Featured De-Clutterer 1.1.5

Ever get tired of seeing a bunch of clutter around the map? Mistake these clutter items for actual loot? Want some more performance? Then get sweeping boys! De-Clutterer removes map clutter as much as possible.


Big thank you to Ari (gaylatea), for their work on Framesaver. With their permission I used some of their code in Framesaver to hopefully make De-Clutterer even better!

If you'd like to support my creations I do have a Ko-fi. (This is not for commissions, I do not do them and they are against SPT policy.) - https://ko-fi.com/tyriansuvious

  • Version 1.1.5

    Works on 3.7.1

    Added -

    Experimental Unscrutinised Disabler under B - De-Clutter Settings, De-Clutters literally everything that doesn't have a collider, doesn't care what the name is or the group is so above enablers will have no effect. It'll disable it all. Experimental, testing however has had positive results and I've worked out most if not hopefully all of the kinks I saw in this system. Massively improves FPS.

    Fire & Smoke Changes under C - Framesaver Enabler, disables smoke and fire effect emitters around the map. (Also disables fire damage so you don't accidentally get yourself hurt, will conflict with de-hazardifier's fire damage disabler. Make sure both are enabled if you use both plugins.

    Fixed -

    Implementation of Clouds and Sun lighting method patches, now they should correctly work and only update once every other tick.

  • Version 1.1.4

    Works on 3.7.1 and should work on 3.7.0

    Fixed -

    Optimized code to reduce and hopefully effectively remove hanging issues on loading into raid.

    Hopefully whatever was going on in my 1.1.3 release with invisible bots, not sure if it was De-Clutterer but I added some more checks to make sure it doesn't touch bots.

  • Version 1.1.2

    Works on 3.7.1 and should work on 3.7.0

    Changed -

    Changes some methods into coroutines so that they run on a separate thread from the main thread, this reduces hang time significantly.

    Thanks go to dirtbikercj for suggesting it.

  • Version 1.1.1

    Works on 3.7.1 and should work on 3.7.0

    Changed -

    Changed how LODBias Reducer and Texture Quality Divider, as well as other Framesaver Divider option changes work, effectively making them better with more step up over each option.

    Added -

    Added a LateUpdate() Optimizer for updates that concern fog, ambients, reflections, clouds, shadows and time of day into the Sky & Weather patches enabler. The day/time will feel as though it takes longer, global shadows don't update as quickly, timers and other such stay the same however.

    Added a LateUpdate() Optimizer for ragdoll updates seperate from other physics updates. Located within the physics patches enabler.

    Fixed -

    Texture resolution being set lower than it should.

  • Version 1.1.0

    Works on 3.7.1 and should work on 3.7.0

    Fixed issues that plagued previous 1.1.0 release, please re-download! Thank you for your understanding.

    Added -

    New configs for disabling -

    All new physics optimization setting! Physics for ragdolls and items, etc, are now ran on alternating ticks rather than every game frame. What does that mean? Well ultimately, physics calculations have been cut in half.

    Fixed -

    Ragdolls, grenades and items just 'freezing' in mid air.

  • Version 1.0.9

    Works on 3.7.1 and should work on 3.7.0

    Slight issue with 1.0.8 - Audio bugs and Ragdolls were essentially disabled. Put the option that disables ragdolls behind its own config and removed patch that bugged audio.

    Added -

    Merged Ari's work from Framesaver into the mod with updated gclasses, added a lot of my own tweaks and bits in the hope to also add more framesaving features to the mod.

    As usual be sure to open it up using F12 and config as you please, these new framesaver settings are disabled as standard as they do really make the game kinda uggo (And also kinda charming in its own way.)

    New config options called 'Framesavers' available!

    Included are experimental options to -

    Ability to disable ragdolls on death, loot can still be obtained. (Have heard reports that this option also disables other physics, such as throwing grenades.)

    Prevents spent cartridge shells from spawning.

    Reduce particle effects and resolution and calculations.

    Reduce and remove certain vegetation. (Not like CWX's Grass Cutter mod)

    Reduce reflection resolution and quality and calculations.

    Reduce lighting and shadow quality and calculations.

    Reduce Cloud shadows and weather effect quality and calculations.

    Reduce texture quality further than BSG allows, become one with the battlebit.

    Level of Detail Bias reduction, force Tarkov to use a lower quality LOD.


  • Version 1.0.7

    Works on 3.7.0 and 3.7.1

    Added -
    You can now toggle the de-clutterer inside of a raid and it will re-enable or disable the clutter it has found. This is not performance heavy as it saves a list of all the found clutter and doesn't search for the clutter again to do this.

    Changes -

    Changed the method used to check if an object has a collider or not and whether it is even enabled, which should result in even less objects being disabled that shouldn't be.

  • Version 1.0.6

    Works on 3.7.0 and 3.7.1

    Fixed some issues with objects that don't appear to correctly have a calculable bounds returning a bounds of 0 and being added to the removal list, no more floating computers on invisible tables.

    Overall it's a better implementation than the previous one that should hopefully reduce the amount of floating objects and large items missing that shouldn't have been.

    I'm not 100% happy with the release as I was trying to remove certain other objects, but no matter what I tried they didn't seem to get removed.

  • Version 1.0.5

    Works on 3.7.0 and 3.7.1

    No longer causes hangs on map loading.

    Essentially the same as the last version, however I have added some more configs. One that allows scaling the size of the clutter items it attempts to disable, and one that puts shard items (the ones that make noise when stepped on) into their own category. That way you can keep this enabled or disabled as you please, should you want to keep these shards as audio cues for enemy locations.


    Please note that the plugin is continually evolving, and the effectiveness of clutter removal and performance improvements may be subject to further adjustments and refinements in future updates. Players are encouraged to provide feedback if they encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement. Images and locations of these issues provide an easier means of de-bugging.

  • I hope this mod works well for those that need the extra FPS, I'll be tweaking it where I can to remove most of the frustrating clutter pieces, and anything else that is en masse enough to provide more performance.

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    • Massively, AI amount (medium) I went from around 35 or so with AI fighting in Factory, To 55/60+ fps on (asOnline) setting.

    • seems like white tree blocks bug has something do with those of us ruining high textures as meduim textures fixes the issue

  • 2023-11-26[11-01]_375.3, 14.5, -395.7_0.0, 0.7, 0.0, -0.7_13.22 (0).png

    This mode definitely increases the frame rate effectively.

    Through this mode, I was able to achieve 144fps, which I couldn't achieve even with the 13900k 4090 (of course, it wasn't possible in SOT)

    However, as shown in the attached photo, there is still room for improvement, but I believe this will be corrected in the future.

    After changes texture option to low that was fixed

  • This mod causes texture resolution to tank, makes the game look like a PS2 game. I was told downgrading to 1.1.4 might fix this, but it did not. Just wanted to make you aware of this bug.

  • I recently got some weird ingame rendering/graphic bugs. all bushed and trees doesnt render properly and show like a 2D empty outline which dissapears when u get closer. anyway i have normal settings and no framesaver enabled. also some objects and the gear of my character dont render properly. got any advice ?

    playing on SPT 3.7.2

    ...oh just saw that many other ppl have the same issue. maybe a thing with the new version 1.1.5 idk. on 1.1.4 everything was fine with same settings

  • So funny thing happened today, some walls at the main staircase in customs 3-story dorm just decided to not exist anymore :D

    Otherwise the mod works pretty fine! Tarkov has never looked so clean lol

  • tarkov if it was still built in unity 5.3.6

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  • i have no idea what de-clutterer scaler means, does bigger numbers means more shit removed or is it the opposite ?

    • It means the size of the objects it removes.

  • Seems to break You've got mail quest from Prapor

    • Just disable de-clutterer when you're near a hidden quest item, it doesn't delete the objects, they're still there to be re-enabled in case of emergencies.

  • To anyone getting white cards instead of trees: Turn your textures to medium and it'll go away back to normal

  • Great mod, it really does help with FPS - thanks!

    However, trees/shrubs seems to be corrupted on Customs - Have tried a bunch of other maps with a lot of trees and all is fine. Go back to Customs and the issue comes back.

    Have tried to disable via F12 menu and played with the sliders as well as changed graphic settings in-game to no avail.

    Removing the mod resolves the issue.

    Any ideas?




    • No ideas, sadly. I've not come across this bug even with settings provided to me by others, until I come across it myself I can't accurately de-bug it.

    • I appreciate your reply.

      I'll post back if I ever find out what's causing it.

    • I get the same issue and it always happens on the second raid after launch. The first one is just fine but if I run a second one the trees glitch out, but only some of them. It's like a LOD thing because once you get real close they load in properly. It only happens to vegetation, some trees, bushes and tall grass.

    • Happening to me as well, on woods

    • This doesnt fix the issue however FYI: Seems like changing the LOD settings directly impacts how close these greyed out trees shows up.

      LOD slider left = more greyed out trees closer to player

      LOD slider right = less greyed out trees closer to player

  • I don't know if it's this mod or not but I played woods and all the further away objects like bushes trees or even the giant power tower all got turned into white coffin shaped thing

    I have my frame saver disabled so not sure why

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    • I seconded that, it happens intermittently.

    • Unless you can provide me the exact settings you're using for both de-clutterer, tarkov and any other mods you're using to reproduce this bug, I'm not sure what to tell you both.

      There are people, myself included, who do not have this issue or cannot replicate it. I even had someone who had this very bug disable both de-clutterer and framesaver settings and still have the issue.

    • I encountered this issue today on Interchange after changing my texture quality from medium to high.
      De-clutterer settings are on default. Framesaver disabled.
      Graphics settings:
      Texture High
      Shadow Low
      Object LOD 2
      Visibility 1500
      Anti-Aliasing TAA High
      Resampling 1x off
      High quality color On
      Streets Low Texture On
      The rest of the settings are off.
      I'm also using Amands's Graphics.

      Edit: Everything is back to normal after changing texture quality back to medium.

    • I have the exact same issue, giant white polygons replace trees and sometimes even small bushels of grass, sometimes not rendering until stepping within 5 metres of them. Had a feeling it had to do with this mod in particular so glad to see this comment

    • @Tyrian is happening to me aswell every second raid sad im gonna have to to uninstall till fixed as reseting every other raids is more annyong thne stuttters and some low fps

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  • new feature straight up removed outside part of resort

    • It's called experimental for a reason.

    • yeah,bugs is expected.but i didn't expect whole building

  • Its very cool. Please tell me if you know what settings affect CPU.

  • Version 1.1.5 seems to cause the low roblox textures no matter which settings I use. Switched back to 1.1.4 and issue is resolved. (Had Framesaver settings disabled for both.)

    • Same for me, unfortunately

    • Can confirm same for me, staying on 1.1.4, no issues.

    • Can't replicate this myself, mhmm.

    • Same for me, guess I'll go back to 1.1.4 for now.

    • Having the same issue. Rolling back to 114

  • from 8 minutes loading to Lighthouse down to just 3:30, thanks for the optimization :>

  • Love your constant work on your mod, shout-out for that.

  • Does this mod move static Objects in the game ? :p

    Some Objects in my case Reserve (boxes, containers) may be on another place or maybe im tripping idk

    • Latest EFT patches introduced random container generation (it randomly removes some containers for the duration of a raid). You can disable this feature with SVM.

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    • ok lol didnt noticed since now

  • Thanks for your hard work Tyrian; the mod is really coming together well and has become a must have for me.

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  • Is It possible to make this work on 3.6.1? thank you :3

  • Currently having an issue trying to load into streets with the mod installed it freezes at local game starting. Loads every time with the mod removed. tired with different versions of this mod and still didn't change it

    • It'll load fine if you give it some time, it just 'hangs' for a moment as it grabs all the game objects. When windows tries to tell you that the game has crashed, ignore it. It hasn't. Just let it load.

    • Ok will give it a shot Thank you!

    • yea and 5 min to enter to streets, happened to me to , stuck at loading but after 4-5 min it enters

    • Damn 5 min? how's the fps improvement at your end? I'm temping to try this mod cause i dol need some fps, but I'm not that desperate.

    • The hanging time is different for everyone, and the latest update should have reduced it. For me it only hangs for 30 seconds to a minute at most, 5 minutes seems to be at the more extreme end. It'll depend on your CPU.

  • For some reason while this mod is enable i cant get into streets it just hates me using it on streets

    • Does it freeze on local game starting? That's my current issue with the mod. It works great other than it wont let me play streets

    • Same here, freezes at "Local game starting" and if you click Windows detects it as a frozen program. However, if you just wait about a minute, the game will load. If you can't wait like me, untick "De-Clutterer Enabled" before going to Streets.

      To the mod author: the logs are clear, the error log doesn't even generate, application log has this as the last line.

      2023-10-25 20:55:48.982 +01:00||Debug|application|TRACE-GamePrepare 2 
    • If you untick De-Clutterer Enabled it'll certainly prevent the hanging, but then when you toggle it on during gameplay it will hang all the same as it finds everything.

      The logs will be clear as well, because there's no error happening. It's just hanging because it's grabbing all the game objects on the map and running the code.

  • There are certainly performance improvements but none of my weapon icons ever load completely which is a deal breaker for me.

    • In the Launcher settings, click "clear temporary files". This should help

    • Are you talking about the icons? The icons are generated on demand based on the LOD and texture settings of the game, so if you go and lower the settings then the icons are going to end up low quality also.

    • Yeah the icons, sorry I wasn't very clear, I'll try clearing temp files but this is also a fresh install of 3.7.1. The weapon icons just show a spinning load icon forever.

      I have textures set to Med and Object LOD set to 2

    • Yeah if you do that it's going to cause the icons to not render properly at all. It's a limitation of reducing textures and object LOD with my mod. Disabling those options and clearing temp files will fix the issue.

    • Yup, sure did. Thanks much

  • Why does this mod make textures appear is if they are on low quality in settings

    • I'm releasing a fix for this and some other changes soon. It was an oversight in how EFT stores default texture detail settings.

      Also if you're running streets with the lower street quality settings, that'll happen because of that.

    • Yeah I do use the lower streets setting, but this happens on factory. I love the mod because it's insane how I can get 118fps stable from raid spawn all the way until I extract. Without this mod it's constant 50fps dips within the first few minutes of raid starting

    • Crazy man, glad you can get that much extra FPS out of it. Amazing.

  • i just wanted to ask that does changing the options in the config require a map change or a game restart?

    • Only the de-clutterer enabler, it won't gather game objects if it's not enabled upon map start. However, once in game you can disable and re-enable it at your leisure.

      The framesaver options will work regardless, you can tweak them as you please and it should change everything while in raid or not. Toggling the framesaver enabler can help toggle and change the settings if it's being stubborn to changing by itself automatically.

      No need for a game restart.

  • lmao makes it playable on a doo doo butt laptop with an 11th Gen i5 and Nvidia MX450 in it. found out it breaks all physics the hard way but it's manageable. I work a job where I have hours of downtime so it's either drop the money on a laptop or figure out a way to crush the graphical fidelity. anyway good mod 10/10

    • If you're using the ragdoll changes, that's what breaks all the physics. I'm looking into an update.

  • no ragdoll mode works a little too well, everything has no physics, things like magazines and grenades you throw are stuck in the air, just a warning :p

    • Haha, yeah the patch removes hardbody physics. I guess I shouldn't be surprised it does magazines and grenades to... Mhmm. My bad. The settings are rather experimental x)

  • Thank you for insulting me in the installation description I really needed that :kekw:

    • You're welcome! :kekw:

  • Hi, which setting is responsible for disabling ragdolls? I want ragdolls but happy with the other framesaving options.

    • It has the word 'Ragdoll' in the setting in the F12 menu.

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    • Oh, I see why I didn't see it. I was on 1.0.8 instead of .9. All good, ty!

    • Haha yeah, 1.0.8 was an accidentally bugged release. killme

  • Hey, im wondering does this mod conflict with other mods? if yes/no where should i put this mod in the load order?

    • It's a client mod, it doesn't go into server mods. There's no load order for it.

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  • Thank you for your efforts. Some of the new features are fun, I will definitely test them :D

    • Potato mode is genuinely quite a vibe.