Featured [BETA] Skills Extended 0.3.3

Expanding the skill catalog, one skill at a time.

SPT 3.7.6

No logs, No support.

No support will be offered for old versions of SPT.

Do not repost, alter or repackage my mods without my explicit permission.

This is not allowed to be included in any mod-pack, whether hosted on the SPT Hub or not.

Huge thanks to the people who participated in the closed testing i did; Phantom, DJLang, MK2-Scotland.

This is a beta, bugs are likely, updates frequent. If you cant handle that, don't use it yet. Though I'm positive it cant cause profile corruption, backups are still recommended. If you report a bug without a log, you will be ignored.

  • Version 0.3.3

    Last bugfix release before 0.4.0

    - Fixes bot healing granting the player first aid XP.

    - Fixes exception related to weapons.

    - Fixes only getting weapon XP for a single raid.

    0.4.0 will bring 2 new skills, one for BEAR and one for USEC.

  • Version 0.3.2

    CHANGELOG 0.3.2:

    Medical Skills:

    - Refactored medical skill code.

    - Allows for edits to medical items in the server without being overwritten in the client now.

    - HP Resource bonus is no longer a flat bonus. its now calculated as a percentage.

    - 1% bonus per level, 20% bonus for elite.

    - To prevent people from only using Grizzlys I've capped its bonus resource at 2750.

    - Updated First Aid tooltip to reflect these changes

    - This change may result in items in your inventory having higher current resource than max resource.

    - Credit for this idea goes to Shield Armor, thanks for the suggestion!

    Weapon Skills:

    - Fixed display bug in the weapon modding/inspection screen resulting in compounding stats on each inspection. (Thanks AntiSocialKiller for the report)

    - Reduced recoil reduction bonus from 0.4% to 0.3% per level, Elite bonus from 12% to 9%.

    - I found that at elite levels, it turned guns into literal laser beams which was not the intention.

  • Version 0.3.1

    - Allow custom weapons, Add them in the server mod config folder. Do not ask me where to find these, you're on your own.

    - Increase USEC and BEAR proficiency skill leveling by 300%

    - Fix no XP gain occurring with certain weapons

    - Fix Null reference exception related to above.

    - Move ADAR to BEAR weapon category

  • Version 0.3.0


    - USEC rifle and carbine proficiency skill

    --Increases ergonomics by 0.3% per level to NATO assault weapon and carbines. Additional 12% Elite bonus. 25.3% Total.

    --Reduces vertical and horizontal recoil by 0.4% per level to NATO assault weapons and carbines. Additional 12% Elite bonus. 32.4% Total.

    -- Only available to the USEC faction initially. Bears will unlock this skill once they hit elite level of their own skill.

    USEC rifle and carbine proficiency skill is gained from hitting targets with these weapons, USEC rifle and carbine proficiency skill also only applies to these weapons:

    AUG A1

    AUG A3

    MDR 5.5

    MDR 7.62

    HK 416A5 5.56

    HK G36




    CMMG Mk47 Mutant









    - BEAR rifle and carbine proficiency skill

    --Increases ergonomics by 0.3% per level to Russian assault weapon and carbines. Additional 12% Elite bonus. 25.3% Total.

    --Reduces vertical and horizontal recoil by 0.4% per level to Russian assault weapons and carbines. Additional 12% Elite bonus. 32.4% Total.

    -- Only available to the BEAR faction initially. USEC will unlock this skill once they hit elite level of their own skill.

    BEAR rifle and carbine proficiency skill is gained from hitting targets with these weapons, BEAR rifle and carbine proficiency skill also only applies to these weapons:





















    SAG AK






    Other changes:

    - Change current bonuses color in tooltip to match BSG's blue.

    - Hid non implemented skills from the user interface to reduce clutter.

    Known Issues:

    - EFT is cursed.

  • Version 0.2.3

    - Fix tooltips appearing on med items. (lol)

    - Fix skill tooltips replacing morecheckmarks tooltips. (lol)

    - Fix surgery giving first aid XP.

    - Fix Elite first aid not applying its 10 HP per level bonus.

    This will be the last bug fix release before 0.3.0 which will bring a new skill. Anything reported from here on will be included in that release. I will remove the beta alert in 0.3.0 as I'm confident no profile corrupt can occur now.

    Thank you to everyone who has taken their time to report bugs!

    Edit: Hotfix has been applied to address current hp not scaling with max hp with elite first aid.

  • Version 0.2.2

    - Add current bonuses in tooltip

    - Add time cooldown between xp gain (60 seconds per limb)

    - Field Medicine now awards 2.5% per use (was 1.5%) total level.

    - Fixes no xp gain occurring after entering hideout

  • Version 0.2.1

    - Fixes bug where leaving raid causes items max HP and use time to revert to default values.

  • Version 0.2.0

    Initial beta release

  • Hello everyone, just wanted to give everyone a little update on development. I'm currently working a ton and haven't been able to work on this at all over the past couple weeks. I've not abandoned it. By the time I'll have time to work on it again I fear 3.8.0 will be upon us. Given that, I've made the decision to halt all development on 3.7.6 and shift toward updating my mods for 3.8.0 once I have time again, a couple weeks give or take.

    I very much appreciate all the bug reports yall have gathered and I'll look at each one when I'm back!

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  • Is there a Patreon or something alike that i can donate to so i can support the project? :D

    • I have a kofi link on my other mods, not sure i ever added it to this one! Please dont feel obligated to though!!!

  • I got a workaround on the medical skills not leveling.

    You need to apply your medicine by drag and drop, manualy, then it will level.

    Good luck in your raids.

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  • I get medical skills realy slow, in some cases non at all. No xp mod is used.

    First Aid gets like 0.1 per heavy injury with bleeding and stuff, but not always. Field Medicine gets no xp at all.

    The Weapon skill works fine.

    Mods used and load order:

    1. SkillsExtended

    2. MusicManiac-GigachadWorkout-main

    3. zzDrakiaXYZ-Waypoints

    4. DanW-SPTQuestingBots

    5. Skwizzy-NoDiscardLimit

    6. zSolarint-SAIN-ServerMod

    7. SWAG

    8. DewardianDev-AlgorithmicLevelProgression

    • I'm aware, im busy work with stuff atm. Might be a while before i can fix it

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    • Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to it. It's a great and refreshing mod with great ideas.

      Hope BSG recognizes some if not all of it in the future.

  • Apologies if this is a known issue but sometimes my rifle skills do not level even when using the faction specific guns. Specifically after doing a scav run but the medical portions seem to work. Also does not seem to level when i pick up a viable faction gun from scavs/pmcs. Resetting my games server and itself seems to make it work again but quite troublesome doing so.

    • Yeah I've been fighting the xp thing when changing states since release, I fix one case another one happens. Its a real PITA. I'm quite busy with work right now so probably wont be fixed til next weekend at the earliest

    • Thanks for the reply and update, overall loving your mod bugs and all. As aside what does the custom weapons file in the mod folder use? Weapon name or ID or is it defunct for now?

    • You can place weapon template ID's there to include them in the skill.


    • Thanks again boss and have a good rest of your day/week.

  • you think it'd be plausible to make a breaching skill? like a percent chance increase per level to breach wooden doors regardless if its locked? seems like a pretty solid idea but i bet it would be an aneurysm to implement

    • Maybe, I have plans to do lockpicking, but it wont be for some time. Got busy with work again

  • Personally I would like to see some other weapons get added to the USEC and BEAR weapon skills respectively from other weapon categories.

    Such as like the MP5, Beretta M9A3, and such for USEC

    With stuff like Keder, PM, and the like for BEAR.

    Since as it is (least what is listed) they both only seem to have assault rifles and carbines (At least listed, unsure if they actually do affect more weapons than what's listed)

    • Because its a rifle and carbine skill. It does what it says on the tin.

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  • Will you add this as well?
    The Pathogen - Resilience Skill

  • How to pick locks?

  • Very cool mod,

    Question for you, have you been able to figure out how to change/modify the existing elite bonuses on current skills?

    • Yeah I can do so if i wanted to. Right now working on implementing new skills though. I have plans later down the road to change other things

  • Just wanted to say that this such an awesome mod, much love for working on this!

    Also, I may be wrong but I noticed that the first aid skill would level up when I don’t touch any kind of medicine/kits at all. Like while I’m standing still/running/etc.

    But I have a theory that PMC’s or scavs in raid are actually leveling the skill for you and it may be mistaken for having the skill be leveling too fast. I noticed that I would hear PMC’s or scavs healing, the level up notification would pop up.

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  • Some feedback on the skill levelling rate:

    1. First Aid levels way too fast. After only 8ish raids with the mod installed (some I didn't get hit, one I got one-tapped within 2 minutes of raid start), I had gained 174.0 skill experience. I would suggest throttling the skill xp gain rate or make the refresh rate longer to bring it more in line with the rate Stress Resistance and Vitality level.
    2. Field Medicine levels too slowly, 2.5 experience in the same amount of raids. I think this might be because it does not consider other healing items. For example, healing a light bleed with an IFAK doesn't seem to increase this at all, meaning I would have to bring in dedicated bandages to level this. This aspect from a balancing perspective seems to counteract the First Aid skill, since the bonus from levelling that incentivizes me to use IFAKs, AFAKs, Salewas, and Grizzlies to get mileage out of more resources. I do not know if there is an easy way to fix this.
    3. This skill seems to level too slowly as well, 0.4 experience gained. For all 8 raids, I used qualifying weapons, AS VAL and AK-103. 5 out of 8 raids were high kill count (10+), and even while accounting for me using SVM to double weapon mastery, the weapon skill mastery seems to increase much more quickly. I would suggest bumping how quickly this levels up a bit more, or maybe even make it level exactly how Recoil Control does.

    I did use SVM to edit skill gain rate and refresh rate, but according to the FAQ, that doesn't affect the xp gain for these skills.

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    • 1) there's currently a bug I'm working on tracking down that causes heals by AI to level your skill for some reason, which is likely why it feels like its leveling way to quick. Once that's fixed ill re-evaluate the leveling speed based on feedback.

      2) That's correct, it doesn't consider other healing items currently. This is due to an implementation error on my part. I've been thinking about how to fix it.

      3) Even with the 300% increase I did in 0.3.1? I can bump it up a bit more in the next point release where I'm going to try and solve the other 2 issues mentioned. Though from my personal testing it seemed okay. Granted it was only about an hour of play. There was also an initial bug in 0.3.0 that caused no xp gain whatsoever.

    • My findings were all based on the latest version, 0.3.2. I also suck at the game and don't land most of my shots unless I am specifically lining them up on a unsuspecting target. After you replied,

      I did a Factory raid using the AS VAL, with 66 hits across 23 kills, I gained 0.0 BEAR rifle and carbine proficiency.

      Following that I did another Factory raid, this time with the AKS-74UN, with again 66 hits, this time across 11 kills. I again gained 0.0 skill points.

      At that point, I thought "this can't be right." So I restarted my SPT instance, and went in yet again to Factory, this time with an AK-103. This time I got 75 hits across 18 kills. This time I got 7.9 skill experience.

      So it seems that the skill either does not count some weapons or there was something wrong with the SPT instance I was running all day prior to that last Factory raid. I had used the AK-103 for the entirety of the Punisher Part 1 mission, yet before that Factory raid, I only gained 0.4 BEAR rifle and carbine proficiency.

      Also during those three raids, I gained another 21.0 skill points in First Aid, and 2.5 in Field medicine (I fixed one fracture).

    • Sigh. No i know what it is. Its not the weapons. You entered the hideout. I forgot to fix that, will be fixed next release.

      If you enter the hideout for whatever reason you need to restart your game. I know what the problem is, I'll fix it tomorrow

    • I see, well cheers then, glad to be of some assistance maybe!

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    • мне написало файл опасный и может повредить

    • Ложно положительный.

    • Вирусов нет, проверено. Твой антивирус плохо работает))

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  • hi, does this work with mods that modifies the exp multiplier for all the skills?

    and does this also work with actually modifying thru profile editor?


    • My brother in Christ.


    • ouch, my bad... didnt see that.

      tho i dont use SVM for the multiplier. im using another mod.
      but i guess, judging from the wording there... using that other mod wont help yeah? even straight up editing it from profile editor?

    • You can edit it from the profile, I'll add the ability to adjust leveling speed at some point in the future. Focused on other features and bug fixes right now though

    • I don't believe profile editor will support these skills as they had no base implementation, but you're free to try

    • awesome, looking forward to it.

      also i'll see if it works using profile editor.

      cheers o7

  • Thats a cool mod, hopefully this mod can also bring onto next SPT wipe

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    • It will need updated as its a client mod, but I do plan on doing so.

  • Can I just replace the files for the new update or should I remove them first?

  • Cool mod, cool ideas.

    Does the xp gain work only with your own "brought in to raid" gun, or does it work with looted guns too?

    • It should work as soon as you pick up a gun, it checks the players inventory, it doesnt care about FIR or anything like that, just that you have it

    • In the previouse version (V 0.3.0) there have been no progress on the skill, cause the hits were not registered for the weapon skill.

      I just tested it in a raid. Picked up weapon do register it (found in raid weapon+ammo), the brought in to raid not.

      I'll test the new version and react.

      Thanks again for the mod.

      UPDATE: The skill gain works now with weapon brought in to the raid, but not the looted (it's better this way then before)

      Working on gaining one level and see if the skill applys to the weapons.

      The bonuses apply too.

      Good Job so far, Sir.

    • Keep in mind this is a beta, bugs are expected. I don't have time to develop this as it takes a ton of time and thoroughly test things at the same time for hours on end.

      I didn't see this before I finished 0.3.2 otherwise i would have looked at it. I'll give it a look later, but it should be working from a glance at the code.

      Thanks for the reports!

  • If I modify the hp resource of some Healing items with SVM, eg. Grizzly to 3600, this mod will apply its change on it? Or will reset de original value (1800) and then add its own skill plus?

    • It uses the original values, I.E 1800 for a grizzly. Modifying them in SVM wont work with this mod.

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    • I'll address this in the next minor update, I need to do a balance pass for it anyway.

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    • Okey, thanks a lot, I did not request it because I read "No support", but yes it would be great if you could make this change.

    • Yeah I've put it on my roadmap, keep in mind I still consider this to be early in development

    • Quote

      If I modify the hp resource of some Healing items with SVM, eg. Grizzly to 3600

      This should now be possible

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  • You said you are gonna add more skills. I play with realism mod. Is it just the medical skills that arent compatible with realism or all the future skills ?

    PS: For anyone that play with realism mod. If someone want to make it compatible (with the perm of authors), The meds skills, one improve the speed of use and the other one speed and HP. For the new meds items added, Their hp can be increased every level of the skill and for the classic meds, they could go up by 1 hp every 5 or 10 levels of the skills.

    PS2: Great mod btw.

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    • Its not really incompatible per say, they will 100% work together. Its just not balanced for that, so i put that disclaimer there.

      In the future ill add a compatibility option and tune it around realisms med overhaul, but theres other things i want to do first.

      Hope that answers your question!

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    • Thx alot

  • Is there any possibility to remove error about having realism mod? Like, i disabled that medical thing upon installing realism mod, i configured everything about medicine, so it's not touched at all

    • Once I'm positive its stable, I'll remove the warning, but not until then.

  • NtsxIO3I see how it is (this did not insert how I was hoping)

    • Jokes aside, l'll write quests for any skills you add in, should be fun! Kinda relieved I don't have to learn how to do this tbh

  • POG

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  • This is hot.

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    Always wanted more skills to grind, gigachad release from J brother as usual

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