I need to 'downgrade' my EFT to use SPT, how do i do that?

PLEASE consider using the automatic installer we made, it will do the below for you, it can be found here.


How to use the downgrader in a few short, simple steps:

Follow these steps once you have the downgrader downloaded as well as the current version of SPT.

0.) Run an integrity check on your Live EFT game from the EFTs launcher. Some files, such as level177, may be missing in the Live game and they would not affect your live gameplay. This is NOT the case for downgrading your client. Missing such files could potentially prevent a successful downgrade.

1.) Copy your Live EFT Folders contents into a new folder (where you are going to keep SP EFT e.g. C:\SPT).

2.) Extract the downgrader's files (with 7zip, NOT WinRAR, it causes problems) into the folder (where you are going to have SP EFT) and run downgrader.exe.

2.5.) Make sure the `downgrader.exe` keeps running until it is complete. It should let you know.

3.) Once that process is complete, extract all of SPT files that had been downloaded into the folder (where SP EFT is located).

4.) Run Server.exe and Launcher.exe

Downgrader link: SPT Patcher

Make sure to verify that the client you own is compatible first

Requirement: Windows .NET 6.0 download here