LOE (Load Order Editor) 1.2

Please be patient as people update their mods for 3.5.0
There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

Modders - we encourage you to report people that annoy you either through DMs or with repeated comments asking about updates - Staff will happily hand out warnings to offenders.

A quick and simple tool to easily adjust the load ordering for server mods.

[For Moderators: This false positive seems to have a lot of back and forth]

Hello again! Thanks for clicking.

This is LOE. It's my requested tool which does something that a lot of people have asked for in the past.

It edits the order.json, which is in charge of changing mod priorities.



  • Easy sorting system (keybind-based).
  • Built-in server cache clearing.
  • Shortcut to open order.json.
  • Built-in failsafe for invalid paths.

Downloading & Using

  1. Place Load Order Editor.7z into <SPT>/user/mods (your server mods folder).
  2. Extract Load Order Editor.exe from Load Order Editor.7z. (read the README for detailed info).
  3. Run Load Order Editor.exe.

If you get a window pop-up on start that says you placed it in the wrong folder, either:

  • Put Load Order Editor.exe into your user/mods folder.
  • Run Aki.Server.exe ONCE so that order.json is generated.


As always, reach out to me on Discord if you need help:


  • Version 1.2

    Welcome to episode 1.2 of LOE!


    VirusTotal: That one false positive

    Not big of an update, just a patch. Useful for those with smaller screens!

    Thanks to @skybellrock#0546 and @TINYTEETH#6969 on Discord for this update.

  • Version 1.1

    Thanks for downloading!

    Welcome to episode 1.1 of LOE!


    VirusTotal: That one false positive

    Quite a few things have been added since the initial release. Thanks to the comments for notifying me about issues!

    Hopefully I have greatly reduced the problems (perhaps even eliminated them?) that users may stumble upon.

    Installation instructions can be found on the Overview page.

    Video showcase coming tonight!



  • Version 1.0

  • It Works, thx for it. I can finally use Realism and SVM together, which was not possible before.

    Happy 1
  • Thanks for this. It really saves me time to edit my mods.

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  • Its normal that my order.json is empty? Delate and restart Aki.server.exe dont fix...

    • Do you have any mods installed?

    • have 8 mods and when run the program it show none

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    • If you open up order.json is there anything in that file? After installing the mods, have you launched the game at least once?

    • Yes i have mods installed

    • not its just the default json file brackets etc, nothing in the order.... mod wise it is empty, yes launched it lots of times and launchers always reports the mod is not in the order file but mods still run ok

  • Holy shit, this is awesome, it's lightweight and does everything I need it to, you're a legend!

  • Mandated by Heaven as a MUST HAVE

    Man people need to leave more reviews. I see you downloading quit being lazy and leave a review.

  • Lightweight and powerful

    A simple and easy to use tool to make adjustments to your load order, even includes a way to clear your cache at the click of a button, absolutely fantastic.