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Should make the raid sunny, no cloud, no rain or thunder, no fog throughout the raid

want the weather to always be sunny? no clouds? no fog? no rain?

well, this does it!


any issues let me know pog


- add a config to allow custom weather values

HOW TO INSTALL: (this is how to install for AKI 2.3.0 onwards)

1. Open the Zip

2. inside you will see, a BepInEx folder and a user folder.

3. copy these and paste them to your AKI install folder.

4. Done! there is nothing else for you to do.


  • SPT Install / User / Mods / CWX-WeatherPatcher 2.4.0 (this folder)
  • SPT Install / BepInEx / plugins / CWX-WeatherPatcher.dll (this dll file)
  • Version 2.4.0


    updated to work with AKI 3.1.1 and client 19078

  • Version 2.3.0


    updated to work on AKI - 3.0.0

  • Version 2.2.3


    no client-side changes,

    updated "akiVersion" to 2.3.1

  • Version 2.2.2


    fixed issues with loading into Factory & Labs as they don't have weather :notlikethis:

  • Version 2.2.1


    should now fix the issues with Rain/Fog etc rolling in that I was not able to reproduce,

    install like before, and replace all.

    you will need to go to your mods folder and delete CWX-WeatherPatcher 2.2.0 folder otherwise two will appear in the server

    thanks to H4rM for testing, this has now fixed the issue on their system

  • Version 2.2.0


    updated to work with BepInEx

    updated to work with AKI 2.3.0

    updated to work with Client 17107

  • Version 2.1.5


    updated to work with 2.2.3 AKI version and client 16909

  • Version 2.1.4


    fixed an issue with modloading with other module.dll mods

  • Version 2.1.3


    updated to 2.2.2 and client 16778

    will change the version on the front screen when i can

  • Version 2.1.2


    updated to akiVersion: 2.2.1

  • Would love a 3.2.0 update kind sir :}

  • Mind updating the mod to 3.1.x?

  • Thanks works great!

    One question: is it possible to suppress the wind and the water noise of the brook when the weather is nice? The weather is nice, the sun is shining but the wind is terrible. Or maybe another sound mod?

    Thank you and

    best regards

    • it would be possible but with Fins mod: here there isn't much point, try that

    • Fins mod, goes but only with headsets and not right. What about Scavs without headsets? Maybe as an option with true or false.

      Best regards

  • Sorry to bother but..

    i installed the mod. But dunno how i will set up things. Theres no config file. Nothing happening when i click on F12 . Can you please help me ?

    • you don’t set anything up, if it works (as some people are having issues) you go into raid and it will be sunny and no fog

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    • ohh. all i wanted to do is change time in raid :/ is there a way for that dear @CWX ?

    • check out SamSwats Time and Weather mod

    • yeah i found one. thanks CWX

  • With 2.3.0, 10mins after the raid started, it starts raining. :(

    • this might be fixed under the latest 2.2.1, Give that a go and let me know

      someone with the issue confirms its "fixed" it

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  • could u plz update a version for 16909

  • could u plz update a version for 16909

  • could u plz update a version for 16778

    • sorry no I wont, this is for released builds

      Sad 1
    • would u plz update it to 16778 now?

  • I don't think this is redundant at all. When I use this the maps look a lot clearer compared to with the weather changer. Though I do use both because you can adjust time with the other one.

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    • i do intend to make this customisable still as a learning process for me i personally like the fact its set and done, thank you

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  • thank you

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  • Can you make version 2.2.0?

    • sure, when 2.2.0 comes out

  • Sadly doesn't work on 2.2.0, keeps loading indefinitely

    • it's not been set up for 2.2.0 that's why.

    • Are there some noticeable changes in 2.2.0 in how weather works? No weather mods work on 2.2.0 at all

    • @Tarkoccp - 2.2.0 just got released today, plus there is no support for dev builds if that is what you were using when you first made your comment.

  • its not working at all for me, did what was instructed and nothing has changed

    • what version of aki are you using?

      and are there any logs in the module.log


  • reserve still have fog~

    • What aki version are you running?

    • 2.1.2 :D

    • can you check your modules.log? in user/logs and see if there are any errors

    • It doesn't affect me much. I like any environment and weather. I just wonder why it will fail

      You can also check the log to find errors? I'll study it carefully. First, thank you! ^^

      ..............Google translation is still so strange :rolleyes:

  • never experienced fog or rain again. thanks a lot mate <3

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  • Oh my god! It's a weather mod that actually works!

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  • Great work CWX. The new update is amazing. If I could review it again I would

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  • *sad rain noises*

    • Monkam do you experience rain all the time or is it like others are getting?

      sometimes starts like that, sometimes will change to rain then moves back?

    • aww i was just jokin cuz rain need love, but it honestly works like most weather mods but seems to just work better idk how to explain it lol. they basically will give me a lot more sunny raids but then some raids it's like the hardest downpour ever but yours seems to give me more sunny raids and less hard downpour :notlikethis:

    • one day I hope to fix it, there are a few others having the same stuff :aquacries:

    • is okie dood, i would help if i knew how but maybe is game issue or something kanalazy

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  • Finally a weather mod that works pog

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  • I haven't had much luck with other weather mods. I am not sure if this one approaches setting the weather differently but it seems to work quite well. I do have a haze that is visible, but that may be my graphics settings.


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    • this is the fog I'm currently trying to disable and have on my own version, if you do go high enough E.G. sniper rock (highest rock in woods) or Dome on reserve, that fog disappears, which is funny and annoying to me at the same time :kekw:

    • latest update should remove this globalFog now, give it a go and let me know

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  • is it supposed to be a .7Z file? whenever I extract it into the mod folder cant launch because its missing package.json

    • it should go C:\EFT-SPT 2.0.0\user\mods\CWX_WeatherPatcher\ and then inside this should be the module.dll, package.js and package.json

    • same issue. im using 1.6 tho since i cant seem to get new spt to work. i can see that i have the three files but it doesnt seem to realize it

      edit.. i fixed the mod loading issue (it double foldered when extracting) but it appears not to be compatible with 1.6. i get endless loop at start :(

    • mmm, I don't know if this would work for 1.6, it's currently built for 2.0.0 onwards

    • so i looked into the coding for 1.6 and 1.5.1, they use completely different classes in the code, so this will NOT work for anything other than 2.0

  • I just had a raid on Woods where it was working and had sunny weather up until ~15 minutes into the raid. Then came in the worst fog I've ever experienced in Tarkov, and then after 10 minutes it was gone and was back to sunny weather without fog.

    I didn't try to reproduce it yet. Do you know of this happening?

    • so I'm getting some feedback, mainly about the fog, but im trying to figure some things out,

      are you using any mods besides this one?

    • Oh yea. A lot.. :D

    • It happened again on Shoreline

    • I'm trying to see if anything conflicts with it atm,

      would you be down to try a few raids without any mods but this one?

      one thing i have noticed is that it can be blinding sun, but the Map still has this Fog Layer, if you go higher in the map, Say top of resort, you'll probably be above the fog now and it removes the Fog in most cases, same for dome on reserve, same for sniper rock on woods

    • I may try removing all of the other mods later. If any particular mods pop up to you that you think may conflict, let me know :)

      I don't think that's the case, since I was able to see the fog the same way when I was on top of sniper rock and on the ground in Woods.

  • Does it stay sunny throughout the raid?Or it gets rainy and all that later on

    • it should be sunny 100%, let me know if it doesn’t tho

    • weather starts on Sunny,but after 10-15 minutes ,the weather changes . Is normal as i've used the other weather mod as well and same thing happens.The game has this implemented in the game files and it's hard to change/remove fog etc. Unless you stop the time from advancing or you figure out something else ;)

    • I’m trying :)

      Are you using any other mods?

    • yes i do.Anyway,from my chat with the developers,it is very tricky to manipulate weather

    • Yep, you are right, its a pain,

      are you willing to try and play it without any mods but this one for a few raids? see if the weather is still the same? so far I'm still testing if something else is trying to control it and is conflicting, do you use AkiConfigurator by any chance?

  • Time to get the sniper loadout equipped

    • make sure you get 1.0.1, i had a slight error in the first one,

      lucky hunting

      Thanks 1
  • Best mod to me. The overly loud rain, fog and issues both bring with visibility make for a unenjoyable experience. Love this mod as it allows me to enjoy the game so much more. Thank-you!

    The overly loud rain, fog and issues both bring with visibility make for a unenjoyable experience. Love this mod as it allows me to enjoy the game so much more.

    One of the best mods to me.

    :) Thank-you!


    No more rain that sounds like you have a piece of corrugated steel on your head, works perfectly and super easy to install :thumbup:


    Works great on 2.3! The fog is 100% gone now. Great work!


    I've been using this to remove the fog and SamSwat's weather/time mod to mess with the weather while in raid. Gotta say.. it's an amazing combo. ;)


    thx for ur hardworking,and hope u always keep it new.the not any fog is so nice :):thumbup:

  • finally a weather mod that works

    I'm all down with having different weather but I'm sick and tired of fog cutting all the way through interchange and not being able to see a damn thing! awesome mod to just get rid of the damn fog