Oxers M1 EBR additions 1.1

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M1 Additions by Oxers for SPT-AKI 2.0.1


Important Notes:

Needs Ereshkigal-Coremod at all times

Current Content:

Adds m870 stocks to the EBR chassis... Also for Kaijus FDE EBR

Adds AR-Style pistol grips to the EBR Stocks


No Configuration

Known Issues:

Animations are janked

How to install:

To install, drop the folder in your user/mods folder

To remove, sell or remove everything this mod added and delete folder.


You can reach me on the SPT-AKI Hub or in the SPT-AKI discord.


All coding done by me inspired by the SPT-AKI modding community.

Images by FPS FTW on the official SPT AKI discord

  • [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property '_props' of undefined

    at Function.AddItemSlotFilter (G:\EFT 14290\user\mods\CoreMod\src\Core.js:800:28)

    at G:\EFT 14290\user\mods\OxersM1Additions\src\MISC\M1Additions.js:13:12

    at Mod.load (G:\EFT 14290\user\mods\OxersM1Additions\src\mod.js:17:3)

    at Function.executeMods (G:\EFT 14290\obj\bundle.js:56092:28)

    at Function.load (G:\EFT 14290\obj\bundle.js:56040:15)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (G:\EFT 14290\obj\bundle.js:47451:15)

    at Function.load (G:\EFT 14290\obj\bundle.js:57170:27)

    at Function.main (G:\EFT 14290\obj\bundle.js:46148:9)

    at Object.177../Lib.js (G:\EFT 14290\obj\bundle.js:46153:9)

    at o (G:\EFT 14290\obj\bundle.js:1:265)


    • check the options to disable support for kaiju's FDE EBR. If you don't have Kaiju's Advanced modding installed this can cause an error. Or install Kaiju's Advanced Modding...

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  • "Added config option for Kaiju FDE EBR support"

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