Featured Expanded Task Text (ETT) 1.3.2

Knowledge is power, unfortunately Nikita doesn't see it that way.

SPT 3.7.6

No logs, No support.

No support will be offered for old versions of SPT.

Do not repost, alter or repackage my mods without my explicit permission.

Adds extra information to tasks.

- Shows key(s) required for the task if applicable.
- If the task is required for collector.

- If the task is required for lightkeeper.

- Shows the next quest(s) in the chain

- gunsmithing tasks list all required parts and what trader(s) sell those parts

- If applicable shows the time gate until next gun smithing task unlocks.

Extract the archive to the root of your SPT install to install the mod. As Shown below.

Thanks to Drakia for the install gif.

Demonstration Video (Yes, it's SAIN, but the same concept applies to all of my mods, I'm not making mod-specific extraction example videos)


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  • Version 1.3.2

    - Fixed typo's

  • Version 1.3.1

    - New load order requirement, this MUST load before any other trader mod, or mod that adds quests because custom quests are cursed.

    - Improved the algorithm for finding next quest in chain. It will now display all quests leading to another instead of just one.

    - This algorithm takes longer to run because of a deep search of quests.json as a result startup time has been slowed down slightly

    - Display loading and finish loading text to alert the user the server is not frozen.

  • Version 1.3.0

    If coming from a previous version of this mod, delete the old mod before installing this update.

    - Changed the name of the folder to `ExpandedTaskText`

    - Change `Required for lightkeeper: true` to `This quest is required for Lightkeeper`

    - Change `Required for collector: true` to `This quest is required for collector`

    - All information is now separated by line breaks for easier reading.

    - Quests will now show the quest it leads to, Example: Debut will show `Leads to: Checking`

    - Remove quest logging on startup as it negatively effected startup times.

    - Overall changes in preparation for version 2.0.0 coming soon™ (easter egg in the config, not implemented until 2.0.0 however) :)

  • Version 1.2.5

    Added information for the following quests:

    - Broadcast Part 5

    - The door

    - Beyond the red meat part 2

    - Pets wont need it

    Corrected information for: Chemical Part 1

  • Version 1.2.4

    Update package.json for 3.7.x

    No more warning in server when starting
    No other changes

  • Version 1.2.3

    3.7.1 Update

  • Version 1.2.2

    3.7.0 Update

  • Version 1.2.1

  • you can repost this, i read the license agreement from CC @_@

  • Best mod, made by the best man. J cult!

  • Nice mod man, very good!!

  • I was thinking, what about displaying also a link directly to the wiki in the task description ? I got the idea for "Quest tracker" but actually this mod makes more sense, since we got already extended information.

  • How do I get this to load first? Do I just add the mod name from the package.json to the order.json file in user mods?

  • pls not rename the mod. This problem is very often results in many comments ;)

    • Well if you read the release notes like you're suppose to its not a problem.

      That is NOT my problem.

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  • Using this newest version with my collection causes the server to never finish loading, works fine on the previous version. Removing it also fixes the issue. The previous version when upgrading were also deleted as well.

    1.2.4 & 1.2.5 both work though.

    • I'm quite certain I told you not to include my stuff in a mod pack, but I digress.

    • It's not included in the modpack for repackaging or installing, etc. I'm simply using the mod personally. -.-

      I literally told you before I didn't do that. Chill.

    • I know why its broken, ill push a hotfix soon. More so other modders being sloppy

    • Damn yeah, I believe that. I've seen/heard about sloppy coding on some mods due to either skill or laziness apparently.

    • @SlaveToTheGames was there any sort of error or exception in the server? Would like to confirm my suspensions before i post a hotfix

  • very cool, some sort of wiki integration or cross over would take this over the moon. Some of the quests really need visual information like maps and key locations.

    • Yeah.... That's not as simple as it sounds lol

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    • understandable! Hypothetically could the default quest pictures be replaced by ones that are more relevant? Would be a lot of work no doubt.

    • Probably? Problem would be a scaling issue, details would probably be so small it wouldnt be worth doing.

      I could try it locally and see what happens

  • Broadcast part 5 is not added to the list.
    Also the required key is not listed which is: Mysterious room marked key

    • Yup data is wrong. Im not touching anything until next wipes patch. (3.8.0)

    • May i ask why? more detailed as Data being wrong is a little small.

    • Honestly, I'm busy with work stuff right now. (holiday season in finance). If you want to open a PR to correct the data, ill merge and push an update. I just don't have the time to research the correct data at the moment. I will after the holidays are over.

      Its as simple as editing/adding the data entry to TaskLocaleEn.json. The mod will auto load it. No code alteration needed.

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    • Thanks and sorry for disturbing your work

    • I've resolved the issue.

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  • Hey, I've found something that's missing, the quest "Chemical - Part 1" doesn't show the Dorm 220 key as required, even though it is

    • Thanks for the report, ill fix it when i get some time

    • This has been fixed, almost 2 months later... Apologies.

  • Have not tested yet, do I need to use the "Load Order Mod" to make it work like the previous version?

    Thx in advance and keep up the good job :thumbup:

  • Hi, installed 3.7.0 with 1.2.1 but I have this message in console :

    Mod Dirtbikercj-Expanded Task Text is not compatible with the current version of AKI. You may encounter issues - no support will be provided!

  • Just makin sure, the install gif had Bepix in it, but the files I just got only have user. Is that how its supposed to be with 1.2.1? If so, sorry to bother

    • You need to extract the Dirtbikercj-ExpandedTaskText-1.2.1 folder to your user/mods.

      1. Open the .7z archive in your Downloads folder.

      2. Click through user/mods to the Dirtbikercj-ExpandedTaskText-1.2.1 folder.

      3. Drag the Dirtbikercj-ExpandedTaskText-1.2.1 folder to your SPT Root Folder/user/mods.
      4. The Dirtbikercj-ExpandedTaskText-1.2.1 folder should live where all the other mods you've installed are that live in user/mods.

      The full path should be {SPT Root Folder}/user/mods/Dirtbikercj-ExpandedTaskText-1.2.1.

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  • What lang? Only En?

  • The idea is great but it doesnt do anything for me sadly

    • in the sense of you already know everything, or that you cant install it correctly?

      Happy 2
    • If there is some kind if issue I need to know about, please elaborate.

    • i restarted the launcher/Server several times and it worked after some time diddnt know what was wrong or what fought with it

      dont know its a pc nobody knows how it works

  • Amazing. Much appreciated! So much better than tabbing out to go to the Wiki for the keys lol!

  • Thank you.

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