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  • Version 1.7.2

    1.7.2 [19.11.23 20:00 GMT] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.3

    Just a little one, nothing to look at >_>

    Added user Submitted preset: Yansen's Personal Overhaul by well... Yansen.
    Also updated Oraceon's and Vampucio's Preset to latest one uploaded on their links.
    Fair and Balanced Preset for SVM


    Individual item property changer field checker

    Default sizes of Keycard holder and Injector (Also updated those values in SVM Default, Yansen preset and in my one as well)

    Size of preset field on English localization

  • Version 1.7.1

    1.7.1 [03.11.23 14:00 GMT] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.1
    1.7.1H1 [03.11.23 15:12 GMT] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.1
    Minor UI hotfix for custom fields, feel free to ignore if you are accustomed how it works

    That's quite the ride with fixes.

    NEW PRESETS ARE RECOMMENDED, but not mandatory, you can just save-load yours and adjust new fields to your likings.


    New field in Raids section - Wave multiplier - this was in plans for ages, allows you to edit AI amount multiplier in Pre-raid options

    New field in Player section - Character XP per action - currently it's not much, but it allows to edit amount of XP given per PMC and SCAV, and their Headshot bonus, I plan to add at least 4 more fields to this box in the next update.

    Added Streets coop extract into extractions settings - that was missed in 3.7.0

    Added Oraceon's Preset into main once again, for all the info you can check here:
    Fair and Balanced Preset for SVM

    Added User Vampucio's submitted preset.
    UPD: He has own page with that preset now, probably updated as well, check it out


    Resized preset name field - Come on Oraceon, couldn't you make it a little bit smaller? :D
    Turns out I only did that on Russian Localization, smh.

    Checks for Quotes and commas in GFVE - there was a check before, but it did quite the opposite as it does right now, I removed it and forgot to add an alternative, one of biggest causes of issues on the previous update

    Moved Post-Raid XP multipliers from Raids section to Player section - because it's more XP related than raid really.

    Ammo stacks backend were rewritten - it is more comprehensible and generally less junk, so if any Modder wants to include their ammo - I'll be happy to provide.

    Daily/Weekly/Scav Elimination quests now include more fields, that is separated by a range of levels, to accomodate with that - New fields with Minimum/Maximum required kill for each quest type.

    Refreshed and rewrote Event `All bosses in Customs` by user 'At0m1cDust', It will mostly follow `Bosses & Rogues Wander` spawn points.


    AI to PMC Converter: Sniper scavs were defined differently. Fixed

    `Cultists everywhere` were bugged due to case sensitivity. Fixed

    Russian locale got one of options (`OP Armor repair`) dislocated in GFVE, ending up unable to access. Fixed

    Fixed the wrong boolean value in `Disable random placement of containers` in loot section

    Fixed visual field related to USEC/BEAR ratio

    Fixed and added compare checks for Airdrops and Quests values

    Added missing Russian translation of changelog

    Updated Quests fields to be on par with default AKI, that was partially missed in 1.7.0

    Lack of notes in my Preset - I swear they were there.

    [H1] Custom field check was pointing to wrong localization message, fixed.

    1.7.0 was quite lively update, thanks for everyone reporting issues, hopefully this one will be less messy.

  • Version 1.7.0

    1.7.0 [15.10 22:40 GMT+3] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.1
    1.7.0H2 [16.10 1:30 GMT+3]
    1.7.0H3 [16.10 2:41 GMT+3]
    1.7.0H3Reupload [16.10 4:05 GMT+ 3] Windows flagged as virus, false-positive due to assembly error Wrong timestamp, .7z doesn't have timezone data, if you have the issue, there is drive link in comments, problem will autoresolve itself in 6 hours.

    Promised in week, here ya have it you seagulls, don't blame me for bugs now >;c


    Scav Daily quest in Quests section

    New fields in Airdrop and loot section - Remove randomized container placement and adjustable weapon boxes in airdrop crates

    New fields in Fleamarket - Added event related offers

    New options to Case Space Manager - Custom pockets can have up to 5 special slots + You can edit filter to allow single cell cases you'd like.

    New boss was added to Boss spawn chance section.

    New examples for Individual Item property field - related to stash settings

    [H3] Added new checks to avoid one of repair fields due to a difference between 3.7.0 and 3.7.1

    Bots loadouts were reworked into new section - PMC - Generational and chance fields were removed, new options were added to accommodate losses, caused by a different approach of items distribution among AI types.

    QoL to Custom boxes such as Flea/Fence blackmarket, Usec/Bear names and Individual Item Property Changer - you can discard follow JSON syntax - aka no more quotes and commas

    Midcore was moved to Experimental caused by an issue related to insurance

    Repair fields were moved to Insurance, eventually merging Insurance and Repair together + Repair price multiplier was reworked to `Repair price markup`, due to visual bug that doesn't show the price being modified.

    Server Launcher delay was increased to 5 seconds to avoid launcher not running the game.

    Loot dynamic containers limits were increased to 40x, due to AKI default values

    Fleamarket blacklist behaves differently now

    Individual item property example had a wrong ID for EOD stash on English locale - wasn't a thing in Russian one, that's why i haven't noticed for so long.

    Bots section and Fleamarket fields were updated to work with 3.7.0 and above - duh

    [H1]My preset Fence's Blackmarket wasn't updated.

    [H1] Individual property field name was wrong due to GFVE recent internal reworks - fixed.

    [H2] Fixed repair causing null in intellect causing profile corruption

    [H3] Removed debug loggers from repair
    Plane height from Airdrop section

    Settings for Rogues/Raiders/SCAV from bots loadouts section, for the reason mentioned above.

    Still haven't released/Planned:

    Settings suggested by alimoncul related to Kill experience and Armor stats.

    Wave amount multipliers.

    Additional presets made by Oraceon and Fire Hawk (Feel free to contact me if you want to have YOUR preset in 1.7.1

    Maybe something else that I forgot to add

    There will be more stuff coming up in next week or two, I need to compensate the lack of features for the skipped month.

  • Version 1.6.6

    1.6.6 [07.08 23:00 GMT] FOR AKI 3.6.0-3.6.1

    Totally didn't took me a week to do all the little things


    2 new events - All bosses on Customs and Goons on factory

    Included Oraceon's Balanced Preset into main build - It is not properly updated with recent functions 1.6.5 and 1.6.6 brings, but it should be completely functional
    For the preset info you can look here:
    Fair and Balanced Preset for SVM


    With the release of Goons on factory - I added fields to adjust Goons and Killa spawn chance on factory - for a lil' element of surprise


    Fixed the possible amount of fresh points

    Fixed Minimum/Maximum values checks on airdrops

    Fixed max bot cap for factory

    Removed unused lines related to minimum durability of a gear to be sold to traders

    Removed duplicate line related to Midcore

    Changed couple of values to match vanilla AKI (Not like i'm not doing that every version anyway)

    Added a check to avoid Softcore/Safe Exit being triggered by SCAV runs

  • Version 1.6.5

    1.6.5 [30.06 17:00 GMT] FOR AKI 3.5.8+

    Finally, a proper update!

    Added a button to override usual numerical limits

    Added a function to experimental - Remove currency stock - Removes any trader offer in USD/EUR/RUB - Sorry, I forgot how exactly I implemented my own piece of code, therefore said a different thing in comments ;-;

    Added a function to turn off offline regen in hideout section

    Added 2nd Fence's stock, when you reach Crown Rank - he has a separate pool of assorts with different pricing. (BSG Design) Now you can manipulate that assort separately.

    Amount of sell offers - now you can set how many you want yourself, took me long enough.

    Added heat Factor multiplier in `Stash and Items` section, I haven't really play test it though, so be advised.


    Updated `load last preset function`, it will be more consistent for you - you wouldn't need to load presets to make it active, any written preset in the field will do.

    Added new checks for custom fields, like Custom properties one and bot names, mostly for quotes for now, maybe I'll make it advanced later on.


    Events > Glukhar in labs works now

    Trader Stock time was selecting a different value, fixed.

    `Stash and items` section had a typo `Stash and item`, fixed - Was completely unplayable because of that, finally fixed.

    Flea and Fence blackmarket was referring to newer fields - I haven't tested them much, if you have experience - I've marked the blacklist from traders.json>fence blacklist and items.json, which both contain blacklists.

    Known Issues:

    Insurance storage time seems to be not working according to Armanello - they are marked blue now.

    NEW PRESETS ARE RECOMMENDED - Although there were no drastic changes in bots loadouds - AKI's defaults boss spawn chances have changed, most of them increased by 10-25%

    Also Including virus total checks for resources.dll and GFVE.exe, I don't think I can put both links into header of the mod, plus they are changing version by version, obviously.

  • Version 1.6.4

    1.6.4 [17.05 16:35 GMT] FOR AKI 3.5.6+
    Not really much of a list eh? ;-;


    Added Lighthouse coop extract - that was missed in previous releases


    Repair system got a temporary fix by utilizing different mechanic

    Changed extended raid option, now you can select how much extra minutes you want - not ideal solution, but that was requested after all.


    Tooltips will not vanish after you switch the language

  • Version 1.6.3

    1.6.3H2 [31.03 9AM CET] FOR AKI 3.5.4


    I feel soooo laaaazzyyyyy, also new PoE league is about to release, bye-bye updates ;-;
    Tell me about smooth releases
    Honestly, this release is a mess


    Fleamarket offer condition is back - With separated section and 7 different types of items.

    Expanded Airdrops section - Yes, I fixed that num error, you impatient >:C

    Added a menu button to open preset folder - What? I like convenience

    Added Ko-Fi donation link in links

    Added `Save quest items after death` function in Raids section


    Increased the limits in CSM section to 30 both vertically and horizontally - people with ultrawide and 4k - rejoice, you can have one hell of a big case.

    Increased the time between Server and Client launch, in hopes that it will fix the loading issue - Unlikely though, I have no idea how to fix it.

    Updated AI fields and boss spawn chances to fit vanilla 3.5.4 values.


    [H2] Removed old lines related to conditions (Sorry chomp ;-;)

    [H2] Fixed wrong value types being written in condition - causing durability either to go 100% or minimum possible, nothing in between.

    [H1] Fixed the field related to max bot cap to Streets

    [H1] Fixed (I hope) The windows flag, I assume the issue was with assembly cache, or something, i wish i knew - i just reassembled the project and it doesn't flag anymore

    Car extraction timer is fixed - Thanks JS syntax

    Cash Stacks doesn't go 500k and 5k but 500k and 50k

    Fixed the typo related to selling on fleamarket

    Still haven't released lazy arse: New Hideout options related to gym, Quest options and white/black lists, a new option to overcome usual numerical limits.

    NEW PROFILE IS RECOMMENDED - new fields and changed values since 3.5.2

  • Version 1.6.2

    1.6.2 FOR AKI 3.5.0-3.5.3

    Mmmm...I'd like to leave some decent comment here, but didn't come up with one.


    New section - Extractions settings, gives little more variety on adjusting the exfiltration points.

    Midcore function - There is new AKI implementation/config on saving gear on death, this is an experimental (although fully stable and functional) addition, that will save your gear except rig and backpack.

    Bots loadout override - ok, that's quite complicated to explain, AKI made a really cool stuff I haven't prepared for - there is additional fields related to both USEC and
    BEAR with own values and gear as long as bots are under lvl 15. This `override` option will allow to override such values so whatever the level - the gear from bots loadouts will load From Bots loadouts fields as intended.

    Added a bigger array of banned keys inside `all the keys` function inside bots loadouts - to avoid testing keys that was left behind by BSG. [Thanks to BeDaLek from EmuRC for collecting those for me]


    Not really a rework but rather set current AKI values as default regarding spawn chances, bot limits, gear chances and so on.

    Kinda refactored how events and debug AI functions handled - to avoid repetitive code usage.

    Fence offers will remove additional offers that is caused by standing - it's quite ineffective to have 2 separated fields on that regard.

    Now Cash stacks will work close as BSG ones - You'll setting a Rubles stack in settings, and it will divide it by 100 to make USD/EUR stacks, don't ask me why it wasn't done sooner. I was lazy ok?

    Spawn chances related to Goons, Raiders and Glukhar - I am as much dissapointed on myself as you are, took me 3 versions, smh.

    Returned Time acceleration back - accidentally got deleted with weather section.

    Fixed a UI Nuisance related to friendly fire field - thanks TinyTeeth

    Added a limit on amount of cash stacks, because there were big brains moments where certain people setting those to 1 and couldn't even trade with message that is stash is too small.


    Scavs have exits in labs now, unknown what was the cause or how it fixed, but praise Aki lads!

    Pre-raid settings seems to save properly now, no extra actions required - HOWEVER, when you open the settings section it will still drop to EFT default.

    Item condition on Fleamarket - yes, that's a big deal which will require reworking, it was split into multiple values that I wasn't ready to implement yet.
    Sorry in advance, expect that in new version.

    Useless logger that I forgot to remove after debugging.

    New presets are recommended, since AKI have changed internal values, so is SVM.
    I hope this release will go bug-free, but I'm sure cannot promise that.

  • Version 1.6.1

    1.6.1 FOR AKI 3.5.0
    Thanks for Beta test Sorry for the bugs ;-;
    Even took me one more day than expected to fix them


    New additions to scav section, base car extract gain and it's multiplier for each subsequent extract.

    New fields in bots section, boss chances can be set separately per location if they have multiple maps where they can spawn


    Changed the message related missing loader...Because seems like it's not a common sense to create one.


    Mostly fixes, whole Experimental section is fixed, the issue was not actually barters but ballistic coeffecient was working while that section was enabled and was throwing NaN due to my stupidity.
    Everything else in that section was also being set to it's places, so no more black shutters.

    Hideout Construction/Production won't bug anymore with weird values if you set minimum multiplier, fixed and double checked.

    Added a checker to avoid enabling both friendly and hostile scav

    Fixed streets of Tarkov `all sides extracts` to actually include all extracts.

    Terminal flaws and half of Next version features still persists in TODO list.


    Although it will load just fine, some values related to bots and scav might be misplaced.

  • Version 1.6.0

    1.6.0 For AKI 3.5.0
    Change list is quite big, I may miss something.
    I need to take a break for a day after so much changes.


    Scav Section with couple requested features, moved scav timer in to it.
    New fields related to Streets and Lighthouse - Zryachiy in boss chances, airdrops and loot for streets
    Armor durability for AI
    Couple of new tooltips
    Some couple of functions in experimental section.
    Additional checks related to preset name
    Adjustments for amount of items in airdrop crate
    Added one of the tester's preset into main build
    New links to the mod's webpage and EFT wiki related to skills and hideout

    Visuals of tooltips
    Custom properties can go as deep as 10 fields, so you can possibly adjust any filter inside database.
    Visuals of numeric boxes, they are now aligned to center
    Certain fields that were related to time were changed to minutes instead of seconds.

    Spreadsheet is no longer maintained, I'll ditch it due to no practical use of it and complexity to update it for every value every update.
    Rating in fleamarket section - no player use of it
    Ereshkigal's License - 3 reasons:
    1st - Ereshkigal is no longer maintaining own mods or exist in the project AKI.
    2nd - The license itself has outdated and refers to old AKI contacts (such as guilded)
    3rd - the initial piece that was base for SVM was heavily overwritten over the course of changes for the almost 2 years, Eresh will still be included in credits to the end of cycle of this program.
    Currently SVM will hold same license as GFVE did, CC BY-NC-ND. (although I probably need to add more legal notices here and there, idk, bureaucracy ain't my forte)

    Added missing compare checks in GFVE - Stims, Drugs.
    Fixed the mis-location of boss chances in the code into a proper place.
    Couple of fixes related to transition from 3.4.0 to 3.5.0, Barter limits, Durability, etc.
    Adjusted current values from DB to default GFVE values
    Made an exception for saferoom exit in Interchange so it won't be affected by extracts modifiers.
    Fixed exits related to exfil with scavs.
    Fixed preset notes wasn't saving.
    Fixed Fence refusing to sell preset guns.

    Using Softcore or safe exit won't make your cases dissapear, I haven't done anything, seems like the issue was on AKI side.

    Will be released next version:

    White/Black list for the quests, I just didn't have time to work with that, maybe next week with hotfixes that will most likely appear by that time.
    As usual, more tooltips, more text clarifications

    Split boss chances between locations, because killa and glukhar now spawns in streets.
    Split boss hostility/friendliness into different buttons later in scav section, along with other changes people will suggest to add there.

    Production related to Gym

    If you try to run scav on lab - you'll end up with no exits and no AI, the issue is above my scope, await the fix from AKI. (it works fine on 3.4.1 though)
    Tooltips will dissapear if you change language in GFVE more than 2 times, I haven't managed to fix that. Restart application to fix.


  • 1.7.1-1.7.2 THREAD

    Report your issues, critique and feedback by replying to this post - you know the drill, ain't the first time eh lads?
    As usual - I'll be monitoring for critical errors and flaws next 48 hours.

    This is most likely the last update for this year. Why you may ask?
    1) Winter is coming, there is a chance that I may end up being in blackout for most of the times, thanks to a lil' hostile neighbor.
    2) I am slowly running into limits with current UI, I am planning to switch for less compatibility (WinForms was a good idea until I added more than 500 fields into it) but with more features. Not sure it happens right away
    3) I'll start learning on how to use Bepinex for making an extension to SVM, certain pesky things can't be done via Server only.
    4) I wanna play other games ya know? Maybe even Tarkov, I got myself a proper GPU to run it with more than 30 fps ;-;
    Worry not tho, this will not affect ports to newer AKI versions or hotfixes if required, just the content updates.

    I am planning to expand certain fields in next release, mostly - Events section, this one requires quite a lot of attention, given the `variety` BSG generated for recent years.

    IF BY FUCKING CHANCE WINDOWS WILL FLAG IT AS A VIRUS, I'LL SEND ARCHLINUX DISTRO USB-DRIVE DIRECTLY TO MICROSOFT OFFICE! I had to finish certain stuff today, therefore I've changed the PC timedate to one day behind.

    Heart 2
    • Did you reapplied your preset?
      I don't see any possible case it would throw an error like this except you are trying to run the old loader.json

    • NVM, I fixed my issue. Thank you again for a wonderful mod. Your mod should be considered essential, at this point. So much thanks!

      Thumbs Up 1
    • there is my preset? what an honor :P

      Happy 1
    • One of string fields has wrong syntax

      This can happen to Quest section >Types fields.

      Applying is canceled, fix this line and try again:








      can everyone help me?

    • Huh, that should lead to a different message, that's my bad.
      But I won't help ya fixing that tho, you'll have to redownload the hotfix, it will tell you what you did wrong. You'll be my guinea pig

  • Hi Ghost,

    Firstly, thanks for the mod it's awesome.

    I am having an issue with bots and bosses spawning. Next to none are now appearing in game. Can't seem to find PMCs either.

    I have no additional mods, this is the only one I need.

    Any help would be awesome.

    • Very little info, what mod version, what AKI version, what kind of settings you have?

    • SPT VERSION SPT-3.7.3-26535

      MOD VERSION 1.7.2

      settings for scavs are same for all maps - 10 spawns per zone, 32 limits per location

      haven't touched boss parameters as they started quite frequent with default settings

      pmc settings all default as well

    • Try to disable Bots, PMC and raid settings and make a raid, I'd like to know if that error happens without SVM as well, look at server terminal and check client console (`) for errors, be sure you have difficulty `As Online`.
      Otherwise, I don't think any values should cause issues like that, albeit I can recommend setting up Limits and SPZ to their default values, I haven't tested their behavior on recent versions of AKI.

  • I cannot be certain if SVM is the cause, but it seems likely, I just need to ascertain if anyone else has had a similar issue, utilising a modified version of Oraceon's Fair and Balanced preset, however, the issue is related to skills and XP, which I did not modify; after gaining even a modicum amount of XP, certain skills instantly jump to max level. Resetting the skills with the Profile Editor has no effect.

    Another mod could be causing this issue, but I am just posting this to troubleshoot, to see if anyone else has had the same issue whilst I check elsewhere.

    • Well, default XP gain multiplier in AKI is 0.4, Oraceon's preset v1.5.4 that is included in latest release has 3.0, plus increased the XP gain if you reached skill fatigue, therefore, effectively you're leveling 8 times as fast comparing to vanilla AKI.

    • 8 times, yes. But Going from level 15 Endurance to Level 51 after a bit of running? That seems a bit suspect.

      I should also add that I recently reinstalled SPT as well as downloaded all the mods I was using fresh, after encountering a rather bizarre issue that I'm still not sure is completely fixed, but that's not relevant here.

      Point is, I transferred my profile seemingly okay, but only now do I encounter this more benign issue of skills levelling to max with only a few inputs of XP.

      This is the only mod I have that I can think of that affects skill-point gain, so it's the primary suspect, but ultimately I'm checking the other mods to see if similar issues are mentioned.

      EDIT: After a bit of testing, I haven't nailed the culprit, but I have a suspect; it's possible anything that's a 'stimulant', including energy drinks, may be causing a massive permanent boost to skills they affect. I can't test further at the moment, but I'll let you know if this is what's happening, and then figure out what's actually causing it, because if it is the stimulants, it's not SVM's fault.

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  • Hello, was just curious about how the bots to pmc bots converter works, if the scav value is lower will it make more pmcs spawn?

    • The opposite.
      This is % converter, there will be a chance that's next SCAV spawn will be converted to PMC. If you select 0% there will be no SCAV converts to PMC.

  • I made hideout crafting time changes made a preset and applied. I get the preset loaded properly but it doesnt work the crafting times are still 12 hours etc

    • If those crafts were already in progress, they won't get an effect until you restart them.
      I can only recommend to reread the tooltips there, otherwise - there might be a mod that causes incompatibility, or a user issue.

  • Hi, Do you know where the meme PMCs (i.e. ThurmanMurman) are coming from? I'm not sure if it is part of base AKI, your mod, or another mod i am using (SAIN, looting bots, better keys, item info). I couldnt find any settings in SVM or any information about them anywhere, really. I would like to remove them because they do not seem to be affected by SAIN.

    • All the names SVM adds is inside PMC section, be wary that certain name pool exist within AKI by default, so I can't be sure which one you're talking about.

  • Hello, maybe someone already asked or suggested something, but I looked at the comments a little and didn’t find it, I had a proposal to add a line about increasing prices for goods from traders if this is feasible, and if not, then please tell me how Can you lift them yourself? Thank you in advance :):):)

  • Any way to exclude Labs Key Card from Remove Key Usage Limits?

    • Yes but actually no.
      No you cannot do that via UI
      However you can edit SVM.js to do that.
      At line 1350 in IF structure you need to remove this:

      || base._parent == "5c164d2286f774194c5e69fa"

      That will make filter non-functional for any keycard type keys.

    • Ah gotcha, thanks a bunch

  • Fantastic mod - thanks for all your hard work.

    I have a feature request - multiply the amount of items crafted in the hideout.

    A simple option to increase crafting output by let's say 100% (so for example Vodka from 10 to 20). Of course, it would have to round up to avoid decimal values.

    Thinking 1
  • Hello - I wanted to know if you know what the problem is, I mean, on 3.7.0 I went into a raid - there is a moment when the game freezes either when examining a box or when searching a corpse. And yes, at the exit, or rather, it already came out when there should be a splash screen “Raid Over” - then the game thinks for a long time. There is no such thing on 3.5.8. before this menu "Raid Over" https://ibb.co/JxpJf06 -- Installed mods - DewardianDev-MOAR, SWAG, NormalisedBots, Solarint-SAIN-ServerMod, DrakiaXYZ-Waypoints, ServerValueModifier, PreyToLive-AllOpenZones, PreyToLive-BetterSpawnsPlus, Kiki-AllTheBoss

    • Not aware of this one, unlikely any kind of SVM feature could cause that.
      Look for client logs, there might be a reason those freezes occurs.

  • SVM is part of my soul at this point :) . Thank you for everything you do GhostFenixx <3

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  • Is there a way to disable raid start up setting without disabling the entire raid option? I have SAIN running and wouldn't want the bot difficulty and bot amount section to mess up SAIN

    • SVM will not cause issues with SAIN since they are working on different levels. Raids options you see in GFVE Raids options are just default values for pre-raid options you can see and edit in game, they only change that and nothing else.

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    • Got it

  • Hey so I just have a question regarding the "Bosses , raiders and cultists spawn chances" section in SVM.
    I've been messing around with the spawn rates of the bosses alot and have recently for testing decided to put bosses like reshala or tagilla on 100% but it doesnt appear to be working . Im changing the values , saving the preset and applying them , restarting them game and everything in between but nothing affecting the spawn rates of the bosses seems to be working at all.
    Additionally in "Raid options" the events tab options dont seem to apply or work either . killa in factory or goons in factory jus dont work whatsoever for both me and my friend who tried to do it too . I'm jus wondering are they thing that Just no longer work with no workaround/Bug? Or am i doing something wrong here ? Everything else works great but i just wanted to ask about this as its been confusing me the last day or two. Cheers :))

    • Other mods, if it doesn't work, that means you have other mods that overrides default spawn system, such as SWAG + Donuts

    • I do indeed have that mod with sain aswell i didnt realise it impacted that , got it.
      SVM is a super useful mod and fun to mess around with , keep it up and thanks for the reply <3

  • This question isn't regarding an issue with SVM but rather something that SVM might be affecting.

    I have this bug after working out where I have the "Severe Muscle Pain" debuff, with text that SAYS "less than a day left" and yet I'm on day 3 and it's still there. Not just a visual bug as I've seen some people say it is, as I still don't get any more xp from more workouts (just tested this now, so three days between workouts and still 0 XP gain).

    Given that I'm seeing posts about this bug going back to almost a year ago, I would believe that this bug is just Tarkov itself being dumb and it bugged me out of ever using the Gym again. However, I wanted to ask if any of the SVM modifiers might be affecting it? I didn't see anything that directly stated it affected debuffs such as the "Severe Muscle Pain", but I'm wondering if the stat modifiers I changed in order to level skills faster might be the reason this debuff isn't going away.

    • Hmm, unlikely.
      Debuffs are stored in globals, I only touch general multipliers that affects skills, but not effects like that.

  • Default values for Injector Case and Keycard Holder Case should be 3x3 not 4x4.

    • Huh, didn't knew there were a silent nerf to those. Turns out it was done on same wipe it was released, whoops.

      Thanks, will fix in next update.

  • Hello, the "disable flee market blacklist" option for me isnt working. I tried reloading my preset multiple times and tried reinstalling the mod. Any ideas on what i could be doing wrong? thanks.

    • Not every item is possible to show up even with BSG blacklist off.

    • For me neither, tried to look up for FAST MT, MK-18 .338 lapua, Air Frame, .300 BLK AP, M993 and Physical bitcoins and all of them are blocked

    • image.png?ex=65668f8d&is=65541a8d&hm=714eb51c5a936917f3ea6069d035ec1e27968ac3ae5af19fe3b7a1d4035dd7c7&=&width=1440&height=257
      image.png?ex=65668ffc&is=65541afc&hm=59c30049a98c758ce6abee622a791036113df76512db7590bc56399837bfa151&=&width=1440&height=373Can't reproduce, checked every item you've listed.
      SPT-AKI 3.7.1, SVM 1.7.1.
      Mind both of you, effect might not take in action until it will refresh offers, which is around a real life hour.

  • Good afternoon, is it possible to stop the time at a certain hour? 00:00 12:00 for example

    • You can stop time acceleration, that will effectively lock the time, but I give no guarantee you'll exactly get 0:00/12:00 split there.
      Otherwise - there is no such option.

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  • Привет, автор мода, подскажи, пожалуйста по моему вопросу: во вкладке ЧВК в разделе Шанс в % в поле Шанс того, что ЧВК из одной стороны откроют огонь стоит 100. Это означает 100 процентный шанс того, что наемник из USEC откроет огонь в другого чвк из фракции USEC? У меня в этом поле стоит значение 100 и я не первый раз встречаю, что убиваю одного юсека, практически сразу же из той же позиции стреляет в меня другой usec, у меня предположение, что ЧВК могут быть в группе( то есть дружелюбны друг к другу) или я не прав?

    Я хочу, чтобы все чвк друг в друга стреляли, какое значение в поле, описанном выше, должно стоять?

    • Это влияет только на тебя, этот параметр влияет на шанс того что чвк такой же фракции что и ты не будет по тебе стрелять. По умолчанию чвк одной фракции не стреляет по той же фракции, и это изменить нельзя.

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  • Everytime I try to turn off PMC spawns by turning all the "Bots to PMC Bots Converter in %" values to 0 it doesn't work. Am I doing it wrong or am I missing something? Thanks

    • Nevermind it worked, thanks for the cool mod

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  • Hi. First off, this mod makes SPT so much more fun, and I appreciate everything you've done with it.

    I've only one quick question, and it's probably (definitely) something I did wrong. On airdrops, the plane is disappearing. Flying overhead, then poof. Is there a setting that can "overload" the dropped crate, causing the plane to disappear? Are there "safe" parameters for the airdrops?

    Again, this is a great and fun mod, and the only reason I boot up Tarkov anymore. Thanks again!

    • That's a second report I hear about airdrops disappear, but I couldn't replicate it.
      Do you have any other mods? Errors in server terminal or Client terminal (`)?

    • Sorry for the response delay. Real-life intervened, and I wanted to do a couple more checks to give you better information.

      Only other mod I have is Realistic Thermals.

      No errors that I can see in the server terminal or client terminal. The moment it disappears, the window says the following:

      [Client Request] /client/location/getAirdropLoot

      Then it vanishes. If you need me to get logs or something to you, let me know. I appreciate the help.

    • That's weird, are you sure they dissapear? the `object` cannot really get deleted from the game without any cause, maybe it's some sort of LoD or range loading issue, idk.
      Pack client logs, traces.log to be exact, to any file dumpster you can, like gdrive, i'll take a look.

    • You forgot to set it to public access.

  • Hello, i was wondering if there's a way to use this mod on a remote server, let me explain.

    I actually own 2 computers, the server is a linux without gui and my main computer (the client).

    I was wondering if i could by someway connect it to the server and use it.

    Thanks in advance :) .

    • I mean, why?
      1)There is no point running AKI server on remote PC, it has minimum effect on performance
      Because most loads in raids for example are handled by your Client. It would only draw unnecessary latency for loading traders/flea.

      2) You can set up SVM on Linux environment, you just have to create loader.json on your windows side, and throw it in SVM on your Linux side.

  • is it possible to add a section added to the "traders" portion that allows the player to edit how the traders "level" their shop? It would be cool to be able to turn off / change the "requirements" like rep, level, and money spent. <3 thank you for making the mod :)

  • Quick question: how does "reward spread" in the "quest" section work? Is it something like this: "reward" x "reward spread" = "quest reward"? Thanks!

    • I haven't really checked, but most likely it behaves like this:
      Base Reward Amount * (Range from 0 up to Reward Spread) = Quest reward

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    • Does this apply to every reward type:

      • Experience
      • Roubles
      • Items
      • Rep

      Or does it only apply to some?

  • Apologies, I know it has been discussed already, but I am a bit confused. Is the random container setting broken? I have the loot section enabled (changed loot values), but I have not touched the setting "disable random placement of containers". It is unticked. Do I have to enable/disable it so it works as intended? I want to keep random loot containers. Thanks!

    • On newest release, it should not, just keep it unticked and it will behave as default AKI setting on that regard.

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  • gonna try this out, seems like its exactly what I need. Thanks for the hard work!

  • Hi. I have found out recently problems with loot multiplier. Loot in containers works ok(only multiplier has started to double items), but it seems that dynamic loot does not work properly. I cannot find any loot, only a few items, looks like default SPT. Could you help me please? I have never had any issues with it, and I always use same mods. Thank you.

    • Look for values server terminal says how much dynamic loot was spawned, crank more if required. I really can't help here except saying that this is subjective and the multiplier can be increased up to 40

  • Hey, some setting apparently breaks insurance? I'm using fair and balanced present, in which I can insure items like keys and modded items inside my secured container? Here's an image https://imgur.com/a/iSCGuMx (And everything works fine on a default SVM preset)

    • That's most likely caused by `Remove "can't be dropped in raid" tag`, which is more of a side-effect rather something actually `breaks`, because you could possibly throw that item away, therefore - you can insure it.
      Can't be fixed though, it would be against game logic.

    • Got it, and it did the trick, farewell and thanks lot!

  • Code
    Good evening, tell me why there is no check mark when removing taiga and other knives from PMCs, what was found in the raid, how can this be fixed?
    Thank you in advance
    • Сам же ответил на свой вопрос, если ты достаешь нож из ЧВК, то он не будет считатся найденым в рейде, в лайве как бы то же когда берешь снаряжение игроков - оно не будет считатся в рейде.
      Фиксится - никак.

    • Спасибо, принял

  • Feature request: Change the % rate that weapons degrade over time.

    Use case: I play softcore and don't lose my weapons when I die but I would like the ability to make them degrade much more quickly so I still have to keep finding and replacing my gear more often over time.

    Wonderful work on this, thank you so much!

    Thinking 1
  • Hey ! Is this mod fully compatible with the classic mix SAIN / SWAG / Brain / Waypoints ? All are 3.7.1 too atm.

    Both seems to interact with AI waves (SWAG + some preset here) ?

    Interested to use it with the Fair and Balanced preset.