Easy Skill Options 2.1.0

Easily increase the rate at which you level skills.

SPT 3.8.0

No logs, No support.

No support will be offered for old versions of SPT.

Do not repost, alter or repackage my mods without my explicit permission.

This is a client mod. Open its config menu with F12

- Toggles for all elite skills

- Toggle for instant search (must be enabled before raid starts)

- Sliders for levelling speed

- More to come!

Extract the archive to the root of your SPT install to install the mod. As Shown below.

Thanks to Drakia for the install gif.

Demonstration Video

(Yes, it's SAIN, but the same concept applies to all of my mods, I

'm not making mod-specific extraction example videos)


  • Version 2.1.0

    - Updated to 3.8.0

    - Refactored entire mod in hopes to fix the previous issues it had

    - Settings MUST be applied before going into a raid. They CANNOT be updated mid raid. I made this choice to hopefully prevent issues that existed on the previous version.

    - Removed non skill related features. I.E quick throw grenades etc. It proved to just be feature bloat when I have a standalone that does the same thing. (Will be updated soon, its next on my list)

  • Version 2.0.3

    - Add version checker

    Credits for the version checker go to DrakiaXYZ, and DJLang for modifying for easier use.

    - Remove unused Elite skill toggles.

    - Add missing Heavy Armor Elite Skill Toggle. (oops)

    - Remove Simple leveling model, it was causing issues. (Thanks MNSTER, for investigating the issue)

    - Advanced leveling options remain unchanged, its the exact same as it was previously.

  • Version 2.0.2

    - Added back advanced leveling that were previously in the server to the client

  • Version 2.0.1

    - Fix for instant search only working for the first raid

    - Fix typo in skill atrophy

  • Version 2.0.0

    This is going to be a very lengthy change log, please read it in its entirety before asking me questions. If the question you ask me is answered by reading these release notes, you will be ignored.

    Version 2.0 is a major refactor of the mod with additions. This update REQUIRES a clean install of the mod to function properly. Meaning delete both the client and server portions of your old mod before installing this update. You may be asked to overwrite a config file, be sure to do so. This update removes the server mod entirely and moves all options into the client for easier configuration. Enabling an elite skill is PERMANENT, it writes the changes to your profile. PERMANENT means you cannot undo this change without the use of profile editor. Make sure this is what you want before enabling one or many.

    ## Added

    - Instant Crafting! (F12 menu)

    - Missing elite crafting toggle (F12 Menu)

    - Missing elite covert toggle (F12 Menu)

    - Missing elite hideout toggle (F12 Menu)

    - Missing elite HMG toggle (F12 Menu)

    - Missing elite LMG toggle (F12 Menu)

    - Missing elite Melee toggle (F12 Menu)

    - Missing elite Prone movement toggle (F12 Menu)

    - Missing elite SMG toggle (F12 Menu)

    - Missing elite Weapon Maintenance toggle (F12 Menu)

    ## Important changes

    - With the removal of the server mod. I have moved all skill leveling functionality into the client this has a few advantages. It allows me easier upkeep on the mod as a whole. It also provides a better guarantee of accuracy, better overall usability, and information that is more in the users face rather than a readme approach I used to have in the server. Everything is explained in a tooltip when you hover over it in the F12 menu.

    - The way the leveling multiplier worked has changed. I removed the advanced settings part in favor of an improved simple leveling modifier. To use it you must first enable it. then use the slider to set your leveling speed. This also means no more server and client restarts to change leveling speed. The slider is capped at 20, Please give me feedback on how these numbers feel and how leveling feels while using it. I will continue to improve it based on feedback.

    - Skill atrophy option has moved to the client.

    ## Fixes

    - Typo in Quick throw grenades

    ## known problems

    - Some functionality that was previously in the server is missing (Elite skill modifiers)

    - EFT is cursed

    - BepInEx config hated an illegal character for 2 hours(this is a joke btw).

    The rest of the features will come in a later update, I've made so many significant changes that I want to wait to make sure its 100% stable before adding anything else. Please report any bugs you come across.

  • Version 1.2.3

    - Add old style quick throw grenade option

    Enable from F12 menu

  • Version 1.2.2

    Update package.json for 3.7.x

    No more warning in server when starting
    No other changes.

  • Version 1.2.0

    1.2.0 - SPT 3.7.1

    • Fixed head bobbing bug with elite endurance
    • Found the proper way to implement elite skills client side (refactor)
    • Added all other elite skills as toggles, you can find them in the F12 menu.

    For the time being you still cant disable them while in raid. I'm working on a fix for this, but it isn't ready yet.

    If coming from a previous version, you may be asked to overwrite a config file. make sure you do so or you will have problems.

  • Version 1.1.3

    3.7.1 Update

  • Version 1.1.2

    1.1.2 SPT 3.7.0

    - Adds client plugin for directly enabling a few elite skills

    Disabling in raid will not have an effect until the next raid starts.

    You can however enable while in raid.

    - Add toggle for Elite Strength

    - Add toggle for Elite Endurance

    - Add toggle for Elite Health, Vitality, and Immunity (All enabled with same config entry)

    - Add toggle for instant search

  • Hello, I hope it's alright to ask questions here. I've read the change logs for the past versions as well as some of the comments here trying to find how this mod interacts with SVM's Player and Skills tab.

    I read below your reply to another comment that this mod is compatible with SVM, but I was wondering how they interact. Does the settings for one override the other? Or do they like add together? Should I leave SVM's skills options default and just use this one?

    Thank you for creating this mod.

    • This mod will override anything SVM does in terms of skill levelling as it operates in the client. They're compatible, just don't expect SVM skill levelling settings to do anything with this mod installed.

    • Thank you for getting back to me! Another question if you don't mind me asking. Is there any indicator if the mod's settings are being applied correctly? I can see it on my F12 menu but I can't tell a noticeable increase at which I level skills.

  • I can't seem to get skill fatigue to go away despite having skill fatigue per point set to zero. I didn't have this issue in 3.7.6.

    • I'll take a look at it, you are setting it before going into raid yes?

    • Yep.

  • I can't recommend this mod. It works only in the first raid, a lot of unnecessary settings that may not work properly.

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  • For some reason my XP boosts only work on the first raid and then I have to close out the game and server then reboot it in order to get the XP boosts .

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    • Yes, I'm facing the same problem, I don't know what to do.

    • I suspect I know what the issue is, but right now my focus is on another mod/working on 3.8.0. I'll try to fix it when i get time.

      If its what i suspect its because you're entering the hideout.

    • That's interesting.... I'll try to give it a look sometime this week

    • Is there any potential update on this? I can confirm that it's not because I enter the hideout.

  • I'm a little dumb, if I wanted really fast skill levelling what options should I be hovering towards? Low fatigue gain and low MinEffectiveness?

  • Awesome mod - for me a must-have, specifically during testing AllTheLoot and the need of quickly showing the container content :)

    Since I meanwhile use it in my "main" account too, specifically to adjust skill leveling speed I have 2 questions:

    #1 When "Enable skill atrophy" is enabled, is that basically a Memory Skill prio to v0.8.0.1208, i.e. that if you don't use/level a certain skill it will slowly rollback?

    #2 If "Enable advanced leveling config" is enabled it says "Disables the simple leveling modifier". Is that simple leveling modifier the bottom slider "Skill progress rate" or something else? If I leave it disabled, i.e. keeping the simple leveling, will the other sliders have any impact on the leveling progress?

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    • 1) Im not entirely sure honestly I'd need to look into it, I added all the options that were exposed to me to add.

      2) No I removed the simple leveling modifier in the past patch, forgot to update the description of that appologies.

    • Alright, thanks for that super quick reply :)

      One thing, if you "translate" the default slider values into a skill leveling speed, how much quicker - compared to default SPT - does the leveling roughly happen with your standard values?

      I'm asking since I never really understood the way skills are leveling. Coming from SVM, its default value for e.g. "Min. Skill point multiplier" is 0.00010. I assume you're adressing the same parameter with "Min skill effectiveness, though in your mod it's by default 100 times bigger.

    • Quote

      "Min. Skill point multiplier" is 0.00010. I assume you're adressing the same parameter with "Min skill effectiveness, though in your mod it's by default 100 times bigger.

      Thanks for pointing it out, i messed up on zero's. Its the same property as SVM you're correct in thinking that. However i didn't add enough zero's. Ill push a hotfix later today to address these issues.

      Its suppose to all be the base game values by default and i let the users adjust it how they see fit, since everyone has different preferences.

    • Alright, thanks for the clarification. Keep up the good work.

  • So you may already know this but this mod is pretty much incompatible with SVM. I like to use SVM for added additional XP per raid but unfortunately that also changes the skill leveling which breaks this mod. I did try changing load orders but no matter if I load this mod or SVM first the skill leveling is all wonky.

    I do still love this mod even if I only currently use the grenade quick throw; but I just figured I would post a comment here and let ya know incase you didn't already.

    • You're on an old version of this mod. It no longer has a server mod, thus no load order and is 100% compatible with SVM. Please read the release notes from V2.0.0 forward, and then update.

  • Is it a known behavior of this mod or XMAS event that my characters get random max skills during a raid?

  • Cool mod, why prone movement though? Does it even actually do anything?

    • No it will be removed at some point, it was meant to be disabled, but i forgot

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  • I am confused on how to completely stop skill exhaustion. I don't see it in the config. I see skill atrophy, but I didn't think they were the same thing. Is there a setting that I am not seeing?


    • I just realized some things were missing from the update. Sorry about that.

      Thanks for this mod. It is really nice!

  • As a side note, is it possible to implement Elite Skill toggle to not edit exp of a skill? So Elite Bonus works regardless of what level your skill is at. That way you could still progress and earn exp and improve skill passive bonuses, just with addition of elite part of it being active before hitting level 51.

    • Not sure thats possible, but i can look into it

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  • Why completely remove user configuration of leveling tho? Like how does leveling multiplier work? How many fresh skill points we get per raid? How many before fatigue kicks in? Whats the multipliers on fresh/fatigue exp gains?

    Could you add advanced option for users who want to use old system where they can set those things themselves please? Like I'm fine with leveling rate of tarkov, and I prefer chaging only 2 values, for example. Combining all of them into 1 makes it it easier for people incapable of reading, but for the rest of us who like to fine tune the mods it's a bit of sadge.

    Please consider adding advanced option of editing the values <3
    Thanks for update.

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    • I should have clarified, removed doesn't mean permanent in this case. I have plans on brining it back, but since version 2.0.0 is essentially a brand new mod (almost every line of code has changed) I wanted to keep things simple for now while I'm waiting on bug reports.

      Once I'm confident there are no major issues I will start working on adding back features and adding new features. The reason i did this was because the flexibility in the client far surpasses what I was able to accomplish in the server. Which means more possibilities in the long run.

      Hope that clears some things up.

    • Thanks, will be waiting for those :)

  • Thanks for adding quick throw! I missed that from legacy Tarkov versions!

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  • hey i had a weird problem where the elite crafting skill didnt let me craft multiple items in one station, when "EnableEliteSkillChanges" was on true because i wanted to change the extra production to 3 items. Is there any fix or is that just an issue on my end?

    • I'll look into it, thanks for the report

  • Hello!

    I am having an issue where my character is always out of breath, no audio of heavy breathing but my ADS is like I'm driving down a road full of potholes - how can I stop this?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Ill look into it this afternoon

    • I have turned off both Elite Strength and Endurance and it has seemed to stop.

      Not sure if that's useful information for you!

    • Yeah its probably a bug with Elite endurance after 3.7.1. thanks

  • Hello,

    How do i make my base level 2x slower but skills 2x faster to level up? <3

    • I dont currently offer a way to edit base level leveling speed.

    • Why not? is it buggy?

    • Go to your spt install folder \Aki_Data\Server\database and open globals.json. Do a search for exp_table and now multiply every value after "exp": by 2, save the file play the game. This will make it take 2x longer to level

    • It will be added in the next major release along with alot of other goodies

  • Hello, I just want to know where to find your readme file :)

    • I might have forgot to put it in the update, you can get it from the 1.1.1 version. Ill fix it tomorrow

  • Hi, thanks for this awesome mod!

    I have a question regarding the Metabolism Skill.
    I enabled the mod and I'm using the "SimpleLevelingRate" at 3 and the Metabolism Skill levels up too fast while other Skills level the normal way at 3x.

    Everytime I use any food item the Metabolism Skill goes up at least 3-4 levels.
    After using like 5-6 food items I am already at level 16~

    Is there a recommended config setting to make it level slowly?

    • Metabolism is a weird skill in the way it ticks for leveling. There's not much i can do about it. Try increasing skill fatigue reset time

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    • I believe the math behind Metabolism is something like this:
      *Drink or Eat something* 20 skill points will now be applied, first skill point 100% normal, the additional beyond that is now affected by SkillFatiguePerPoint which would reduce the effectiveness of leveling Metabolism beyond 1 to by 60% less effective compounding whenever 1 more skill point is fully obtained, roughly resulting in compounding to 4.2 skill points gained when consuming 1 point of hydration the first time, and competely stopping around 9.3 skills gained

      To fix Metabolism leveling so crazy fast, would it be possible to skip easy level modifying the skill entirely? :)

    • As I commented below.

      SkillMinEffectiveness: 0.1 - is rather fast, but I ain't got my whole life to level a character. If it's too fast, go for 0.05 or less.

      SkillFatigueReset: 6 - this makes it so that Metabolism does not skyrocket to 51 in 2 drinks, but you still level normal stats quickly.

      Try that instead of messing with the SimpleLevellingRate, as this makes it so that all skills level up faster by smaller gains all the time, instead of one burst in XP, as I believe that Metabolism levels up very fast due to items giving a lot of XP but in a burst.

      So with this, you limit the burst of XP to smaller progression, even when keeping other skills levelling faster.

      If you want to go ham on this, I would mess around the fresh skill points from 1.3 to 1.0 as you do not need it anymore and makes the skills levelling that much faster when you start out.



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    • Thanks for the reply, I'll try changing those settings in the config.


  • Hello! Just saying this mod is great and works really well. Appreciated the simple way to adjust skill leveling!

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  • If possible:

    Want to suggestion a way of changing what the skill reward would be per level. like strength could i give a value of weight increase per level up. or change what the % would increase.
    also have some similar for other skills too.

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  • I have some values that work decently well. Though they require testing in order to know for sure in all cases of the skills.

    Try this:

    SkillMinEffectiveness: 0.1 - is rather fast, but I ain't got my whole life to level a character. If it's too fast, go for 0.05 or less.

    SkillFatigueReset: 6 - this makes it so that Metabolism does not skyrocket to 51 in 2 drinks, but you still level normal stats quickly. I did not test this on long usage items like purified water. But who drinks that??

    Everything else can remain the same, but I would not recommend changing SimpleLevellingRate.



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  • anyone have any recommended settings for balance?

    love the mod! <3

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  • Thanks for making this, much appreciated <3

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  • Glad I saw this before it gets taken down again because noone reads. Thanks for the sweet mod. :)

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