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    Yup. The only thing that changes when you select the different visual options is just that... the visual options. All other properties remain the same.

    Yeah but it triggered SPT's trap card:

    TypeError: Cannot read property '_props' of undefined

    TypeError: Cannot read property '_props' of undefined

    at InventoryHelper.getSizeByInventoryItemHash (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:10716:40)

    at InventoryHelper.getContainerMap (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:10789:34)

    at InventoryHelper.getStashSlotMap (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:10843:21)

    at InventoryHelper.addItem (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:10510:30)

    at TradeHelper.buyItem (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:13050:37)

    at TradeController.confirmTrading (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:6634:37)

    at Proxy.processTrade (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:2650:37)

    at TradeItemEventRouter.handleItemEvent (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:14755:44)

    at ItemEventRouter.handleEvents (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:14823:38)

    at ItemEventCallbacks.handleEvents (C:\Program Files\SPT\obj\bundle.js:1623:63)


    Omfg dude you're a genious, I've checked all keys that I had and there was one with no description it wasn't the machinery one but the car key.

    So I guess all the rest of you guys check your inventories to find one or more broken key !

    Thanks again my man you're a beast !

    I've found a way to the issue when you're in the character menu you can right click then insure but there is still something with the price. When I have the insurance price it's displayed on 2 weirdos lines. Hope that helps!

    Hello all,

    this is a known bug of AIO blue Trader

    You have to insure the objects in the character tab manually.

    If you have already gone to the insurance page before entering the raid, you must complete a raid.

    You have to wait for an update of the mod, it has been corrected in a previous version

    This doesn't work I've the same issue with this mods :





    I think the issue is linked to the SVM mod on the insurance modifier if we put the multiplier price too low the game can't calculate the final price

    SPT-Aki CodePaste
    Visit this link to see the note. Giving the URL to anyone allows them to access the note, too.


    Thanks to all for your answers,

    The solution n°2 did fix the issue for me ==>


    - Go to MyDocuments/EscapeFromTarkov/ and delete shared.ini file"

    1) you did not upload server log file

    2) upload full files and not just cut fragments. If you know yourself what in log file is important and what is not - you do not need help

    "Server log file" isn't really clear because if you go to logs you have a ton of log files in .txt (specify maybe the folder of logs ;?) and there is a "NLog" folder too, so I apologize if I did a mistake

    Hello there,

    I can't get into the character creation on the game, I've put the error log in client log file,

    I've checked all .net framework and everything is installed properly, I was running the previous version without any issues so I'm asking for help,

    Thank you best regards,