I have SPT installed and want to update to a newer version, how do I do that?

Each release of SPT has release notes and an `upgrading` sub-section that details how to update to it from the previous version

If you're 100% confident the newer version of SPT was made for the same version of EFT as your current SPT install, you can download using the below 'releases' link and extract into your existing SPT folder, overwriting all files

It is generally safer to install a newer version of SPT separately and then copy your existing profiles to the new install. Details can be found in the release notes under the heading 'Migrating existing profiles''

The installer does not have an 'upgrade' ability because of the issues detailed above. It can only install 'fresh' when used

Refer to the FAQ question: https://hub.sp-tarkov.com/faq-…/36-how-do-i-install-spt/

Release notes and SPT zip download can be found here: https://dev.sp-tarkov.com/SPT/Stable-releases/releases