Featured AutoDeposit 1.0.2

Transfer items into stash containers with matching items, inspired by Terraria's Quick Stack.


This mod is fresh out of the oven, please give it a try and share your feedback!


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  • Version 1.0.2

    - Made code more resilient (added more null checks) to handle weird situations (specifically, old versions of Fika).

  • Version 1.0.1

    - Added autodeposit button to transfer screen (aka mail)

    - Fixed button disappearing when you swap rigs/backpacks

  • Version 1.0.0

  • ok but I actually want a mod that dump my whole inventory and automatically sort it into specialty containers

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  • with this mod on and certain other mods,dead bodies dont have equipment slots to loot,such as helmets,weapons,headphones etc(rigs,pockets and backpacks are still normal).while helmets and weapons are visible and usable to the bots.

    You might want to look into the compatibilities or some configuration options or something like that.Anyway,solid good mod,keep up the good work :D


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    • Was just going to post this.

      For in MPT with these mods:

      server mods:
      Loot Update
      Inertia Update
      Gilded Key Storage
      MPT (now called Fika)
      Skills Extended

      SAIN + Waypoints + BigBrain

      client mods:


      Amands Graphics




      Myself and my duo both get the error where we have only rig/pockets/backpack/dogtag on corpse loot. I was using this mod in junction with Stash Search but I isolated the problem to just AutoDeposit without it.

    • It’s not supposed to do anything at all in raid, you’re using latest version?

      I’ll look into it tomorrow when I’m home

    • Using the latest version as of this current post;

      For whatever reason, it affects corpse loot in raid. I also noticed I had the button to do the auto deposit on my equipment in raid which I thought was odd.

    • yeah,for the mods,im using these as mentioned above as well:

      Fika ( MPT )


      Skills Extend

      SAIN kits

      Amands Graphics



    • I isolated the problem to just MPT. At first I thought it was my SPT being 3.8.0, but the mod works regardless in raid on 3.8.0. With MPT (Fika) for 3.8.0 you still have the button for AutoDeposit showing in raid on all clients. This is where the bug is present since I tested in a vanilla 3.8.0 with just AutoDeposit for SPT and the buttons were not there and the bug was not present on the corpses. For whatever reason MPT causes it to be active during a raid. Hope you can find a way to fix this issue for us MPT players, thank you.

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  • Hey, you. Yeah, you. Keep up the good work, cuz GOD the game has been needing this since forever

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  • revolutionary

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  • So similar to auto inventory organiser mod without the need to tag every item?

    For instance if I put in an F1 grenade into a container I can press a button and all F1 grenades will go there?

    • The buttons are on your rig/pockets/backpack, and it’ll move the items in them. It won’t move items already in your stash.

  • hola buenas a mi no me funciona, seguramente sea porque no configure algo bien pero al ponerlo me desaparece todo mi inventario

    • No hablo, but via google translate... there's no configuration needed. Does your issue happen when you install it or when you push the button? And what exactly happens? Did your stuff actually "disappear" or just get dispersed into your stash containers like its supposed to?

    • I hope the translator works hahahahaha. I didn't get anything directly in the inventory, probably because I put it wrong but come on. The character's current inventory section appeared, but on the right, where my inventory is supposed to be seen, nothing appeared.

    • If you installed it wrong, it wouldn't do anything at all. You can check that Tyfon.AutoDeposit.dll ended up in <your SPT folder>/BepInEx/plugins.

      The only way I can imagine this somehow making your whole stash disappear is some critical error happening during render. Can you check the console (~) and see if there are any errors there? If so paste them here.

    • The new version may resolve your issue, as I added more checks against potential errors.

  • Ahhhhhhh

    this and other mod of yours are why I would never return to EFT PVE Zone.

    He had millions of opportunities to make game user friendly, rather than force feeding 'event' that is not enjoyable and completely off-track from orginal flavor.

    One of my friends wanted to delete game when BSG took away high pen ammo from all traders,

    and I had to desperately persuade him to keep on.

    Right now Nikita would pretend hard to make people believe EFT is getting better because of the presence of their competitor, but we already know what he would do when freedom's given.

    Never going back to original EFT.

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  • So, so amazing

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