ST AR-15 3.0.5

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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tfw have to release same mod twice because you cant give one mod multiple AKI versions


(borat voice) My wife!

Adds the Spikes' Tactical AR-15 Anniversary semiautomatic rifle to the game. These were a limited run of extremely high-quality competition rifles with chrome finish produced by Spikes' Tactical in Florida as a celebration of the company's 10-year anniversary. Of course, since most people only know about Spikes' Tactical because they make tasteless lower receivers for morons, this rifle faded into obscurity... Until it became the famous sweaty pink dork we all know and love today thanks to her being featured in the mobile game Girls' Frontline as the game's premier lord of DPS.

The original version of this mod was primarily released as a showcase of the potential my old .300BLK basemod had. When the MCX was released and the official implementation of .300 AAC Blackout with it, the original version of this mod became something of a marksman's alternative to its .300BLK bretheren. And then... Never got updated. Wack.

This new version of the mod is fully updated for compatibility with all new weapon parts added in 12.9 and 12.10, and refactored for use with the better, faster, stronger new backend system of AKI-B1. It's also been partially rewritten to make it easier for me to maintain and add to, meaning you can expect more updates in the event something needs to be changed or compatibility with a newly-released mod needs to be added.



  • Brand new rifle with shiny chrome finish and impressive accuracy.
    • Mmmm, good.
  • New parts for the brand new rifle, as well as existing vanilla weapons.
    • Shiny new chromed upper receiver.
    • Tactical new black quadrail.
  • Sudden urge to mount a drop holster for a knife to your panties.

The weapon and all its parts can be bought from the Peacekeeper.

Known issues:

  • Minor clipping on the handguard with some angled foregrips. As far as I'm aware, this is a modding limitation.
    • You won't notice it ingame though, so it's still bearable.

Future roadmap:

  • Black version of the DD RIS 12.25 to match the way the rifle appears in some costumes.
  • PHU SBR and/or MEGA Arms AR-15 to match the ST AR-15 MOD3 loadout.
    • These may have to be moved to their own mod.


  • Cross-compatible with AdditionalGear - Weapon Module and the receiver extensions, scope, and LAM added by it.
  • Cross-compatible with the ATL-15 and all the parts it adds to the game (see note on latest version tag).


Texture work, asset compiles, code, all that good stuff - me lol

RU localization - MedDeatH

Putting up with my bullshit - Digitalbarrito

Original asset for SAR3 handguard made by GUNSTRUCTION, INC./AR15.COM for Gunstruction.

  • Version 3.0.5

    The "Isn't She Pretty?" Update.

    Probably the biggest out of all these updates I'm doing on 2.0.0 release day, since this mod was due for an additional update on top of 12.11 support. Hoo boy.


    • Updated mod for EFT 12.11/AKI 2.0.0.
      • Weapon now supports the malfunction, misfire, and jam system introduced in 12.11.
      • Weapon now supports the various bits and bobs added in 12.11 alongside the Mk47 Mutant and optic rework.
    • Retooled weapon's appearance from the ground up to better fit the Tarkov art style.
      • Weapon now properly appears as if it's stainless steel/nickel and not painted/rattlecanned gunmetal.
      • Dust cover on ST AR-15 upper now correctly bears an American flag insignia.
      • Weapon itself now correctly uses a Spikes' Tactical competition bolt carrier group.
      • ST BAR-3 handguard has been almost completely redone.
        • It no longer shines like it was dipped in a vat of lube and fried in a pottery kiln.
        • So that's cool.
    • Weapon now has much beefier firing noises to better sell the idea of this being a sniper rifle simply masquerading as a carbine.
  • Version 3.0.4

    Another small update, except this time it's something I'm kind of embarrassed that I didn't do earlier.

    • ST AR-15 upper can now mount all STM-9 handguards.
    • STM-9 upper can now mount ST SAR3 handguard.
  • Version 3.03

    Not a paticularly large update, but still a welcome one, no?

    • Added compatibility scripts for AdditionalGear - Weapon Module and the ATL-15.
      • Note that since the 1.X.X version of the ATL-15 is an emergency patch and not an official update, compatibility with it can and will get funky on some machines.
  • Version 3.020

    Google Drive mirror because Dropbox is punishing people for enjoying mods. Thank you, EliteCheez and Ereshkigal, for giving me permission to do this.

  • Version 3.02

    Just a few QoL improvements.

    • Weapon and parts can now be obtained from flea market.
    • In the event no locale is found the mod will now display English text instead of internal names.
  • Version 3.01

    Added RU localization (thanks, MedDeatH!).

  • Version 3.00

  • getting an invalid string error when I try to use the mod for 2.2.3. not sure what's causing it. I added my version in the json but for some reason, it won't start the server. the issue is isolated to STAR15 mod itself. how are the strings organized I put aki version after version and then do nothing with the dependencies parts ywt I get told the string is invalid? the mod worked on 2.2.3 before. could I get some help with this? i can post the server message and picture here

  • don't make me do it again carl

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    • You might need to, it appears that the mod it needs no longer exists, at least the link only goes to the list of mods available

  • will this mod get updated?

  • 我想知道如何独立地使用这个mod?

    • If I'm understanding your question correctly, you can't use this mod independent of blackoutEXP - the ST AR-15 relies on the .300BLK barrels that blackoutEXP adds in order to function. This may change with the release of the MOD 3 update, but that update isn't coming anytime soon.

      Sorry if I'm causing problems by replying in English, I don't trust Google Translate with more than one sentence at a time haha

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    • Thanks for your reply. After two days, I changed back to 556, maybe I think I succeeded.

      (Could you tell me what the prototype of blackoutEXP? I saw Chinese on it)

    • Or “kanji”?I don't know how to translate. Like means“Japanese-Chinese”

  • Any chance we might be able to see a MOD 3 version of this?

    • I absolutely plan on adding a MEGA AR-15 and a pipe hitters SBR to allow players to completely recreate the MOD III loadout, but since it'll require me to make two new sets of AR-15 receivers, two new AR-15 handguards, and at least two different muzzle devices it may be quite a while.

    • Can't wait to see it!

  • good sir may i ask how do you update your mods to fit each AKI ? i want to update another author mod for myself but im pretty cluless about it. Do you have any tutorial to update/make mods ? Thanks in advance !

    • I don't! Unless they contain changes to Assembly-CSharp.dll (tarkov game logic file) like the Terragroup Specialist mod does, the latest build of AKI 1.X.X will be compatible with all mods made for 1.0.0 or later versions. Mods for 1.0.0, 1.1.0, and 1.2.0 will all work with 1.3.0 just fine.

      Don't ask me why the 1.0.0, 1.1.0, and 1.2.0 version tags show as red and outdated despite being entirely compatible with 1.3.0. We all tried to tell Ereshkigal to change that but she told us to fuck off so :whatever:

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