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  • Version 1.3.1

    3.9.0 Update

  • Version 1.3.0

    I got annoyed looking for a setting, so this happened. Enjoy!

    - Adds a search bar to the settings key bind page.

    It has no fancy autocomplete or any of the other fancy features the other search bars have, It doesn't need it.

  • Version 1.1.1

    New item class searches

    - special

    - money/cash

    - lightbleed/bandage

    - heavybleed/tourniquet

    - fracture/splint

    - concussion

    - painkiller

    - surgerykit

    - food/energy

    - drink/hydration


    - Resolves the issue of selling items while searched not taking effect until game restart.

    - Resolves the potential for item loss while purchasing items while in a searched state.

    - Resolves screen flashing that could happen between active searches.

  • Version 1.1.0

    This adds highlight-based autocomplete to all current search bars based on item short names, long names, and word fragments from both as well as all item classes search terms. Autocompletes are ordered first by number of items matching, then by the shortest match.


    - Undesired behaviour when grids of items were open, but hidden.

    Thanks mpstark for these contributions!

  • Version 1.0.5

    - Actually fix search bar showing up on containers in raid.

    - Fixes a case where the key binds would stop working.

    Thanks mpstark for the PR!

  • Version 1.0.4

    All these fixes/additions were contributed by mpstark, thank them not me!


    - Fixes a null reference exception when clearing search on the trader screen when not in sell mode

    - Fixes search hotkey not working on the inventory screen

    - Fixes another source of potential item loss when control clicking items (quick move) while in a searched state.


    - The search bar now stays interactable while in a searched state. Pressing control+F will highlight all text in the input field. The current search will be cleared upon pressing enter and your new search will take its place.

    - Loosened up the search rules around class searching. See the main mod page for additional search terms once I get around to updating it.


    - Some code has been refactored to allow for easier expansion of the search parser in the future.

    Again, all these items were contributed by mpstark, Thank you!

  • Version 1.0.3

    - Fixes search bar appearing on containers in raid

    - Fixes losing items placed on the sorting table in a pre-searched state, searching then closing the sorting table. The user is shown a notification when trying to close the sorting table in a searched state.

    - Fixes losing items when clearing the trading table while in a searched state. You can no longer clear the search with items on the trading table. The user is shown a notification when trying to clear the search with unsold items on the table.

    - Fixes not being able to combine class searches "@fir" with normal search terms.

    - Added key binds to focus the search bar and clear the search. Control+F will focus the search bar for typing. Control+C will clear the search. On the traders screen, the focus key bind will always prioritize searching the trader, if pressed again, it will act as an "alt-tab" and select the stash search bar instead. The clear bind on the trader screen will clear the last searched grid. These key binds are configurable in the F12 menu.

    - Search actions and clear actions now put the searched grid to the very top automatically. No more having to scroll up if you weren't at the top to start with.

    EDIT: Hotfix applied +48 mins after release. Fixes escape needed to be pressed more than 2 times to go back a screen.

  • Version 1.0.2

    - Added the ability to search specific item classes. This works by prefixing a specific search term with `@`, see search reference sheet on the main mod page.

    - Searches now return the results in descending alphabetical order by default. Previously it just returned results in the order it found them in. This was chaotic when used with multiple search terms. OCD people will thank me for this.

  • Version 1.0.1

    - Add search bar on trader screen for both the trader assort and player stash.

    - Add version checker.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Thank feking christos

  • Does 1.3 contain the changes made in the since-removed 1.2? Or were those changes reverted prior to making these new additions?

    • The 1.2 code was scrapped, failed experiment

    • Delightful. Just wanted to check before updating.
      Thank you very much.

  • I was wondering if it was possible to add an option to remove the search box and only go by the ctrl+f, thus not taking away a row of visible space. I'm a bit of a stickler with how much space I have at the top of my inventory for sorting reasons and its the only reason I don't wanna use this, despite multiple times I wish I did trying to find something.

  • Hello and thanks for this amazing mod :) It has been very useful to us!

    I have a feature suggestion: What if by pressing the filter buttons on the side of the stash eg. meds, it would not highlight the meds (vanilla tarkov feature) but instead would override the functionality by searching for "@meds" from the stash. So instead of vanilla "highlight" feature, it would show only meds. The vanilla feature feels a bit useless to me so search would be more useful

    • I can look into it at some point, been busy working on other things for the SPT team. so my attention has been working on 3.9.0. I'll see If I cant get around to that for the next update, its been on my wish list for a while as well

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  • Great work on this mod, it's amazing! I refuse to play SPT without it, I use it all the time. Thanks a lot! :love:

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  • New version and recovery system [Stash Search] Restored lost item: [Id: 8dbc5fabf9cec477ca328741 _Tpl: 56e33634d2720bd8058b456b] sometimes breaking stash for me, duplicating items, no space to place items (there is a free space)

  • Hi! Thanks for the mod. Could you add a code to search @NOTfir for items that do not have the status "Found in the raid". Over time, containers in the inventory become clogged with such items, but at some point they become useless and only take up space. This would be useful for a quick inventory cleanup.

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  • I recently updated many of my mods and myself and my friends have been getting errors and duplicate items when moving them with ctrl+click. If you tried to move said item you'd get an error in-game, get kicked to the main menu, and your stash would be back to previous state before you move the duplicate, and the duplicate would usually be gone.

    I have now gone back to version 1.1.1 and seems everything is back to normal, no more stash errors or duplicate items. Seems the item restore service is often restoring items that aren't actually gone, or something else is tripping it on my side causing it to duplicate items.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you wanna look into it a bit further

    • I have the same problem, I went back to version 1.1.1 and the problem went away

  • im gonna have to rollback to before the item recovery update, I'm finding its just causing items to duplicate 50 million times until the game realizes its not real. causes a lot of errors just moving items, dumping them off of me after a raid or even just buying stuff. and every now and then the errors just result in me sitting at the main menu with none of the UI loading

  • GO BACK TO 1.1.1 the 1.2.0 is a complete mess

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  • Do not update! The "Item restore service" is very buggy. For the author, I just attempted to sell a scope on the Flea and it duplicated it ~30 times. The exact steps are roughly, right-click > filter by item > add offer > click on the scope > I noticed the scope disappeared in the stash preview for the offer > check my stash. Then my backpack and stash were full with duplicates of the scope

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  • After installing the latest version of StashSearch, I've done a few raids and after each one, if I transfer armor or a helmet or something, the integrated armor will just disappear from it when I back out to a trader and come back to my stash, without even USING the Stash Search feature. I rolled back to the previous version of the mod to avoid this anymore, but wanted to post it here.

    • Same thing for me "Moving Trader Item" error when I try to move armor, helmet, etc

  • Just installed this and i am having my gun dismantle and restore over and over when i try modding

    • Same issue. Items are also duplicating when ctrl clicking to move from player to stash. lost item recovery seems to be super aggressive causing items to bug out.

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    • Yes, this is happening to me as well, but it's not just CTRL click. It's also with just dragging! How do I disable the feature for now?

      EDIT: I'll just downgrade to the previous version until this is fixed.

  • Mods like this is why I find it hard to go back to Tarkov live. It saves me so much time and headache trying to dig for that one 60-round mag I know I put in a random rig somewhere.

  • After installing the latest update, i will get random errors involving editing traders items while modding items in my own stash, as well as items failing to be sold and randomly turning into other items. I moved a P90 into and out of inventory to stash, and when i reloaded the character page the P90 became 4 P90 receivers and the last items i had bulk sold to a trader also had been replaced with P90 receivers.

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    • Same. I moved my meds into a medic backpack and after I changed menus my stash got filled with duplicates of medkits, bandages, splints and etc.

    • I got a similar error, but for me, after getting the modifying trader item error message, two of the slots in my rig became greyed out and unusable. Then when I tried to load my hideout, another error message popped up and the game froze so I had to kill it from task manager. I've reverted back to the previous version for now.

      Awesome and super useful mod though, looking forward to the fix.

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    • Im experiencing the same thing!! Gonna revert to the previous version to see it the latest one is for sure the issue

    • Same issue here, reverting.

    • With the 1.2.0 update I’m experience the same issues as above with trader errors and items duplicating

  • How does the new feature work? Can it, like, return the item that does not return from the flea?

  • Bug
    1. Search for "aug" - find full mags
    2. Unload mags
    3. Clear search
    4. Ammo vanishes

  • Suggestion: Dragging an item over the search bar inputs the item name into the bar and automatically commences the search.

  • I just encountered a bug :

    When opening the sorting table and dragging an item to it >> And then searching for something if you click on the Flea market button without closing the search menu the item on the sorting table just disappears.

    the bug is consistent and easily repeatable

    1-open sorting table

    2- drag an item to the sorting table

    3- search for anything

    4- without closing the search menu, press the flea market button ( Even the Trader button, same results )

    5- an error message appears: Cannot close sorting table while searched

    6- the item that was in the sorting table just disappears.

    just lost my ammunition case along with all my good ammo :) :D

  • Bug
    1. Place weapon with folded stock left of another item
    2. Use search to display it
    3. Attempt to unfold the weapon
    4. Exit search
    5. Weapon disappears

  • BUG

    When combined with the mod LootValue, that let's you quick sell items directly from character inventory. If you search for an item with stash search, then sell it with the lootValue shortcut, you don't actually receive the money from the trader.

  • would be good if auto fill in result was configurable in cfg file. On earlier version it wasn't a feature so i got used to it

    • I can probably do that, that code was PR'd in, I didn't write it so ill need to look and see how hard it would be to do

  • Hi Dirtbikercj - I have a weird issue with Stash Search - when I search for @drink or @food

    It only brings up Golden Stars and not actual provisions.

    my friend who has the same mods and config as me (I sent him my plugins folder) has no issue.

    I tried deleting the config file and mod file and re-add them from a fresh download without success.

    Was wondering if you ever saw that bug.

    Thanks, :)

    • I also have the same issue with searches using @food and @drink. I believe it is a bug with how the search term is fetching items.

      I hope CJ can nail this one down :)

  • I think I might've encountered a bug that allows you to get more stash space if there are too many items in the result.
    On this video, you can clearly see that I have less space than after the search. There are also no other mods that should've done this (I only have bot tweaks, more checkmarks and live flea market prices)

    • This bug appears to be only visual, as after restarting the game everything seems to be back to normal.

  • So, weird question. I noticed that it seems like money auto-moves to Docket Cases (from WTT Pack'n'Strap) if i have them in my stash when I sell stuff to traders, which is cool. But i've been noticing that when I get out of raids, the money in a wallet in my secure container is also gone, like it's being auto-pulled into the stash somehow.

    Any idea if this is because of Stash Search?

    I am not sure what could be causing it, i'm just trying to check every mod I have that uses or interacts with the stash or loot.

  • Hello, some of the syntax aren't working for me. I haven't had any issues with any of the other syntax, @gun, @MED, etc

    @food | @drink | @energy | (maybe more food/drink related ones

    Server Logs: https://gist.github.com/Areora…43c059d84357e7bcdee6fc555
    Log Output
    : https://gist.github.com/Areora…633599a1634bc29584314f36d
    Traces Log
    : https://gist.github.com/Areora…e940c1fe48331e4b9109c20ff
    : https://gist.github.com/Areora…d2813d7e9ce0ea813b33f284b

    Thank you

  • Thank You for update :)

    Next bug (only visual), if you found the item in stash on trader view and then click on another trader, now your money numbers in every currency will change to 0. When you click Clear everything back to normal.

    • Yeah the UI is quite finicky it wasn't designed to work this way, I'll see what can be done about it

    • Ok :) It's visual only and now it's funny but the first time I almost had a heart attack ^^

  • So I just encountered a bug.

    When unpacking ammo in the search results (I looked for ammo) it causes the unpacked ammo itself to disappear.

    Is that fixable?

    • I'll look into it, may have to end up disabling unpacking while in a searched state because of the way search is coded at its core, its not exactly a trivial problem to solve

    • About the missing stuff I just want to mention, i searched for key, and packed them in a gingy keychain, which already contained keys, but with the search function it showed empty, so the keys already in it disappeared. So be careful guys. BTW awesome mod, 100% recommend.

  • Hello, this is really game changer mod for me, You are genius. :)

    Maybe I found a bug. When you find the item you are looking for, move it from the found window to the selling window and sell it, your money numbers will not refresh, you have to sell something normally (with clear search window) or reset the game.

    Sorry for my english :)

  • Thank you for steadyly approving a good mod!

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