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  • Version 1.1.0

    This adds highlight-based autocomplete to all current search bars based on item short names, long names, and word fragments from both as well as all item classes search terms. Autocompletes are ordered first by number of items matching, then by the shortest match.


    - Undesired behaviour when grids of items were open, but hidden.

    Thanks mpstark for these contributions!

  • Version 1.0.5

    - Actually fix search bar showing up on containers in raid.

    - Fixes a case where the key binds would stop working.

    Thanks mpstark for the PR!

  • Version 1.0.4

    All these fixes/additions were contributed by mpstark, thank them not me!


    - Fixes a null reference exception when clearing search on the trader screen when not in sell mode

    - Fixes search hotkey not working on the inventory screen

    - Fixes another source of potential item loss when control clicking items (quick move) while in a searched state.


    - The search bar now stays interactable while in a searched state. Pressing control+F will highlight all text in the input field. The current search will be cleared upon pressing enter and your new search will take its place.

    - Loosened up the search rules around class searching. See the main mod page for additional search terms once I get around to updating it.


    - Some code has been refactored to allow for easier expansion of the search parser in the future.

    Again, all these items were contributed by mpstark, Thank you!

  • Version 1.0.3

    - Fixes search bar appearing on containers in raid

    - Fixes losing items placed on the sorting table in a pre-searched state, searching then closing the sorting table. The user is shown a notification when trying to close the sorting table in a searched state.

    - Fixes losing items when clearing the trading table while in a searched state. You can no longer clear the search with items on the trading table. The user is shown a notification when trying to clear the search with unsold items on the table.

    - Fixes not being able to combine class searches "@fir" with normal search terms.

    - Added key binds to focus the search bar and clear the search. Control+F will focus the search bar for typing. Control+C will clear the search. On the traders screen, the focus key bind will always prioritize searching the trader, if pressed again, it will act as an "alt-tab" and select the stash search bar instead. The clear bind on the trader screen will clear the last searched grid. These key binds are configurable in the F12 menu.

    - Search actions and clear actions now put the searched grid to the very top automatically. No more having to scroll up if you weren't at the top to start with.

    EDIT: Hotfix applied +48 mins after release. Fixes escape needed to be pressed more than 2 times to go back a screen.

  • Version 1.0.2

    - Added the ability to search specific item classes. This works by prefixing a specific search term with `@`, see search reference sheet on the main mod page.

    - Searches now return the results in descending alphabetical order by default. Previously it just returned results in the order it found them in. This was chaotic when used with multiple search terms. OCD people will thank me for this.

  • Version 1.0.1

    - Add search bar on trader screen for both the trader assort and player stash.

    - Add version checker.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • I'm looking for feedback on how the search can be improved, if you have any suggestions feel free to drop them on this pinned comment.

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    • If it's possible, could you bring up the results as you type, instead of having to hit enter?

    • This was a consideration during the early stages of development, it was decided against because of alot of technical implications I wont get into here, TLDR, the potential for data loss is high when doing things like that

    • Could the textbox remain interactive after doing a search, without having to click Clear first?

      Love this!

    • I have a suggestion. I am thinking that if it is possible to access a specific group of items, for example all the bullets in the inventory, is it possible to add the feature of selecting all for this desired item and then going to the bullet box and making a transfer to it from Select, Copy and Move in Windows? I do not know if this is possible. I hope that It could save a lot of time

    • @Tyfron Maybe I'll look into it

      @MIDOGamer2024 Probably not, that requires a ton of extra complexity that I really don't want to get involved in

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  • Thank you for steadyly approving a good mod!

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  • Thanks for the update. Good to see modders continuing to work on them for us. :)

  • just so you know @Dirtbikercj, windows defender flagged recent version as dangerous

  • Random Comment.

  • Just updated to 1.0.4 and the search bar disappeared.

    • I just confirmed its there on my install. Are you sure you installed it correctly?

    • Could be an issue with just overwriting a previous version with the newest one as I had the same issue last night. I deleted the folder and reinstalled it and now it works, so try doing that.

  • Search bar still there on raid and the hotkey for clearing the search only works on traders, not on the stash.

    • Yeah I was notified in discord, @mpstak PR'd a fix for it. Will be addressed in the next update, Thanks for letting me know though!

  • Hello, thank you for quality of life mod. Every quality of life mod is highly appreciated :D. Please can you in future mod releases add what version is it for?

    • All my mods are always for the latest SPT version, so right now 3.8.0

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  • A very weird thing, after updating to the last version, I have to triple press Esc for it to have an effect (like closing examined items, going to the last menu, and so on).

    Will continue investigating to see that the last update is indeed the case

    • Shit, I know why, ill hotfix it give me a little bit

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    • Awesome, btw, when I updated the last version, I initially came to suggest that when searching for stuff, the stash is automatically scrolled to the top, only to see that the last version implemented exactly that.

      Thank you for the amazing mod. I swear BSG needs to learn from you guys.

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    • I fixed it, redownload the latest version

    • Works perfectly now, u da best

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  • Ran into an issue that is easily reproducible: you can move things in from your inventory (with ctrl-click) or from the sorting table (both with ctrl-click or if you just close it) while the search is active. They'll appear in the search results, but it'll appear to eat the items when you close the results without an error in the logs when you do so: leaving them in your profile with bogus x, y coords, corresponding to where in the search results it was, in the profile json.

    On startup the next time that you launch the game, it will log an error like the following


    2024-04-05 19:51:17.301 -05:00||Error|Default|(x: 0, y: 0, r: Horizontal) in grid hideout in item Standard stash 10x28 (id: 5fe4977574f15b4ad31b66b6) is taken by another item when trying to add item item_container_junkbox (id: 5798fb1a3503fd869eb76ce0)

    You can restore the items by going into the profile json and manually moving them to a valid space.

    This happened to me naturally in two situations:

    1. I moved the Junkbox to the sorting table and searched for "@barter", then closed the sorting table before clearing the search.

    2. I searched for a particular caliber of ammo, ctrl-clicked to move, then decided to go with a different variety. I then returned the first with ctrl-click (and it returned to the search result window right where it had left), and got the second.

    Hope you're able to reproduce on your end.

    • Yeah I know why that happens, I think I can fix that. Thanks for the report

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    • Should no longer be possible as of the latest version.

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  • Haven't seen anyone mention it, but can see the search bar in raids above loot (using it does nothing). Not sure if easy to remove from there, might not be worth the effort in removing.

    • I actually just fixed that in my local branch, it wasnt suppose to show up there and actually causes exceptions. Im looking into a couple other minor bugs and ill put a release together that fixes it

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    • Fixed as of the latest version

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  • Hey Mate, a very cool mod, don´t want to miss it. Thank you for your work! 8) :thumbup:

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  • >OCD people will thank me for this.

    thank you

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  • Can this work with version 3.7.6 ?

  • windows flagging version 1.0.1 as a virus immediately, found Trojan:Script/Wacatac.H!ml.

    • simple google search will show that its maybe a false-positive, just not worth the risk for me though.

      Really cool mod idea though.

    • Yea I got the same virus message too. The site is so slow right now ill just wait till its fixed

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    • Wacatac is a false positive, most typically from compressed archives. I get it all the time with some of my tools. It's nothing new, and nothing to worry about. Mod creators will not deliberately upload malware on this site.

    • I got it from downloading spt 3.8.0 so yeah should be a false positive.

  • CJ as usual with goated mods

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  • Take notes BSG ;)

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  • Simply amazing feature. One of those things that you never realised how badly you were missing it until you got it.

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  • didnt know i needed this

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  • Game-changer animeproudclap

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  • spt's dev team is on fire

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  • Goated

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