Featured LOE (Load Order Editor) 2.5

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

A quick and simple tool to easily adjust the load ordering for server mods.

You need .NET Core for this to work:

Runtime installer for 8.0.3


  • Easy sorting system (keybind- and button based).
  • Built-in failsafe for invalid paths.
  • External linking for important info

Downloading & Using

  1. Open Load Order Editor.zip.
  2. Extract Load Order Editor.exe into your user / mods folder (where all your server mods are).
  3. Run Load Order Editor.exe that you just extracted.



As always, reach out to me on Discord if you need help:

- net.hazelify, or the SPT-AKI Discord server

  • Version 2.5

    New release!

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    • Fixed "Object reference not instantiated" error if a mod that is being moved doesn't have sptVersion property in the metadata
  • Version 2.4

    New release!

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    • Updated to 3.9.0
  • Version 2.3

    New release!

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    • Changed to a bold font for (in my opinion) a better looking list system.
    • Added persistent window sizing; resizing LOE will cause it to keep the new size throughout restarts.


  • Version 2.2

    New release!

    Virustotal: Linked on the repo


    • Fixed (hopefully) scaling issues users were having with LOE 2.1.
    • Replaced the sidebar system with a minimalistic bottom-panel system.


  • Version 2.1

    New release!

    Virustotal: Linked on the repo


    • Fixed error message saying that LOE was in the wrong folder
    • Changed font from Bender to Bahnschrift (pre-installed with Windows)
  • Version 2.0

    New release!

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    • Visual update over the old LOE
    • Framework switch from .NET Framework to .NET Core 8.0
    • Increased responsiveness
    • Fancier GUI
    • Nice new toggleable sidebar


  • Version 1.5

    Welcome to episode 1.5 of LOE!

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo

    GitHub release page: Release


    Backend changes

    • Fixed a bug where having more than 1 orphaned mod in order.json would cause an annoying loop of messages.
    • Probably something else I missed; I'm tired lmao, you'll find out

    UI changes

    • A bunch of UI changes!
    • Overhauled the UI to be more minimalistic
    • Added a context menu for clearing cache and other stuff.
    • Added tooltips for more contextual information on some components.
    • Added a button for deleting the selected mod.


  • Version 1.4

    Welcome to episode 1.4 of LOE!

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    Backend changes

    • Fixed an accidental thread-sleep slipping in; moving mods around should be smooth now.
  • Version 1.3

    Welcome to episode 1.3 of LOE!

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    Backend changes

    • Fixed mods not being listed properly on start if newly added
  • Version 1.2

    Welcome to episode 1.2 of LOE!


    VirusTotal: That one false positive

    Not big of an update, just a patch. Useful for those with smaller screens!

    Thanks to @skybellrock#0546 and @TINYTEETH#6969 on Discord for this update.

  • 2.0 is suffering some weird error that I am not getting, but everyone else is.

    I am looking into it, apologies for the inconvenience.

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    • No apology necessary, hoping it'll be patched soon, need to use it for mods like Blackcore and Painter 8o

  • Staff note: source code was reviewed and the single VirusTotal result is clearly a false positive and can be safely ignored.

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  • Works like a charm with SPT 3.9.0, thank you so much!

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  • Are you still able to use the 2.4 version of the mod with SPT 3.8.3?

    • No. Server mod metadata changed in 3.9.0, meaning you'll have to use <2.3 for 3.8.3.

  • excuse me i have a problem with the mod, i dont know if its the order.jsn file or i did something wrong?

    here is the the popup when i use this app.


    • You fucked up installing one of your mods. bundles, package, and README are mod files. They should not be in the mods folder, they should be in their specific mod folder.

    • i know, i fixed that. LOE should be working now.

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  • Any chance of a drag-n-drop version? It can get pretty annoying moving mods up from way at the bottom to the top, and its just generally more intuitive to make changes with a drag-drop method.

    • I've been looking into it. The tailored system that I use for listing mods is very proprietary and would need rewriting to support it. I also see that you've made your own version - that's dope!

      I might look into an alternate system that fits my aesthetic but remains functional. I've wanted D&D for a while too.

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    • ye mine's ass tho, i do not intend to maintain it. sincerely hoping you get around to it at some point :)

  • Works great thank you for this I never even used the order.json file till now. Kudos to the dev.

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  • LOE 2.1 won't launch for me, says .NET not installed. But it is? ?(

    and while I'm down here...

    Thanks for this and to all the other awesome Dev's around here :thumbup:

    • All good/my bad. Update to 2.3 and reinstalled .NET has resolved my this problem. Cheers :)

    • That's gotta be the weirdest problem fix I've ever seen. There's literally nothing about .NET being changed lol. Windows is funny.

  • What is the best way to organize the load order? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

    • The higher the number, the later the mod will load. A mod at position #1 will load first, a mod at position #5 will load after the first 4 mods.

      Priority: mod #2 will be able to modify data from mod #1.

      Mod #1 will NOT be able to modify data from mod #2.

      You want to put modded Traders as far in the start as you can. Modded items typically go after Traders. AI mods, SVM and overhauls (i.e ValensProgression, or AIOs) typically go as far back as possible. This is because AI and progression mods will use your modded items/other qol mods for bot generation or other things.

      A good concept is this (in terms of how LOE works):

      Modded traders at the top

      Modded items and quality-of-life mods in the middle

      AI, progression and overhauls at the bottom

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  • I am seeing all my mods double. The first ten include file paths.



    • Where exactly does "Battlestate Games" lead? I definitely cannot reproduce this, and you are the first one I see with this issue. Could you elaborate on what you were doing when this occurred? What version you downloaded, when it happened, etc.

      EDIT: I also want to mention that, the way these mods are listed, is by LOE directly fetching the names of all the folders in your user/mods folder. They're then compiled into an array and thrown into order.json. I have no idea how you've managed to get one, let alone 10, full paths into this array..

    • it appeared after first use of the LOE 2.1. I did a fresh SPTARKOV install for 3.8. The Paths lead to the user/mods folder.

      my folderpath is D:\01_Games\Battlestate Games\SPTARKOV\users\mods

      I doublechecked that LOE was in the mods folder aswell.

      .... after the third fresh install of LOE 2.1 everything looks normal and works just fine

  • Windows is flaging this as a trojan, Trojan:Script/Phonzy.B!ml

    • Refer to Terkoizs' Comment above.

      "Staff note: source code was reviewed and the single VirusTotal result is clearly a false positive and can be safely ignored."

  • The new version (2.1) has a broken sidebar.Screenshot_2024-04-05_190635.png?ex=66225e72&is=660fe972&hm=92ca2a575adf0d2c29e3eadf1aa3457b06aa41e3fb6d326de83e93bb80ecf8c5&

    • I too am having issues with this, only mine looks different...image.png?ex=6622efc1&is=66107ac1&hm=e69153f3bb023c31dfd00b7d8325445262098a28bfd2554b932c3df1837367fd&

    • You are definitely not supposed to be able to fullscreen it. That's my bad, lol.

      After a chat with Drakia, I discovered that scaling issues have to do with running higher than 1080p and using Windows' scaling system set to 125/150%. I run 1440p with regular 100%, which is why I haven't been able to replicate this problem.

      I don't know what I want to do about this for now. I would not exactly love to rewrite the sidebar system, but I may have to.

    • I'm having the same issue, will wait and see if you find a resolution. Thanks for all you do.

    • Setting your resolution scale to 100% will make the mod viewable. When you're done moving around mods, just set the scale back to whatever you had it at before. I have a 4K monitor so mine defaults to 150%

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    • @WestParkGuy. I don't know if anyone has told you....but you're a hero.

  • Can't get this to work. Installed exactly as described in the description and the README and I get same Error every time that it can't find the folder containing the server.

  • trying to use this and im getting a "We could not detect the server folder (where Aki.Server.exe is). Please put 'Load Order Editor.exe' into your user/mods folder and try again!" but it is in the mods folder and it has worked before. what am i doing wrong?

    • Having the exact same issue, probably just an issue with the plugin itself, no biggie, it'll be fixed.

    • Yeah, it's being looked into. I am the only one NOT getting this error at all, so it's hard to troubleshoot.

    • Is there anyway I can send you some sort of Log? never had to do something like before so if there is, I just don't know. Give me a heads up if there is, I will gladly do something like that if it makes your life easier.

    • There are no real logs produced for this. The problem is that it works fine for me, but not for anyone else. Thus I just kind of have to rely on what kind of code might work

    • Same issue here.

      If it helps at all, I have SPT installed on my E: drive, and the base folder is named "SPT3.8.0".

  • new update doesnt register mod folder

  • if i have a lot of mods that not mentioned the mode order. what should i do ?

    • The Aki server will include ALL existing mods in the mods folder. The load order only helps order the initial ones. Any mods NOT in the load order will be loaded in alphabetical order after the load ordered ones.

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  • I don't think I've found a time where Load order has mattered for me? Could you give some examples as to why this would matter?

    • TL;DR: It allows mods to overwrite changes done by other mods without conflicts or problems arising. It matters as soon as you use more than one mod and they both do something similar.

      If you have over 10 server mods installed, the chance of you needing a load order increases marginally per new mod you install.


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    • Beautiful thank you. I had figured as much. I wonder how difficult it would be to get a MO2 plugin working for SPT. In years of modding I still haven't touched a tool I've enjoyed as much as MO2.

    • Someone already did iIrc. It's this integration page. I'm not sure how useful it is to you though haha

    • Oh brother, you have changed my life. Thank you, also hope you/everyone had a good holidays. Thanks for the replys!

  • it probably does but i was curious if this was working on 3.7.4?

    • 100%

      I just forgot to update label. I'll do that now!

  • This has been working fantastic for me and its simple, effective, and intercepts another json file to have to trip over. I'll take json any day over xml, but I'll take your mod anyday over all of it.

    Is there a general load order guideline to follow for SPT yet, or is it still kinda what the developer says for load order, factor in and compare with your other mods accordingly? I feel like I'm starting to naturaly group them together but I could totally have everything backwards very easily. :P

    Thanks for making this tool!

    • Generally, the unwritten rule of load ordering is modded items first, traders second, server stuff third, and AI mods last.

      For example, you'd load a regular modded gun first off, then the trader it belongs to (if any), after that comes SVM, then comes SAIN + Waypoints. The reason for this ordering is because modded items are database related, so they load first to ensure that their traders can fetch their item from the database and use it.

      Traders are a middle-of-the-road kind of thing. Needs some database support, but not inherently as much as SVM. AI mods are last as they may use modded items and values SVM changes, thus they are last. They also often use connected client mods.

  • No offense but jJust want to know wats the point to edit order.json? Isnt it easier to just edit the folder name?

    • You could debate the point of anything made on here. The point is what your opinion of convenience is. SPT's devs deliberately created order.json in order to avoid having to edit the folder names, and all this app does is make the editing of said json seamless and fluid.

      To experienced users with a skill, this app is completely redundant and pointless.

      To novice users who don't like having to manually order mods around and like an AIO solution, this app is likely a life saver.

      I know that I never manually edit anymore, I always use LOE. Huge time saver in my honest opinion.

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    • I see:) ty for the reply.

  • Thanks for the LOE, it's a huge QoL and honestly should be something included in base SPT.

    I have one issue tho. If I have a lot of mods and I want to move a mod from the top to the bottom, or vice versa, once I go high/low enough I don't see the mod anymore. I don't really know how to explain it. So here are some pictures

    Here I have mod #21 selected and I want to move it down.

    Once I move it down, it falls off the list. I don't know where it is, and I have to scroll the window down to find out where on the order it is.


    Would it be possible for it to automatically scroll up/down with it?

    • Ah, hi there. I see what the issue is. I'm not sure how flexible the default component is that I use for scrolling, but I will look into it. There should be a way to fix this, be it a janky workaround or proper solution.

      Thanks for reporting :thumbup:

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  • I've updated to 1.5 and noticed that there is no longer a "cache cleared" popup after I open it? Is it just silent now or not happening at all?

    • It doesn't give you that message if there is no cache to clear.

  • Nice and easy to use, saves time. Not sure why but LOE lists 16 mods in the interface to order, but at the top states a total of 15 active mods. Should I be worried?

    • That is a non-issue. I just checked it, and it's an error with the display counting your mods. In the end, the bottom number in the actual list is the amount you have. The display counting doesn't account for the fact that C# arrays start at 0, but the actual list does.

      Nothing to worry about, just basic counting math gone wrong :D

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    • Good to know, thank you for looking into it (and thank you for making this mod and giving it an interface so easy and intuitive that even I could instantly use it) :):thumbup:

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    • Thank you for using it and appreciating the effort!

  • Sry, I also have the virus/trojan. I can not ignore because Windows Defender deletes the file immediately. If ask GhostFenixx, with him was the same and he had found the error, it was a wrong download link.

    • You can disable Defender or simply ignore the Downloads folder in order to use it. Whether you have issues with it seems to be random, both with browsers and users.

      It is definitely not a trojan given that I've ran scans, had Terkoiz review the code, and my friends have downloaded the newest version.

      Wrong download link? I just downloaded 1.4 fresh and it gave me the correct version. No detection, deletion or virus flagging. It might simply be your browser being funny. As for Ghost, I can't comment because my experience says otherwise. It might be a user-to-user case.

    • It is probably due to the .exe files. They cause problems from time to time. Because that of you is yes an .exe file and of Ghost is one too. From Ghost I can now download without message, yours not.

    • Yeah, AVs tend to bitch about exe files often for no reason. Messages seem to also be random in my experience....

      app stuff bad 8|

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    • same thing here i cant even get it to download and for some reason i cant turn off my windows defender because it turns back on instantly and i can download 1.2 but that doesnt seem to work

    • You can disable Defender, you just require admin privileges. I do it all the time for testing stuff.

  • Version 1.3 gives a possible positive virus/trojan - https://prnt.sc/R75ismPpXVOC

    I'll be sticking with 1.2 for the meantime as I don't have any issues and I don't trust 1.3.

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    • Yes, it's a false positive. I've had it several times, same as DrTuSo's mention of Wacatac. Sometimes either of them occur, sometimes both, sometimes neither. I don't know why.

      The deep reason might be me having BitTorrent installed, but that seems like a far stretch.

      Regardless, I'll do a full sweep of my machine today to be sure. I'm confident that there are no problems with this, given that these were developed between two separate machines and neither machine has had any issues with either this or my Mini Launcher.

      Either way, 1.2 is fully functional. The only change is that 1.3 is a bit faster at detecting mods.

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  • Thank you for your work! A small question. Couldn't it be solved so that the list doesn't update in such a way that if you change the order, the list disappears and comes back? It's a little annoying, it's like the program freezes for a moment. For a sight. It works anyway, there are no functional errors.

    • It's done this way to enable real-time functionality. The limitation from this is mostly drive write speed. There's no way for me to properly speed it up without disabling real-time functionality, which (in my opinion) would make the fast paced design moot.

      EDIT: See 2nd reply

    • Update: I thought you meant the little flicker that sometimes occurs. A half-second thread sleep slipped in during testing and I didn't see it when uploading.

      This freeze has been removed with version 1.4!

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    • OMG! This is solved, beacuse write the comment? WTF???

      This modder community goodess the 7days to die modding community. Thx! Your magic my good day ;)

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    • And other idea. The list modification free up-down. But i have finish, click the save, done, or other button. This is smoother and faster. Sorry, my brain ;) This is my idea, you don't have to solve it.

    • Uh, apologies, I'm not sure I understand your request.

      Do you want to be order mods around but only save the edited list with a separate button?

  • Windows Defender blocks the download of your newest version from Github.


    Guess I stay with the older version.

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    • I've had that a handful of times, and this app is no different. To be sure, I'll do a full sweep today to make sure. 99% it's a false positive

      EDIT: To further this, Windows Defender claims Wacatac to come from my Mini Launcher, but VirusTotal never picks it up on that one. It seems to be random, and Defender is ridiculously aggressive.

    • Better be safe, than sorry. Wish you good luck with your full wipe.

      1.2 works fine, and I definitely skip this one ;)

      Edit: Using Virus Total URL scan feature, flags 1.3 as malware.

    • I went through with five full scans, 2 with Defender and 3 with MalwareBytes Premium. They detected BitTorrent, as I suspected, but nothing with LOE changed; still the same detections.

      I randomly scanned the first mod I could find on the workshop, Door Randomizer, and the URL to download that mod also got flagged as malware. Same result for scanning both the dll and the zip.

      It's safe to say that Lumu is a false positive for both this and Door Randomizer, as I'm sure Drakia would not provide malware in their mods, and nor would I. URL scans in general are not very touch and go with actual flags, as they've proven rather random for me.

      EDIT: As for the other detections, such as Watamac or VBA32, I'll be going through my PC later this weekend to see if I can somehow get rid of them. They're false positives for me, but I can understand the fear in downloading it regardless. All in all, thanks for reporting!

  • It Works, thx for it. I can finally use Realism and SVM together, which was not possible before.

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  • Thanks for this. It really saves me time to edit my mods.

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  • Its normal that my order.json is empty? Delate and restart Aki.server.exe dont fix...

    • Do you have any mods installed?

    • have 8 mods and when run the program it show none

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    • If you open up order.json is there anything in that file? After installing the mods, have you launched the game at least once?

    • Yes i have mods installed

    • not its just the default json file brackets etc, nothing in the order.... mod wise it is empty, yes launched it lots of times and launchers always reports the mod is not in the order file but mods still run ok