SamSWAT's Helicopter Crash Sites - Arys Reloaded 2.2.2

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SamSWAT's Helicopter Crash Sites - DayZ inspired helicrashes now in Tarkov

  • Version 2.2.2

    Updated for SPT 3.8.1+

    May or may not work on 3.8.0, just keep using v2.2.1 if you're still on that version.

  • Version 2.2.1

    Updated for SPT 3.8.0

    • New: Added a few crash sites to Ground Zero
    • Misc: Minor code refactor

    Known issues

    • No crash sites for Streets at the moment
  • I've encountered a couple of different instances of crashsites being in unreachable locations.
    On Customs: I've had a heli land on the building next to the hole in the fence by the Unknown key body.

    On Shoreline: I've had a heli stuck in a tree near the 1st UAV crash site, over by the Scav Co-op Extract.
    On Interchange: I've had one generate outside of the map's boundaries beyond the fences near the V-Extract.

    • Seems like it intentional - so there is a chance to roll RNG that they wont be lootable

      In my opinion the way they are generate in the mod- these are cinematic and too specific of locations in the XYZ coordinates in the JSON file to be accidental.

  • Loving the mod! Question (and this may be outside of what you can fix since I know you took over for SamSWAT) but I'm hitting a freezing issue occasionally, often on Customs. I think what's happening is the chopper is picking a spot that the map doesn't like, and it crashes the game. It always happens about 5 seconds into the match, and needs a force quit to get out of it.

    3.8.3 and most current FIKA version of the Heli Crash mod.

    • I don't maintain any Fika version of this mod, and unfortunately I don't have any plans of making my own release for Fika. Sorry.

    • fwiw this was also happening in non-Fika tarkov. Not saying it's something you gotta look into (it's a small price to pay - I just restart and the crash location rerolls) but just trying to give some info.

  • Any known incompatibilities?

    I know I have seen this listed somewhere before but I cant remember where-

    Too many mods installed to check every page

    Just wondering if anyone had a short list of incompatible mods?

  • For those wondering, this does work with Fika, but is client side only (i.e. the host player might have no heli at all, while a player joining may have one on the map)

    not really expecting a fix, but reporting for the curious.

  • Yesterday I just found while raiding shoreline, like this:


    helicopter floating above my reach.

    beneath heli, there's a barrel(baerly visible on this photo, rear side of truck) stuck on ground.

    maybe that's obstructing with heli spawn I think.


    Didnt know the exact coordinate there, so took another screenshot near V-EX exfil for better explanation.

    • Probably the result of the Shoreline expansion. I didn't change any of the old spawn positions so I'd have to look into fixing this when I have time.

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  • Not sure if this is something that can be addressed but wanted to report it nonetheless. Seems to happen a somewhat frequently though maybe inconsistent.


    "noticed at 2 different crash sites the AI gets stuck running against the helicopter. One was inside the front of the helicopter running in place."


    • Thanks for the reminder, I have a solution but just need to test it first

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  • I'm getting this error on 3.8.1, any ideas if this is on my side or if the mod is broken?
    Tested on fresh 3.8.1 install with new profile and just this mod installed.

    [Exception] : MissingMethodException: void Aki.Custom.Airdrops.Utils.ItemFactoryUtil.AddLoot(EFT.Interactive.LootableContainer,Aki.Custom.Airdrops.Models.AirdropLootResultModel)

    System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncVoidMethodBuilder.Start[TStateMachine] (TStateMachine& stateMachine) (at <eae584ce26bc40229c1b1aa476bfa589>:0)

    SamSWAT.HeliCrash.ArysReloaded.HeliCrash.Init (System.String location) (at <6d8956e9a5fb40fb948ce2dde32794fe>:0)

    SamSWAT.HeliCrash.ArysReloaded.HeliCrashPatch.PatchPostfix (EFT.GameWorld __instance) (at <6d8956e9a5fb40fb948ce2dde32794fe>:0)

    (wrapper dynamic-method) EFT.GameWorld.DMD<EFT.GameWorld::OnGameStarted>(EFT.GameWorld)

    EFT.TarkovApplication+Class1235.method_1 (Comfort.Common.IResult error) (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

    Comfort.Common.CallbackExtensions.Succeed (Comfort.Common.Callback callback) (at <48b1db9873f04ce8b3bad0c383343f52>:0)

    EFT.BaseLocalGame`1+Class1363[T].MoveNext () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

    UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at <ca21460feb9c47d0ac337b9893474cc6>:0)

    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

    Class358:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    • I have yet to update this mod for 3.8.1+. I'll take a look at it soon

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    • Same here, 3.8.0 works fine. later versions doesn't

  • Hi , Great work and thanks to you for keeping this mod , i want to report that in interchange map sometimes the heli spawns outside the playable area on the powerstation side behind the fence , no one can reach it , just want to let you know.

    • That was done by SamSWAT.

      My assumption is he added crash site spawns in unreachable areas to either add immersion or to troll the player.

      Unfortunately, I'm not going to comb through the spawns myself because he added a huge number of possible spawns for each map.

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  • just cant seem to get it to register by spt. i have tried str8 insert into main file, inserting into main and pulling out the dll file so it looks like other mods. just cant get it to show up suggestions?

    spt mod installer also finds it but wont install it

    • The what, who, when and what, again?

      You insert nada. You open the archive in 7-Zip, and drag the BepInEx folder into your main SPT folder.

      It's that simple.

    • It's literally just drag and dropping the "BepInEx" folder from the .7z file into your SPT directory. You don't need to do anything else.

  • Windows Defender Say Virus and blocked it!

    • Happens with most mods currently, it's safe to disregard that and download it anyways.

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    • Source. Trust me, bro

  • Awesome, GG and thanks!
    I still need to learn how to edit the video app. But i aim to do a roleplay with this as the entry of my character into the Tarkov region... Supposedly waking up after the crash and wandering over to look for his mates.
    Awesome stuff. Cant wait to see how this works.

    • SO loving this thing! I got a great MP9 out of one, and in the next raid used that as my backup with sniper...
      Found another helo down immediately. It drew in two PMCs and 3 scavs to whack as I looted out another MP9 and a weapons case. Several goodies... Sadly we're having a thunderstorm rn and my power went down. But i will go again tomorrow, probs. lol. Gotta get a batt backup.
      Thanks for a great mod!

  • Never played with this mod or SamSwat's version, anyone know what this mod does? (more loot, harder AI in crash site, etc.)

    • It has a chance to add a helicopter crash (configurable in the F12 screen, 10% chance by default) around the map that has the same loot as an airdrop crate. You'll be able to see the crash due to a lot of smoke coming out of it, it's the same smoke effect from the giant burn pile on Interchange if that makes sense.

    • ah okay, thanks a ton, haven't actually seen it yet after a few raids on customs but thanks for the clarification

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    • Just getting ready to ask this question, seems fun. Is there a performance hit?

    • @Galm276 I don't believe so, not one that's super noticeable at least.

    • @Galm276 haven't noticed one

  • Could not download, virus detected. said something about a trojan virus

    • It's Windows Defender having a fit about .7z file formats. It's a false positive, this mod page has a VirusTotal scan confirming this mod is safe. Here's a thread to alleviate your concerns:…e_report_by_defender_for/

      To bypass the error, I think you will need to temporarily disable Windows Defender and try again.

      If that doesn't work, you can access your Downloads in your browser with Ctrl + J, and you can recover the blocked download from there.

    • yeah I scanned it all and looked clean, installed successfully. Ive just noticed many other mods with the same problem

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    • Been happening with tons of files from the site since the 3.8 update. Never had an issue like this ever before. Even the aki.server.exe was being flagged for me. All have been false positives and i added these all as exceptions so they stop getting quarantined by Windows.

    • I had that, when the defender panel popped up i clicked on it, went in and deactivated the thing for now.
      Redid the dl and its in.
      Will put defender back on later soon. np.

  • Glad to see someone take over this mod. SamSwat had some of the best. Now if only someone will update [SamSWAT's EOTech Vudu Overhaul]......

    • Would be great for that to happen but it needs work to fix the Vudu and Razor scopes not changing zero when using variable zoom. Think it is an issue in the bundles.

  • Happy to see this one get carried along, thanks for the update <3

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