Titanium Silver [OUTDATED] 1.0.2

I made a very goofy bullet that's made from titanium silver.

Titanium Silver, what a fire name >:) For better experience, install SilverBullet. This round or bullet has some pretty op stats. I've locked it to Jaeger LL4 and max 50 stock. Anyways, here are the basic stats of this endgame or overkill round i guess.

Damage: 256

Penetration: 137

Accuracy: 95

Recoil: -40


  • Average .338 round tbf

  • Nice job.

    When there are some issues, you fix them. What is perfect from the beginning? :D

  • Oh, but this is a full texture bullet. This is nice bruh.

  • i made this mod while i was doing homework, so there's probably some issues