My performance in game is awful! what can I do?

Faster graphics cards have little effect on game performance, Tarkov is heavily CPU limited, Adjusting graphics settings also has little effect

  • Enable 'RAM cleaning' in the game options + regularly press escape in-game (event for just a second) to run ram-cleaning
  • Use mods that disable far away AI, e.g. `AI Limit`
  • Use mods that disable grass/clutter e.g. `GRASSCUTTER` and `DE-CLUTTERER`
  • Close programs like Discord and web browsers while playing
  • Spawn fewer bots (set bot amount to low)
  • Avoid large maps like Streets or Lighthouse
  • Disable AI mods that improve AI (e.g. SAIN)
  • Check if your CPU/Graphics card is overheating and stop it
  • See if you can enable XMP for your computer memory
  • Look into overclocking your hardware
    • Research negative voltage offsets / curve optimizations if your hardware supports it
  • Buy and install more RAM
  • Buy and install a faster CPU