TIME & WEATHER CHANGER - Updated by Cj 2.3.4

Change the time and weather in a raid with a GUI-based mod

This is an updated version of samSWAT's time and weather changer. Released under the same license and adding samSWAT as an additional author.

I will remove this when samSWAT comes back and has time to update his mods. But for now enjoy.

Please read the original mod page for directions, I've made no changes to the original mod, only updated and confirmed its working with the current SPT version.

  • Version 2.3.4

    Snow update!

    - Removed rain options during the summer season, they do nothing now (thanks bsg)

    - Added winter toggle in the F12 menu. Enabled by default. Figured most people want snow right now, I cant appease everyone.

    NOTE: This works in the same manor using the command to SPT friend does, no real benefit here, but its here none the less. This means if you're on the main menu and enable/disable it, it will take effect the raid AFTER your next raid. Again, thank BSG. if you enable or disable it while in raid, it will take effect the very next raid. There is likely a work around, but I couldn't be asked to spend more than an hour on this, sorry.

  • Version 2.3.3

    3.8.0 Update!

  • Version 2.3.2

    - Add Version checker

    - Add Compatibility check for DJ's raid overhaul.

  • Version 2.3.1

    Initial re-release

  • BSG removed rain from the game when they added snow. There is nothing I can do about it for the time being. This is NOT a bug with this mod.

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  • On ground zero if I update the time at all i get this weird melting black screen? I dont know how else to explain it. its like the old 007 blood death animation except its all black and it stays that way. all the textures turn black i guess? Has anyone else said anything about this? I skimmed the comments but I didnt see anything about it

    • No I haven't heard anything about it, Ill look into it when I get some time. In the meantime just dont change the time on GZ.

    • press escape and it should be fixed

  • Will this ever be compatible with raid overhaul?

  • i got virus notification when downloaded Trojan:Script/Wacatac.H!ml

  • If using Swag+donuts, does spawning into a daytime raid and then turning the time to night have a chance to spawn cultists mid-raid? I would assume not but I don't know how swag works fully..

    Overall the mod works really well I don't have an issue with fog as other people have said, probably due to amand's graphics removing that. ++

    • I honestly have no idea to the cultist part.. Interesting thought experiment

  • love this mod but with the new patch the weather is broken, i set it to clear and it dose set the weather to clear but the fog thats the only thing that stays and it gets soooo bright and thick you cant see 10 feet lol

    • is it the same problem with "Amands Graphics"??, it should delete the fog

    • not sure i dont run Amands Graphics

  • I downloaded the newest 3.8.0 version and time changing works totally fine. Fog and wind values work. But for some reason rain and thunder values don't change at all. Is this something wrong on my end? Thanks!

    • From reports I've seen in discord it seems BSG completely broke it, I'll look into it when I get some time

    • Ah makes sense. I wonder if it has to do with the seasons and snow implementation.

  • hello, i extracted the file to my spt folder it was placed in the bepinx plugins folder but its not loading with the server. the launcher recognizes it but says it didnt load with the server im not educated in moding to know whats going on anyone have an idea?

  • sometime i got into a raid and it fog sooo bad. i tried using this mod but the fog still there. it is as if that fog is on another layer or something. i can see the mod working just fine, when i crank it up, it fog like crazy, and tried tuning it down, i can see the fog disappearing BUT not the fog that was initially there when i entered the raid.

    sorry if its confusing.

    • I'm not sure if it can completely remove the fog or not, I didn't write this mod, I'm just the current maintainer.

      You can however completely remove the fog with Amands Graphics hope that helps!

    • oh i see.

      and i was actually using amands graphics too, i tried tinkering with it but fog still there. i guess i will post my issue in amands graphics instead.

      thanks for the reply o/

    • If you press F12 you have a lot of settings in the plugins and you can select the % of fog of map if you go below in the settings

    • hi, and thanks.

      and yes, i asked the guy in amands graphics and he told me that there is actually 3 layers of fog. and the mod reduce 2 of the layers. and that setting you mentioned was the 3rd. i put -1000 on everything and no more crazy fog for me now.

  • Is there a way to automate randomized weather every single time a raid happens?

  • Compatability check works great. Tells me its not compatible lmao. Thanks for the update bro

    • Didn't you update "DJ's raid overhaul" to the latest version of the mod? Maybe that's why.

  • This is a Mod i used since my first SPT Installation (3.4.1) so BIG THX to you Cj! :thumbup:

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  • You are beautiful for updating this

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  • Thank you thank you thank you! I couldn't get the old version to work on 3.7.3 so this is great!

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    • You're welcome, that's why i did it!

  • What actually needed to be changed?

    I've run the old version without issue on SPT releases up to 3.7.1 (I haven't updated past that yet).

    • Updated references and a recompile, it was silently throwing exceptions in a patch (patches hide exceptions from the console)

    • Cool.

  • Ayyyy