Featured MoreCheckmarks 1.5.9 for 3.7.1 - 26535

A mod that adds checkmarks and more detailed tooltips to items to indicate if it is needed for hideout upgrades, quests, or if it is on your wishlist

More Checkmarks

A mod for SPT-AKI that shows a colored checkmark on items needed to upgrade hideout modules and items that are on the player's wish list.

Also shows a tooltip with the list of modules the item is needed for when cursor hovers over the checkmark.

If the item is also needed for a quest or is found in raid (so should already have a checkmark) it will have the different color but will still show found in raid or the quest in the tooltip.

  • A RED checkmark means the item is needed in hideout but more is needed to fulfill the requirement of at least one of the modules you need it for.
  • A GREEN checkmark means the item is needed in hideout and fulfills the required amount of all the modules that need it. Note that this does not mean you have enough to upgrade all of the modules that need it. Say if you need 2 wires to upgrade a module and 3 wires to upgrade another, and you have 3 wires in total inside your stash, the checkmark will be blue but if you upgrade one of the modules, you wont have enough to upgrade the other and the checkmark will go back to red. This though, can now be changed in the config using the fulfilledAnyCanBeUpgraded setting. See config section below.
  • A BLUE checkmark means the item is on the wish list.
  • A MAGENTA checkmark means the item is needed for a trade/barter.
  • A CYAN checkmark means the item is needed for a crafting recipe.
  • The tooltip will first show "found in raid count"/"total count in stash"
  • The tooltip will show individual color for each module, green, red, or blue, depending on whether you have enough of the item for the specific module or if it's on the wish list.
  • The tooltip will also show the counts: (current count of the item in the stash / total count needed by all modules)
  • If the "Take" option is available when trying to pick up loose loot, it will be color coded as well.
  • The colors can be changed in the config. The ones above are default.







1. Download

2. Extract zip file into the game folder (Inside you game folder you should end up with /BepinEx/plugins/MoreCheckmarks and /user/mods/MoreCheckmarksBackend)


There are some settings available in the provided config file described below:

- fulfilledAnyCanBeUpgraded: This setting will decide when to display a fulfilled checkmark for a hideout required item.

true means to display fulfilled when AT LEAST ONE of the hideout modules requiring this item can be upgraded with the amount of the item there is in stash

false means to display fulfilled when ALL of the hideout modules requiring this item can be upgraded

- questPrioriry, hideoutPriority, wishlistPriority, barterPriority and craftPriority: These settings will decide which checkmark to give priority to. If the item is needed for a quest, needed for a hideout module, and is on the wishlist, the one with the highest priority will be displayed. These are integers, and the greater the number, the higher the priority.

- showFutureModulesLevels: This setting will decide whether to show requirements for future hideout module levels instead of only the next one.

- showBarter: This setting will decide whether to show checkmark and tooltip for barter/trades this item is needed for.

- showCraft: This setting will decide whether to show checkmark and tooltip for crafting recipes this item is needed for.

- showFutureCraft: This setting will decide whether to show checkmark and tooltip for crafting recipes this item is needed for on hideout areas of higher level than they are now.

- needMoreColor, fulfilledColor, wishlistColor, barterColor and craftColor: These settings are used to changed the colors of the different checkmarks. needMoreColor is a light red by default, appears when you still need more of that item. fulfilledColor is a light green by default, appears when you fulfilled the requirements of all modules that require it depending on fulfilledAnyCanBeUpgraded setting. The format is [ red,green,blue ]. The values should always be in RGB in range [0 - 1]

- includeFutureQuests: This setting will decide whether to consider future quests when checking which quests an item is required for. If false, will just be as vanilla.

  • I love this mod. But it shows items you need for quests like "Important Patient".It's a quest you can't get; because it was a community event. Should probably make a small blacklist for quests like that.

  • Is it intentional that some* returnable items are not have checkmark for needed with Checkmark for Workbench, Lavatory etc?

    Moreover, eg. Toolset is marked for Workbench, but not Lavatory.

    * - Metal Cutting scissors, Nippers, Screwdriver, Sewing kid, Awl, Toolset (maybe more xd)

  • can anyone help i cant get this to work

  • Hey, does this mod is compatible with "Algorithmic Quest Randomizer" ? Maybe someone used both mods together.

  • Does anybody know how to get this working for 3.7.3?

    • It works

    • You're right, I forgot the mod had an extra folder that went in the main folder and when I updated the folder was deleted.

  • Hi there and thanks for the great work. :thumbup:

    I wonder is there a way to make "fulfilled (future) quest item" a different color rather than the default yellow? It can be quite confusing sometimes.

  • Must have mod in order to know what the FCK is useful and where it goes. Also helpful if you are learning the game.

    I think this should be default in official, but shitika is kekpega

    thank you ;D

  • Hello VIPkiller17.

    First of all, great mod. I constantly use it for every fresh wipe I do :)
    Did you ever consider to add another info, i.e. for items that aren't necessary for any quests/hideout/barters just to keep track on their general existence in the stash?

    Simply the info if something is already in the stash or not, best via looking the items up in the handbook.

    Whenever I play the game I constantly put stuff for "later usage" in the stash. In the worst case not on top level but in containers/rigs that themselves are again in containers (Item Case/T.H.I.C.C.).

    If I want to look up the presence of specific item, e.g. a key, I first need to go through all those locations - only to find out in the end that I have examined it once but either already sold it or never picked it up while looting.

    Would be awesome to see this functionality in a future release.

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  • Thanks for the great mod.

    I would have one wish though, a setting where only your favorite (hearted) crafts will have their materials highlighted.

  • Is there a way to get this to highlight items needed for daily/weekly quests?

    That's something that Tarkov currently does by default, that this mod seems to disable.

  • The install instructions aren't really that clear.

  • Hi writer, I have some problems. When I create a new save from scratch, the tag is displayed, but when I exit the game and re-enter, the tag is not displayed. How to solve this problem?

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  • Could you add a config option to disable checkmarks for money specifically? It feels too redundant and its a requirement for all hideout upgrades so whenever I hover over my money it fills quite a lot of the screen

  • Hi how do you open the config file to change the settings? And Is there an option to change which future quests are tracked, like if I can turn off the check marks on items needed for the Collector quest?

    • Open in a text editor of your choice. Can't choose specific quests, you can disable quests as a whole

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  • When we upgrade hideout, items from the next upgrade level are not shown in checkmarks.

    I mean, for example, if you upgrade Rest Space from 1 to 2lvl, GreenBat will not have the `craftColor` checkmark (RestSpace 3 requires several GreenBat)

    • Stash must be reloaded. If its not enough to just go to main menu and then back to inventory, youll need to do a raid.

    • I mean, when Rest Space is building. Not when it is already built.
      showFutureModulesLevels is enabled.

    • Sinceim already here, i will write that it happens that during a Raid, some item doesnt have a CheckMark, but it only appears after returning to the Hideout.

      There are even situations where two identical items next to each other differ in that one has a CheckMark and the other doesnt.

    • Ill have to check it out then.

      The thing about some items not having checkmarks in raid, that should be because in some cases items aren't considered found in raid until you bring them out of the raid. Like items looted from AI PMC

  • Option for differentiating between currently available barters at current loyalty level and future barters would be nice thanks.

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  • Need a different color for future quests rather than current and future being the same is there any way to do that?

  • Maybe an option in the configuration that does not check whether the item has FIR status. it would be useful for Realism Mod.

    An error that probably cannot be fixed. If we turn in several items needed for the quest, the number of items needed will not decrease.

  • Having an issue with the app loading - it's probably a simple issue I don't understand: https://imgur.com/a/n71LuW8

    • Does it actually stop the mod from working though? I've seen this error before but it never stopped mods from working.

      Either way, you're the first that reported that error, you should double check your installation. I'll review which packages the mod targets on next release.

    • I'm having this issue too... yet I think I'm doing the install right, but the installation info is very scarce.

  • How do I remove crafting marks ? or how do I make the a less priority ?

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    • I mixed up assets and put an old config file in the 1.5.9 download, you can redownload the mod now and it should have the correct config file

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  • thank you for the update and for your amazing mod!

  • doesnt show up for 3.7.1. Update planned? (hope so, since this is one of them best mods out there. Thx for all your work)

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  • GENIUS! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  • Is there a menu that's suppose to open I downloaded and have no errors and I'm not getting any check mark colors. Thanks

    • Send logs

    • not sure how to... haha

    • same here, no errors, no checkmars either. installed the mod like the instructions said.

  • Masterpiece mod !

    just a good feedback:

    If it was possible to have in the config the way to have the pin "Find in raid" in priority on the pin "Barter items" and "Craft items" I think it will be a magnificent addition because I disable these 2 last options to avoid having to mouse-over the items to know if they are FIR or not...

    And maybe doing same kind of thing for the whishlist marked?!...

    otherwise thank you again for this mod, it's realy helpful

  • Thank you! Your mod should be on a list of must-haves...at least for folks with memories like me! Cheers!

  • When update? :D

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  • anyone else getting this error?



    [Client Request] /MoreCheckmarksRoutes/assorts



    using it with Realism mod.
    Weapons for quests are marked but items aren't eighter for quests nor hideout

  • Is there no way to disable the checkmark for hideout upgrades?

    • ever tried to read description of the mod you installed?

    • Nah they're right, I omitted to make it into an option because that was the main purpose of the mod at first. There still isn't an option, and I'm really busy IRL so I prob won't be messing around with the code beyond updates for a while.

  • I'm on AKI 3.6.1 and trying to use the mod by itself, tested even on a new profile. Every time I edit config.json and then launch SPT the config file is reverted back to the original values.

    • Never mind, appears this is a Notepad++ issue. :rolleyes: