Extra Ammo For Everyone 2.0.3

Ever thought to yourself, "I need more bullets"?! This is the mod for you! A selection of various true to life, prototype and fictional ammo.

TEAM MADE MOD. YIAAAaaaaªªªªª!!!  bugcatrainbow bugcatheadbumping  bugcatchillin   bugcatdrunk  bugcatscared

This mods adds real ammo variants to the game, some prototypes and fictional.

The folder has TWO OPTIONS, "Vanilla" and one called "Realism" which tries to be balanced specifically to work with "SPT Realism Mod" by Fontaine.

IF YOU USE SPT REALISM, YOU MUST PUT IT THE LAST IN THE MOD ORDER (An easy way to do it is editing the folder name and writing 'zz' or 'zzz' at the start) !!!



  • Version 2.0.3


    Fixed Ammo Stats for Realism Version.

    Cleaned up some files.

  • Version 2.0.2

    Hey, SiulSC Here. I wanted to post this update for the team. Pettan went ahead and fixed basically all of the prefabs. Thanks to anyone who keeps supporting the mod.


    Fixed Prefabs - You will see the impact this makes on the models themselves and how they are rendered for icons.

    Fixed 7N25 assort (Only for 3.7.x version).

    This mod is basically complete and not many major updates will be made FOR NOW.

  • Version 2.0.1

    oooooiiiiiiiii sacrifice


    REDOWNLOAD IT PLZ, fixed the hotfix animebuttmoveanimebuttmove

    Smol fixes: bugcatworking

    - Realistic Prices. trustme

    - Cleaning some code from non used items. bugcatchillin

    - 5.7x28 VBR id fixed in traders/assort. lolipanic

    Mod incompatibilities detected:




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  • Version 2.0.0


    GIVA MEA MOAR BOULEEETS!!!!!!!!! aquadesperate

    Same mod but with new 3D Models and new variants too. animedancechikadancinganimedance2

    The team who made it possible:

    - KobalTt

    - Pettan

    - Sanote

    - SiulSC


    Tell about mod conflicting and errors (maybe we can fix it... or not) sacrifice bugcatmadbugcatohwhy

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  • Version 1.0.7

    Little fixes and ammo additions bugcatdrunk


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- lolipanic

    Ammo added:

    "SANOTE7BT3019x21": 9x21mm BT gs (a better SP13),

    "SANOTEMK262556x45": 5.56x45mm MK.262 Mod 1(match grade ammo for long range used by Mk12 SPR),

    "SANOTE7T2M1762x54": 7.62x54mm R T-46M1 gzh (7T2M1),

    "SANOTE7BZ3762x54": 7.62x54mm R B-32M gs (7BZ3-01)(API/Explosive round),

    "SANOTEVOG25M40MMRU": 40mm VOG-25M grenade (more explosion radius)


    THE NEXT UPDATE WILL BE HUGE animelaughing  sacrifice animebuttmove



  • Version 1.0.6

    Fixed, yeeeeep!!! animehappyhop

    *I don't even know what was wrong so I remade it all sacrifice

    **Sorry for the fxckery animebuttmove

    ***Deleted some ammo types to avoid complications. Don't kill me bugcatdrunk

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  • Version 1.0.5

    This update will be for testing with the new build 3.6.0 and 3.6.1, and will have only two options:

    - Vanilla stats.

    - Realism RM stats


    Ammo added:

    "SANOTERIP20ga": 20/70 RIP Slug,

    "SANOTEAP20ga": 20/70 AP Slug,

    "SANOTEFLECHETTE20ga": 20/70 Flechette,

    "SANOTEP41762x25tt": 7.62x25mm TT P-41 (incendiary ap), recommended by Legendary_Dzik

    "SANOTETYPEP762x25tt": 7.62x25mm TT TYPE-P (Chinese subsonic),

    "SANOTETHV762x25tt": 7.62x25mm TT THV (high speed booooiii), recommended by Legendary_Dzik

    "SANOTE7N25M9x18": 9x18mm PM PBM-M,

    "SANOTEVBRM9x19": 9x19mm VBR-Belgium,

    "SANOTEVBR45ACP": .45 ACP VBR-Belgium,

    "SANOTERIP9x33R": .357 Magnum RIP,

    "SANOTEVBR9x33R": .357 Magnum VBR-Belgium,

    "SANOTEVBR46x30": 4.6x30mm VBR-Belgium,



    Virus Total: e730b5f5c7b52847b86adb50d8db80aa34bd6bf44e1110b457694ed19e1324b5

    *Enjoy bugcatrainbowbugcatmadanimeproudclap

  • Version 1.0.2

    - Added Dragon's Breath 12/70. Hot, warm and scorching round sacrifice (It does not burn, but has a massive chance to cause bleeding)

    Now we have 4 options:

    - Vanilla full

    - Vanilla without non real ammo

    - Realism Mod full

    - Realism Mod without non real ammo

    And also Russian locales thanks to Validoleech



  • Version 1.0.1

  • How to change the parameter of weapon wear, weapon heating, chance of misfire and failure of the cartridge?

    • You would need to add it in "Extra Ammo Realism/database/ExtraAmmo_items.json" for the cartridge you want to edit.

      I don't know which are the correct scripts for those statistics, but it shouldn't give you any problem if you add to them correctly.

    • I found a way to do it. You open the Extra ammo items (vanilla) config. There is a mod from MFAK. "MFAK ammo"(explode ammo's), Open the config of mfak ammo items, find the lines: "MalfMisfireChance": 0,

      "DurabilityBurnModificator": 0,

      "HeatFactor": 0,

      "MalfFeedChance": 0

      You copy them and paste the lines without forgetting the commas, it works. Otherwise, when the server starts (the window is special, everything swears and red lines with errors are issued). I found it through trial and error:)

    • And in order to change the cost of cartridges, even in vanilla, you need to go to the trader folder, and only change the cost in that config. Otherwise it doesn't change

    • For changes ammo stats

      open mMFAK ammo config and copy those lines mMFAK/databes/mmfac_items.json

      Then open ExtraAmmo config and changes all in stats:)))))))

    • example:

      "ExtraAmmo_762x25tt_P41": {

      "clone": "5735fdcd2459776445391d61",

      "enable": true,

      "item": {

      "_props": {

      "Prefab": {

      "path": "762x25_Tokarev/patron_762x25tt_type_p41.bundle"


      "Caliber": "Caliber762x25TT",

      "Damage": 53,

      "PenetrationPower": 33,

      "ArmorDamage": 15,

      "InitialSpeed": 487,

      "HeavyBleedingDelta": 0.1,

      "LightBleedingDelta": 0.25,

      "StaminaBurnPerDamage": 0.18,

      "RicochetChance": 0.4,

      "BulletMassGram": 4.8,

      "FragmentationChance": 0,

      "ammoAccr": 0,

      "ammoRec": 12,

      "ammoHear": 0,

      "CanSellOnRagfair": true,

      "TracerDistance": 0,

      "Tracer": true,

      "TracerColor": "tracerRed",

      "MalfMisfireChance": 0,

      "DurabilityBurnModificator": 0,

      "HeatFactor": 0,

      "MalfFeedChance": 0

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  • How do you change the price of the ammunition? I found the config file for the values. Changed them went into game and they were still the same. Any idea why? Appreciate the help!

    • - Extra Ammo Realism/database/traders/assort.json

      Important part: "barter_scheme":


      "count": price number, <---- Modify this
      "_tpl": "5449016a4bdc2d6f028b456f"

      - Extra Ammo Realism/database/ExtraAmmo_items.json

      Important part, wherever it says:

      "handbook": {
            "ParentId": "5b47574386f77428ca22b33b",
            "Price": price number <---- Modify this

      It's kind of a repetitive work to do it for every item, so take it with chill.

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    • Thanks brotha!

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  • Great mod overall, although a lot of the ammo should probably be locked behind quests/higher trader levels. Getting access to them at tier 3 traders kind of completely breaks the balance, as well as the fact it can always be bought on flea market.

    • currently, we have not partnered with any custom traders for these type of things and are neither planning on implementing quests for now unfortunately.

      by: MusicManiac
      this might help ya

    • we are not directly associated with those who created MABP. However, we are not against anyone wanting to use it.

  • what are the ammo stats mods that are compatible?

  • is this compatible with ALP? you require your mod to load last, and ALP requires their mod to load last. I assume if I was to have both, ALP would need to load last to allow bots to have these ammo's in their kits? not sure. I feel like this is a question you have answered a lot in the past I just didnt scroll down past october 2023

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    • What mod is the ALP?

    • Algorithmic level progression, the popular mod that lets PMC's (and now all bots) gear scale with your level to simulate a real EFT wipe. its very nice. I could see this mod complimenting that one really well

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  • are there any plans for some 12.7x55 ammo variants? id love to run around blasting people with new ash-12 ammo

    • The only official variant who wasn't included in the game is the "Двухпульный"(DP).

      It's a duplex bullet (two in-line projectiles).

      *The second starting from the left:

      Image 2 of 4

      I will add it in the next AKI version update.

    • the fact that this exists is super cool. please do not feel pressured to add it in, prioritize what you want to do first

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  • I will now be killing my enemies with even more passion than before

  • Hey I just noticed the damage and penetration value for the ammos are a lot lower than the last patch, I think it might be an error? The version I'm using is the realism (using it with the realism mod)

    This affects all the ammo in the mod, for example, the DM31 this patch has 50 damage and 43 penetration, but the last patch it had 65 damage and 70 pen.

    • Yeah the damage and pen is a lot lower than it used to be, hopefully the author would look at this. I think the realism version is using the same value as the vanilla that's why it's lower than usually.

    • will fix soon

    • Fixed

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  • Just posted an update for the mod. This fixes some stuff for newer AKI versions like 3.7.6. Thanks for the people who keep supporting the mod <3 .

    • Yeah! I love that they have custom models for them too! makes it a lot easier for me to tell the differences.

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  • Having an issue with the BBB birdshot icon not loading, got the error message from the in game console. Can you please see what's going on?

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    • Ye, some people have the same error with BBB. I don't know what is causing it. I will eliminate the round in the next update.

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    • Update has been pushed

  • All ammos show up as the doge box as if the bundles are not there.

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    • I need to update it. What version are you using?

    • 3.7.4 for SPT AKI

      1.0.1 for mod

    • You need to use the mod for the 3.7.x versions. You need to uprgrade your mod version to 2.0.x versions.

      Delete all the previous modded ammo to avoid problems!

    • OH shi- I completely typo'd, yeah no it's 2.0.1!

      Sorry my bad! I tried to refresh the icon cache, but that didn't help.

    • Which mods are you using?

  • The Little Dummer Boy isn't compatible?

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    • I can make it compatible.Let me some time and I'll edit the json for the Little Drummer Mod to make it work :3

  • TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_parent')

    at RandomizeTraderAssort.randomizeStockHelper (G:\Games\SPT AKI\user\mods\SPT-Realism\src\traders\traders.js:332:49)

    at TraderRefresh.modifyTraderAssorts (G:\Games\SPT AKI\user\mods\SPT-Realism\src\traders\traders.js:551:37)

    at TraderRefresh.myResetExpiredTrader (G:\Games\SPT AKI\user\mods\SPT-Realism\src\traders\traders.js:525:40)

    at TraderAssortHelper.resetExpiredTrader (G:\Games\SPT AKI\user\mods\SPT-Realism\src\mod.js:126:38)

    at TraderController.update (C:\snapshot\project\src\controllers\TraderController.ts:100:41)

    at TraderCallbacks.onUpdate (C:\snapshot\project\src\callbacks\TraderCallbacks.ts:26:38)

    at App.update (C:\snapshot\project\src\utils\App.ts:58:44)

    Scheduled event: 'aki-traders' failed to run successfully.

    After installing this mod along with SPT Realism i get this error, and the traders don't get randomized.

    • SPT Realism should be last in the mod order.

      Edit the mod folder and write 'zz' or 'zzz' at the start of the name.

    • https://imgur.com/a/AoPX2MP

      Did that, didn't work at all.

    • I had to disable spt traders for it to stop throwing errors.

    • ye, i don't have an issue with the errors but i like the randomized traders, having little to no stock and randomized prices is cool if you want a hardore aspect to the game.

    • Then I don't know how to fix that issue with randomized traders. I'll try to fix it for the next update. But for now I can't do a thing.

  • have error when i select the TraderModding mod option in the game :

    Item ExtraAmmo_762x25tt_9x18pm_7N25M not found in item base cache, regenerating cache

    Error: Item ExtraAmmo_762x25tt_9x18pm_7N25M still not found in base cache after regeneration

    Error: Item ExtraAmmo_762x25tt_9x18pm_7N25M still not found in base cache after regeneration

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    • Oh, shet. So I have some incompatibilities. I don't know how, but I'll try to fix it (I have no guarantees os success) bugcatrainbowbugcatworking

    • Did you installed Custom Interactions ?

    • yap, the game fail to load if i dont install that

    • Maybe the mod order is the issue. I don't understand why it gives you that error.

    • here is my mod order;

      "order": [






      "!Realistic Trader Icons",





      "Virtual's Custom Quest Loader",

      "PNK GEAR 1.0.0",










      "Gilded Key Storage",




























      "zExtra Ammo Vanilla"



  • Appreciate the mod, i've always thought vanilla was always lacking in terms of ammo variety.

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    • Whenever someone tell me this I laugh because I don't know if it's sarcasm or if it's serious. Thanks bro bugcatdrunkbugcatrainbow

    • I'm serious, the base game has only 1 or 2 bullets per armor level, which i think is too few there should be more variety like PP and BP ammo they are similar but serve different purposes, i think it's way better when you have ammo that exactly fits your needs.

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  • Beigger weipouns

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    • wa?

    • I was referencing the guy in the image, that's one of the things he says.

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    • Then should be: "Beigger weipouns" bugcatchillinbugcatdrunk

    • Now is perfect ;(

  • A few rounds that shouldn't be tracer are a tracer for me. Is this just a bug on my end? This is happening mainly with the 5.45 rounds this mod adds. I am using the Realism set.

    • No, it is an error from my part. I will fix that in the next update. You can deactivate it in:

      - user/mods/zExtraAmmo/database/items.json

      Then edit this as you want:

      "Tracer": true,


      "Tracer": false,

    • Ok, thank you!

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  • When will the dragonbreath be back, I'm just so curious what would it be like in tarkov.

    • Like a BBB birdshot (60-80 pellets) with some penetration, more damage, a lot of bleeding probability and also tracer bugcatrainbow

  • Error with the PP 7n27 obr. 43 fixed. Now Fixed lifeworththinking

  • thank you, you blessed bastards for adding 3.6.x version to latest update despite 3.7.x being out as i am still waiting for other mods i feel is needed for my enjoyment to be update i can still at least enjoy yours while waiting for them so yeah thank you a thousand times you blessed bastard :-p

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  • .45 ACP quakemaker? Also quakemaker exists as a 12 gauge slug, which are the heaviest slug in the world.

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    • 73.8 grams. That's thicc bugcatchillin

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    • @Sanote

      hell yeah must hurt like a MOTHERFUCKER to tank that shit, even with body armor. probably espiscally with body armor.

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  • how come there is realism version for 3.7 but no realism update out yet ? does it work the 3.6 realism with 3.7 or were you just able to make it in advance from old values

    • The realism values were made in advance from last version of realism, ready for when 3.7 realism comes out

      Edit: Also why you see 3.6.1 realism added in the zip file (for people still running 3.6.1 with realism)

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    • thank you for the answer and thank you for the amazing mod

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    • look, realism 3.7 got released!

    • u guys defo coordinated

    • maybe


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  • it's done, wow

  • i get an error on server startup saying-

    Mod (EXTRA AMMO v1.0.7) is missing package.json

    not sure what that means but its just like that from the download off of the dropbox link

  • hey, we are working on a major update. Don't think that the ammo will look like this in the next update :)

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  • plz tell me dragon breath rounds will make a return im sad to not see them :(

    • They will, but I need to see how to balance it correctly.

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  • For anyone intrested the ammo is incompatible with Goewert's M16A4 By Miralyn .

    • Any weapon added to the game as a mod will not be ablo to use EXTRA RM AMMO.

      You must add it manually.

      I'll send you a DM with the edited .json so you can use my mod.

    • I'd like a DM with that info as well

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    • @Sanote Thank you for the patch, I suggest in your next update you add a folder with compatability patches for the most popular weapon mods.

    • bluewolf194

      I need to learn how to do it first bugcatchillinbugcatworkingbugcatdrunk

    • Yes, the .json who has the weapon stats (and magazines if the mods add it too).

      The part called "patron_in_weapon" have the ammo list.

      Anyway. I can send you the edited .json if you need it no problemo.

  • Hi, is this ammunition added to traders in a balanced way? I'm currently using "ALGORITHMIC LEVEL PROGRESSION" and was hoping these two mods could work beautifully in tandem.

    • Yes. Based on Penetration values, and slightly in damage and bleeding capabilities.

      ID: -----------------------Trader level:

      "SANOTEBIRD12ga": 1,

      "SANOTEBUCK612ga": 1,
      "SANOTEBUCK912ga": 2,
      "SANOTEFLECHETTE12ga": 3,
      "SANOTERIP20ga": 2,
      "SANOTEAP20ga": 4,
      "SANOTEFLECHETTE20ga": 3,
      "SANOTEP41762x25tt": 4,
      "SANOTETYPEP762x25tt": 2,
      "SANOTETHV762x25tt": 3,
      "SANOTE7N25M9x18": 4,
      "SANOTEM11529x19": 2,
      "SANOTEM11539x19": 2,
      "SANOTE7H219x19": 2,
      "SANOTE7H309x19": 3,
      "SANOTE7H31M9x19": 4,
      "SANOTEVBRM9x19": 3,
      "SANOTEVBR45ACP": 3,
      "SANOTE7H429x21": 4,
      "SANOTEAP9x33R": 4,
      "SANOTERIP9x33R": 2,
      "SANOTEVBR9x33R": 3,
      "SANOTEVBR46x30": 3,
      "SANOTET6B57x28": 4,
      "SANOTE7H6M545x39": 1,
      "SANOTE7T3M545x39": 1,
      "SANOTE7H10M545x39": 2,
      "SANOTE7H20M545x39": 2,
      "SANOTE7H24M545x39": 4,
      "SANOTEM193556x45": 1,
      "SANOTESS109556x45": 2,
      "SANOTEDM11A1556x45": 2,
      "SANOTEDM31A1556x45": 3,
      "SANOTEBLACKFANG300": 4,
      "SANOTE7H26762x39": 3,
      "SANOTE7H27762x39": 2,
      "SANOTETYPE56762x39": 1,
      "SANOTEM67762x39": 2,
      "SANOTEM80A1762x51": 3,
      "SANOTEM62A1762x51": 3,
      "SANOTEMK316762x51": 3,
      "SANOTEMK319762x51": 3,
      "SANOTE7H43762x51": 4,
      "SANOTE7H1M762x54": 3,
      "SANOTE7H13762x54": 3,
      "SANOTE7H41762x54": 4,
      "SANOTE7H4586x69": 4,
      "SANOTEAPI86x69": 4

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  • first, big thank you for sharing

    secondly question to anyone that knows: do I put before or after realism mod in load order?

    same question for added weapons, guessing same answer.

    Also will AI use this ammo?

    Thx again Sanote!!!

    Thinking 1
    • I believe AI do use the ammo, unless he added instructions to make the loot pool not have RM ammo. I haven't checked but since this isn't a special case unlike other mods that play with cartridges, AI should be able to use them.

    • It depends. If you let activated SPT Realism Mod loadaouts for bots (or any mod who changes AI loadouts), you will not see any AI using the new ammo. That's a thing I want to change, but I need more time.

      It is possible to manually add the new ammo to those mods.