Time Changer 1.0.0

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Adds console command that allows you to change in-raid time



Spaceman - the code from their ConsoleCommands mod

  • Travel through time? Cool

  • if the raid spawns cultists and I set the time to day, that wouldn't have an effect on them, would it? like Shturman's guards spawning with nogs?

  • Works as intended very useful for those times when you stay in the raid too long without a flashlight.

    Would be great to have a weather changer console command too.

    • Or when you select a mid-day raid, and end up with a pitch-dark night raid, or when you need to do a time-specific quest.

  • Gonna try this on Factory and see if it breaks it lol

    • Did it break?

    • Haven't actually tried it yet, haha. It's definitely helped me sometimes when the time sync would make me wait too long for the time I want!