OG MW2 Near-Death-Breathing intensifies*
    Thanks for the mod my guy

  • I just change my voice to cultist to not hear them lol

  • finally