Where can i download mods for SPT from ? and how do i install them?

1) Download mods from the hub here

2) Mods come in zip files, you will need to extract the mods contents into the SPT mod folder using a tool like 7zip

3) Mods can be SERVER mods or CLIENT mods, see below for the steps to install them

Server mods

Extract the contents of the mod into its own folder at this location: SPT folder/user/mods/

If the 'mods' folder doesn't exist, create it

Client Mods

Extract the contents into the following folder: SPT/BepInEx/plugins/

Client mods contain .dll files.

Unless specified by the mod authors, all mods are installed as described above.

How do I know I installed them correctly and they're working?

Server mods will show they've loaded in the server console when you start it.

Client mods usually have an entry in the f12 menu (in-game). Alternatively, the BepInEx loader log will have an entry saying it loaded the plugin (can be found at BepInEx/LogOutput.log)