SPT-Aki Profile Editor 1.9

Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.

This tool let you edit your SPT-Aki profile easily. This let you edit everything you can find in your profile!

Program for editing player profile on the SPTarkov Server


  • Level, nickname, character voice
  • Switching between regular \ large pockets
  • Hideout building levels
  • Trader relationship levels
  • Quest statuses
  • Skill \ Mastering levels
  • Examined items
  • Removing \ adding items in stash (WIP), adding money
  • Import \ export \ removing weapon builds


  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Multilingual, with the ability to edit localization
  • Automatic backups every time you save your profile

This tool have been made by SkiTles55

Updated to SPT-Aki 1.0.0 by jbs4bmx

How to use it ?

* Extract the executable anywhere except in user/mods.

* Open the executable.

* Select your SPT-Aki Server folder

* Choose your account

* Validate

* Make the wanted edits

* Click the save button

  • Hi guys! I'm working on a new version 2.0, but I don't have much time to test the editor with the game. If someone wants to help me with this, and wants to make the editor better, write me a message

  • Hello there,

    After maximizing all traders in the editor. I log into the game and everything is unlocked. My issue though is after I trade items, or purchase an item from them. They reset back lvl 1 trader.

  • error

    the given key "the key" was not present in the dictonary

  • i am getting this error when trying to open the editor. it has worked recently

    19-01-2022 02:19:48: Error loading profile: JsonReaderException: Input string '0.8' is not a valid integer. Path 'characters.pmc.Inventory.items[322].upd.FoodDrink.HpPercent', line 5351, position 24.

    Any idea :)

    • create a copy of the profile (backup, in case you break the file)

      open profile in notepad++, in line 5351 find "HpPercen = 0.8" and change it to 1

      save and try

    • cool thanks i will try that. other than that i have had no issues with the mod so thanks for the work

      Edit it worked fine

  • cant add cash its whited out

    • It's probably because you have modded items in your stash

  • How do you add fuel to inventory for the Generator?

  • can u update a version for 16432,because if use it at 16432 profile,it will let the profile broken

  • idk what to do it keeps giving me this Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object when i try to save setting i have redownloaded and idk what to do

    • make sure you are using the correct version for your server. at the top of this page: File Details - Source code - GitHub link, the readme contains the correspondence between program version and server version

    • i now download the spt-aki how do i open the application to use it

  • I love this mod, but I'm having an issue. whenever I try to add any roubles to my stash, it always comes up with the error "The given key 'scope_all_belomo_pk_as' was not present in the dictionary"

    • remove mods and all moded items from profile

  • уже все норм просто подправил файл настройки когда на сайте появятся моды для 2.2.0 просто вчера установил патч а там версия 2.2.0 и не работает ни один а с редактором все норм

  • привет сталкнулся с такой проблемой редактор не находит сервер spt-aki подскажи как исправить

    • использовать совместимую версию сервера

  • Always used this but lately seem to be having issues. I always set the gunsmith tasks to "availableforfinish" just because i hate doing them. Always done this since I started playing EmuTarkov and its always worked fine. But for some reason at the moment it is not registering when I set it to "availableforfinish" when I accept the mission it instantly changes to "started"

    Never had this issue until now. it has always worked

  • Does anyone know how to fix the object reference not set to an instance of an object in the profile editor?

  • im trying to download the latest version, however when i click the download instead of installing the zip folder it just downloads a .rar file.
    is there something im missing or doing wrong?

  • I can't add medikits and helmets to my library with this editor.

    Could you please check this issue?

    • Same here, I can't seem to find any EXFIL helmets to add too

  • I'm issues for some reason when I boot the exe it opens and closes I have the both server and game not running

  • wich languaje did you use for this app?

  • Love the mod but for some reason in stash editor, you can't spawn in any guns (they are red and missing parts) and there is also no option to spawn in Grizzly, Salewa meds etc

  • если можешь привет сообщение скинь мне а я отпишусь ttsnakett@gmail.com

  • i enjoy the ability to modify certain aspects of the raid so thank you. but ive noticed ill hear gun fire a few hundred meters away, so ill run to it to get in the action, at which point it ends as i arrive, with a single scav or pmc walking around. then gun fire will breakout where i was previously, & ill run to that, & the same thing happens again. its like great firefights are always just out of my reach. i dont know if this is inherent to SPT itself, or this mod, but ive confirmed the ai will not spawn if im near, so im curious if theres a way for me to modify it? is there a `do not spawn '300meters' within player area` line of code in the config, or is it something that could be tweaked? Thanks for your work

    • that is profile editor, not server configurator

  • there is nothing in the file that lets me open and edit anything

  • I keep selecting the server folder but it dosn't accept it as the server folder

    • i think you need to choose like whole aki build/client

  • Marking quests as ready for completion seems to be broken with 2.10.

    If you change a quest you don't have access to yet (for example Gunsmith part 2 when you haven't completed gunsmith part 1) it will change from available for completion to just started after accepting the quest.

  • Getting "The given key '607f20859ee58b18e41ecd90' was not present in the dictionary."

    Seems to refer to "item_equipment_armor_paca_twitch" according to The item finder.

    After the error everything is blank, seems like it almost cannot read the profile. no option to alter hideout, quests, etc... profile is rank 4, has an active quest, and has completed a raid...

    any suggestions on getting around this?

    • try remove this item

    • I don't have this item anywhere in my charachter inventory, nor is it referenced anywhere in my profile XML

  • Every time I try to install it doesn't appear with a file it just comes up with Rar! with a bunch of other stuff. Anyone know how to fix it?

  • I'm wondering what "Place of fame" means under the hideout section. Does anyone know?

  • Kinda new to all this, but I've been getting the object reference error, is there a fix for this yet? I really don't wanna go through updating AKI and going through the patcher gambling nightmare if I don't need to

    • make sure you are using the correct version for your server. at the top of this page: File Details - Source code - GitHub link, the readme contains the correspondence between program version and server version

    • Yeah i realized i hadn't updated AKI in a while, going through all my mods now

  • 2.0.1 any Quest changes braking the game. It seems to work at first, but completing any quest shows a loading icon and freezes the game, have to restart to game to finish every new quest.

  • How do I overwrite the alert when I try spawning things into my stash with modded items in it? Or can I not do that? If that's the case, can you please make that a patch that makes that be something you can turn off or on

    • Adding items disabled when stash contains modded items (except items on containers like cases, chest rigs and backpacks), because program can't find free slots for new items (mods dont add items to server db file). Just remove these items, or move them to the container, and try again.

  • does version 1.9 of profile editor work? because I have no exe file when I download it! :(

    • Ensure that whatever antivirus program you are using is not quarantining/blocking/deleting the exe.

    • thanks!

    • Thank you for your reply ! but it still does not work ???

    • did you have the exe file ?

    • Something is removing the exe file from your system; the exe is absolutely included in the download archive. You need to figure out what's causing that before you can use the mod.

  • Mod is extensive and insanely easy to use.

  • Very helpful

    This tool provides almost every function you would want from profile editor, quest editor and skill level was my favorite.

    There are mods that provide start with max skills or max hideout, but if you only wanna chose some of them, like only Air filter and library for faster leveling and max stamina but everything else at 0, i think this tool might be only option.

    It also provides options like "big pockets"(very op btw), which was surprising.

    You can exactly set every functions as you like and also backup multiple instances. This was speccially useful when i corrupted my profiles with modding, it was very easy to revert back to baked up state so i dont have to wipe my whole profile.

    Some cons: stash editor have search function but its very tideous because you have to select the category of item first, which was bit more confusing from in game categories(like "Vis. observ. device" for for glasses), and also didnt have some categories like keys.

    Nitpick: The "Execute all" button was very close to "save profile" button which set my whole quests to locked at times so be careful while using.

    If you want to skip tideous tasks, or want to begin with max hidout, or change your skill levels so the game doesnt take 200 hrs to finish, this is an excellent tool.

    Overall definitely recommend.