SPT Mod Starter 1.0.0

Create a mod template in only two commands: "npx run-url" and "npm run"

:!: The procedure described below executes code on your computer so don't hesitate to double check my code to make sure all is fine by your standards, and/or use VirusTotal to double check, I mean it:!:

SPT Mod Starter helps you create mod boilerplate tailored to your needs.
It should be as close as we can get from npx create-react-app --template without publishing the package on NPM.



npx run-url https://dev.sp-tarkov.com/shirito/spt-mod-starter/raw/branch/main/launcher.js

The previous commands will execute a JavaScript file that:
1. git clones this project in your OS temporary folder
2. install this project dependencies


After it's done, you can freely use it using the command mentionned at the end of the installation inside your SPT Server "user/mods" directory.

Known issues:

  • Not yet compatible with AKI 3.x.y
  • I really wanna start learning this stuff.

    • Maybe one day, when it feels half complete, I'll add some tutorials based on this tool. :thumbup:

    • You are a gentleman and a scholar.