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    I've tried a full reinstall 2-3 different times so far. I've attempted to reinstall the different programs required and found I was missing the 4.7.2 so I downloaded that. 3.5 supposedly on my PC as per my buddy that confirmed that when we reset my entire PC. I completely removed all of official tarkov files and reinstalled that along with SP Tarkov folder once done with the real one.

    Hope it works.

    Have you reinstalled the BSG launcher aswell? Also try removing the user folder from SPT see if it'll work

    Lua's CPSR

    Smart Spawn Controller

    Fin's AI Tweaks

    Can you send me a link to the mods listed cause i cannot seem to find them, Thanks :)

    Those are the links. Those mods also affects some aspect of the game such as spawning, despawning, AI, and bot gear.

    But if you only want bosses then

    Kiki-AllTheBoss you can adjust the percentage in config files.You should propably adjust because its standart %100 so you wont be able to survive :P


    Hey, im not getting any boss spawns and i have had a fair few raids trying to look for them. anyone know anything i can do to increase the boss spawns. I have the KiKi-AllTheBoss2.2.3 to spawn all the bosses but that also doesnt seem to work. I will try removing it and looking for them again. :)

    Try to use spawn mods, like smartspawncontroller, fin's AI, or LUA's CP Reborn

    This is an issue I've experienced for a while, and I'm no longer sure if it's being caused by a mod or is an issue with default AKI. Whenever I enter a raid as a Player Scav, the first person model is different from the model shown in the main menu and in the entering raid loading screen. Attempting to view your third person model in the "Overview" tab of the player's inventory menu causes the model to fail to load, and for the player's menu to lockup and become stuck on that tab. Attempting to change tabs does nothing, as does exiting and reentering your inventory. You can force the tab to change to the "Inventory" tab by searching a container, but the rest of the tabs remain locked up and inaccessible. This behavior persists after the raid ends for both the Player PMC and the Player Scav, and affects the main menu version of the player's inventory/stash menu. Restarting the game resets this behavior.

    I've also noticed that whenever I open my inventory for the first time after entering a raid as a Player Scav, it always starts on the "Tasks" tab. Additionally, sometimes the first Player Scav I use after starting AKI isn't affected by this lockup bug, but this is very inconsistent and seems almost random.

    Have you tried running the game without mods, on a new profile to be sure?

    Is it possible that I'm missing .net programs? I installed all of them (I thought) but when I go under apps and search ".net" I only have 4.7.2 Pop up but when I try to install the other ones from the SP site, it kicks back with an error at the end of installing. I already redid the entire SP folder from scratch and still same results with no mods installed this time.

    Try going to Windows Features, see if you have 3.5, and 4.5

    This is the most broken patch they've released yet... good lord.

    Have you tried a full reinstall? In your case it most probably a bundle error, so you need a clean reinstall of your game to get the clean files.

    Doesn't make sense and mod maker says it was supposed to be configurable.

    Yup, it was supposed to be, maybe Alex just missed it, I just answered your question, sorry for the confusion ^^

    I'm getting +10 ergo, -6 vertical recoil, -16 horizontal recoil for every fore grip I select.

    Checked with other weapon modifications like sights and stocks. Only fore grips are affected.

    Tested this on a new account with only this mod installed.

    It's part of the mod

    If you look into the screenshot on the lower left corner you'll see that SPT server isn't loading, I suggest do a full reinstall of both BSG launcher, the game itself and then SPT.

    First, BSG Launcher wouldn't install the game because of some checksum error. Then I did the SP Tarkov folder at least 8 times and kept getting an error screen upon booting it up. Then I randomly try it today and it decides to work but has all these flaws. Now, you want me to uninstall both and reinstall them both. Why would that fix the problem?

    Because that will refresh both the files and the registry? Just try it I guess? Also you might want to reinstall the launcher as well