Definitive Retexture Immersion Project (D.R.I.P) 1.0.1 HOTFIX 2 FULL

Getting bored of the same standard clothes over and over? Need some fashion for your PMC? Then the Definitive Retexture Immersion Project is for you! Try D.R.I.P today! 350+ Retextured clothing and equipment items at your fingertips!

Are you tired of that boring old USEC Base Upper?
Want to be dripped out in the most exotic of camos?
How about a sweet Supreme hoodie, and slick black pants?

Then the Definitive Retexture Immersion Project is for you! D.R.I.P Adds hundreds of new clothing and equipment options, from a Momex mask in Coyote Brown, to M81 Woodland NICE COMM 3 backpacks. From custom t-shirts and hoodies, to beautiful ATACS FG-X combat uniforms. Compatible with 3.5.5!


What does D.R.I.P include?

  • Over 120 Upper clothing items!
  • Over 60 Lower clothing items!
  • More than 200 pieces of equipment!
    • Everything available for both BEAR and USEC!
  • Custom trader Tupitsa, who provides quests via Virtual's Custom Quest Loader, and unlocks clothing for you!
  • Light progression making our custom items easier to obtain than vanilla. Who's paying millions of roubles for a shirt?
    • Items are mostly locked behind quests, and this will be further expanded upon in our future 1.1 update!
  • Clothing and gear added to bots and container loot!
  • No trader crashes despite hundreds of custom items being loaded!

To install, simply open D.R.I.P.rar, and drag the D.R.I.P folder into your user/mods folder.

NOTE: Currently conflicts with Kiki Degradation Remover.

Hotfix 2 is out, download here and overwrite files! Adds a new top and rig! Should fix a handful of issues :) HOTFIX 2

Huge thanks to the following people, starting with the MILF Modding Team:

Preview of a handful of items here!
Want to learn how to do retextures yourself? PM me! I teach!

  • Version 1.0.1 HOTFIX 2 FULL

    Full DRIP 1.0.1h2 upload for general download. Use this link if you haven't downloaded the mod before. Includes fixes for the Slicks, Winter Jacket - Russian Splinter, and Tactec Tigerstripe, fixes Tupitsa not buying stuff, plus two new textures, the Flora fighting jacket and Flora 6sh112, courtesy of Svbtext.

  • Version 1.0.1 HOTFIX 2 LITE

    Fixes small dogecube error with Tigerstripe Tactec, fixes issue with Winter Jacket - Russian Splinter, fixes Tupitsa not buying anything, and fixes Slick issue. Adds 6sh112 Flora and Fighting Jacket - Flora. NO CONTENT INCLUDED, for users upgrading their 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 install.

    Download and install over your current install.

  • Version 1.0.1 HOTFIX 1 Full

    Contains a hotfix for the bundles.json file, and all content. Download this one if you haven't previously downloaded the mod! Otherwise see the standard 1.0.1 HOTFIX 1, which ONLY contains the new bundles.json file!!!

  • Version 1.0.1 HOTFIX 1

    ONLY contains the updated bundles.json! Does not contain any content, this is for people who need to fix their 1.0.1 issue with Slicks.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Hotfixed an issue with Tupitsa not purchasing items. He will now purchase gear and barter items.
    New download link should prevent throttling. *Should.*

  • Version 1.0.0


    Please include your mod list and what steps I can take to replicate this if possible!

    Note: Russian splinter winter jacket is confirmed BUGGED right now! Update coming in about 3-4 days!

  • It's possible to add the scav clothes from this video?:

    • Hi! I would recommend using RaiRaiTheRaichu's "All The Clothes" as the clothes in the video are base game clothes, and would be available via their mod.

      I do plan to make some custom leather jackets down the road though :) Thanks

  • If you remember me, awesome. If not, it's whatever. Any who when I was trying to get this mod and some other mods to work for SPT version 3.5.6, I had no luck. I noticed that there was a new version of SPT for 3.5.7, so I went ahead and installed it and then also reinstalled all the mods from before. No luck as to none of it was working, but I still had a separate 3.5.6 version of SPT still separate from 3.5.7. I then just moved all the mods from 3.5.7 to 3.5.6 and now all the mods are working, somehow.

  • Code
    Обновился до АКИ 3.5.7 без этого мода и теперь не могу открыть общую кладку где вся статистика персонажа, как исправить?
    • This is due to removing a mod when updating your profile. If you re-include DRIP you will fix your issue most likely. Thanks!

  • The mod is glitched for me idk why but i got the items for the quest but its not letting me hand it in and its not letting me send the screenshot here :(

    • Which items for which quest? I'll take a look at it. Thanks!

    • is it normal if the shop area where u buy stuffs is also empty? i forgot the name of the mission but it was after the hand over 2 vodka mission. That the other mission wasnt able to work , i had the item but it wouldnt let me hand it in

    • It is not, however, do you have KMC Gear installed by chance? Could you provide a mod list and a version # please? Thank you!!!

    • nope i dont have kmc gear installed

      The mods i have downloaded are
      Alevesthings - 3.5.5
      gunsmith - 3.5.6
      JustNUCore - 3.5.5
      Lukewarmpudding-BlackGear - using the old ver of 3.5.0
      MaidTraiders - 3.5.5
      OlympusMags - 3.5.5
      OlympusRigs - 3.5.7
      Priscilu - 3.5.7
      ReplayGamezYT-LabsChallenge-1.0.2 -3.5.6
      ServerValueModifier - 3.5.6
      SpecialSlots - 3.5.7
      Swag - 3.5.6
      Tracer - 3.5.7
      zz-MultiCam Black Bundle - 3.5.5

    • Thank you, I'll have the team look into it. Is this at max Loyalty Level by chance?

  • I'm having an issue with the trader where selling and buying doesn't affect trader level. Whenever I buy or sell stuff the "Spent" number isn't changing and staying at zero preventing me from leveling the trader

  • mods works great.

    Love all the added content.

    Would download again.

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  • why is there cadpat pants but not a cadpat shirt

    • Some sets aren't full sets and were made more as compliments to other things. Fleshing out as many sets as we can id planned for the future :) this mod will get regular content updates, believe me.

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  • Is there a way to prevent Fence from selling the added items / retextures?

  • Encountered several problems from trying to download the file.

    First time, Mega had a 500 kb/s speed despite having a stable and good internet connection. Simply just a Mega file hosting problem. And when it finished installing, the entire zip file was corrupted and i had to re-download.

    Second time.. I can't even download it lol, Mega requires me to wait 5 hours or pay for their shitty subscription.

    Trying again to see if i can torrent it. Constantly just getting 'temporary error' messages now. Guess i'll have to wait.

    • Unfortunately I've had the issue from both Mega and Google Drive due to the amount of downloads. Considering uploading to both and having a "Mirror 2" option in versions.

    • That'd be the better alternative. Both equally suck, but better have two download pages than one. Yk?

  • So The Tactec Tigerstripe rig is having the Doge Cube issues. its the only one ive seen have issues so far

    • Is it all the time or once and a restart fixed it? I'll give it a look thanks!

    • from what ive seen it most of the time even attempted new install of 1.0.1 not even cleaning the temp files help it.

    • I'm really not sure what could be causing it as we aren't able to replicate this issue.

    • trying to figure out if its a mod in my list or not. it only happens to the tigerstripe and the original rig, none of the other ones have this issue

    • Fixed in latest hotfix :)

  • Today I had installed this mod for my brother on his PC nd the mod showed no problems, yet when I go to load into the game with the mod installed, I don't see any of the icons or clothes. I have all the same mods as he does, and we both double checked.

    His PC consists of a Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti with an Intel i5 9400Q

    My PC consists of a RX 6600 with a Ryzen 5 3600X




    • Can you provide a mod list please?

    • My brother and I put this list together just cause we wanted an entirely different experience from the default Tarkov:

      CocoLemon's IProject

      Defenitiver Retexture Immersion Project (D.R.I.P)

      AT's TF2 Weapons refreshed

      MFAC Shop Module

      Boss Feminization

      Heartbeat Sensor

      Realistic FLIR Thermal Scope - 60hHz, 320*240px and Range

      ALLinOne (Anastasia + Svetlana) v.0.2.0

      GBRS Hydra Mounts

      Tracer (Updated)

      Backdoor Bandits (BB)

      AT's Nanosuit

      Realistic Trader Icons

      MFAC Guns

      Looting Bots


      No Bush ESP

      Goblin King

      SWAG (Simple Wave AI Generator)

      FU Inertia

      Priscilu Special Weapons

      Priscilu: the trader

      Special Slots


      bluehead's AIO Trader

      AKGuy Super Shop

      Medical Attention

      AR Shoppe Unlimited

    • My only idea is three things; download the latest HOTFIX for the mod (use the lite version, so you don't have to download 3.6gb again)

      delete the mod.js from ColetteBlackpaw-drip/src

      Log out of that profile into a new one, then log back into the profile you're trying to use.

    • It unfortunately didn't work, so we decided to use the mod. I noticed that other mods such as AT's TF2 Weapons refreshed and AT's Nanosuit and a small handful of others weren't working aswell. I thought it was maybe the plugins not working, but the Heartbeat Sensor mod and Backdoor Bandits (BB) were both working just fine. As those are both strictly .dll files, I honestly don't understand what my issue is rooting from.


      I just noticed that whatever seems to be texture related, it break the mod. I just installed a recenetly added mod called G28 BLACKED and when I went to see if it was actually blacked or not, it was covered in DogeCubes. Same thing for the Nanosuit mod, although not for the Heartbeat Sensor mod. My guess is that the game isn't detecting the texture changes, but it is detecting that there was a change, hence why the DogeCube.

  • So, yesterday was my first-day playing SPT. Added this mod because, well it's freaking awesome. Everything went great, played all day. Got on this morning, and suddenly no previews would load and my character had a Doge Cube. Pretty weird, so I restarted, same issue, restarted pc cause who knows, same issue. Came here and saw that a hotfix was out after I had downloaded the mod. Downloaded it, it fixed the Doge cube, however, no previews were there for the items. So I moved my profile out and made an entirely new one. This new profile worked and everything was there. I deleted it and dragged my old profile back in, and suddenly it's working. It seemed like the newer profile triggered the engine to load the previews and when I went back to my old one, it remembered to load them correctly. Not sure how or why this happened.
    Here is my load order, no idea if this helps at all. But I hope making a new profile and loading the game then switching back to the old one, helps anyone else who is having issues with previews and doges taking over Tarkov.

    • Welcome to SPT! I hope you enjoy! Apologies, we're having difficulties replicating these bugs to track them down and squash them. I appreciate your bug report and patience, look out for an update in a few days with new content and fixes to as many of these as I can!

    • Do you happen to know what item was originally dogecubeing?

    • I personally tried around 10 different backpacks, rigs, and armored vests. It seemed to have done it on all pieces. Even my scav with random loot was dogecubing lol. And no need for apologies, modding is a delicate art and takes a lot of skill and practice. Mistakes and random bugs will always happen lol.

    • My only idea is four things if it happens again:

      Download my latest HOTFIX (use the lite version to avoid downloading the whole 3.6gb again)

      Delete the mod.js from ColetteBlackpaw-drip/src

      Log out of your profile into a brand new profile, preferably a dev edition profile (similar to as you did to fix it)

      Try adding zz to the beginning of the drip folder (make it "zzColetteBlackpaw-drip")

      We're really having a hard time replicating this bug wherein the items don't load. The team and I have had zero luck replicating it, and I'm not home to try myself right now.

    • No worries mate, I'll be sure to keep those things in mind. Ill report if it happens again but so far I haven't had any issues again since I fixed it before.
      Either way, totally awesome mod, keep up the amazing work!

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  • image.png

    I updated from old version to new by removing all files and putting new ones in its place.
    Trader appears to not be selling anything but I also can't see my stash when I try to trade with him.

    • Mod list? Is this a new profile or an old one? Thanks

    • sorry , this was an old profile

      modlist :











      Priscilu Special Weapons

      Gilded Key Storage




















      zPOOPSWAGzM Ammo



      ServerValueModifierVirtual\u0027s Custom Quest Loader




    • Thank you, we'll get this looked at and see if we can figure out what happened :)

    • ok, after trying Postal Knight's solution which was to load a new profile then load an old one

      the trader had previews in the new profile but my old one was still missing a preview,

      i then used profile editor to edit my standing with the trader and reset him back to LL1 on my old profile..... and the trader loaded previews!

      maybe after LL1 there are too many previews to load that it just doesnt load?

      splitting items between traders might help

    • Hi! I'll see if I can get this fixed asap. I'm currently out of town so I will see if the team can help. Thank you!

  • Is there a way to show english text instead "DRIP_0 name" "DRIP_0 description" "DRIP_0_AFF_0" on quests if you using not english localization?

    • Unfortunately no, but I would love if anyone would be willing to help with localizations!

    • I found out how to do it. In ColetteBlackpaw-drip\src\mod.js find line 332["en"][i] = locale[i]; and change "en" to whatever localization you use.

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    • Will be fixed in 1.0.2 update, thank you :)

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    • Frumentarius thanks for the help!

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  • i had doge cube showing up in a raid on one of the scavs head. A big square. Great mod though!

    • I have had the bundle loading freak out before, both with the mod, other mods, and vanilla tarkov (even on Live once) restarting the game usually fixes it for me.

    • Yes, almost all mods that have modded items do this from time to time. Like the game can't keep up loading the new textures. Probably affected by how many mods you run too.

    • Most likely, plus tarkov is just kinda a mess haha. Thank you for the input, love your black beard mod :)

    • haha no you don't, your mod makes it obsolete. But I'm not a real modder. I'm just a fan adding stuff I want myself in the game. So your mod brings a lot to the table I wanted to see. So Im happy for this great retexture mod!

    • Oh but i do, I still want to do beards to match the mustaches I added I've just been hella lazy. If you ever want to learn more or anything hit me up:) we have a lil discord community aimed solely at learning modding and particularly texturing with lots of templates and stuff.

  • Having an issue where there are no previews, so I purchased the mustache and it's a doge icon LOL any ideas?


    • Whoa, uh, second time I've seen that issue come up. Let me look into it... Not sure what could be happening. Do you have any other mods installed? Even on my heavily modded game, I have a directly-from-here downloaded version of the mod installed and it's working fine...

    • Can't replicate this myself, are you sure you installed it right?

    • Pretty simple to install, so not sure what you mean by "installed it right."

      Yes, I do have other mods installed:

      Hideout Architect


      Server Value Modifier

      Stash for Hidden Item Treasures


  • This mod worked great for me for the most part, until I accepted the starting quests from the trader and went into raid to complete them, I progressed the glock wick quest a little, wanted to check my progress, upon clicking on my tasks tab, clicking on any quests would result in nothing happening, no drop down or anything, then it prevented me from switching back to my gear tab or any tab for that matter, could still close my inventory and switch weapons and such, and upon reopening my inventory, it was still locked on my task list, I exited the raid to find that clicking my character tab in main menu only brought up my task list again with no way of switching tabs, closing the game and reopening it only made my game unresponsive to the point where I couldn't close the game normally or through task manager, had to CTRL ALT DEL and log out of my computer and relog in, not sure what I did wrong, also sorry this was so long winded lol.

    • Odd, what other mods do you have installed?

      All bug testing had resulted in no issues. I'll pass these issues along to my team mates as I will be out of town this weekend.

    • Doesn't do this for me, likely a mod conflict. Possibly from using out of date mods.

    • could very well be, I wasn't overly annoyed by the whole ordeal, I had planned to reset my profile anyway so it kinda worked out in its own weird way haha, but my modlist is pretty long to just tell you what I have installed, I have a couple of suspicions as to what the conflict was but I'll have to do a little trial and error on my end to confirm that.

  • Heya! Love the mod!

    The hotfix seems to be empty? I'm seeing a folder with 0 bytes/nothing in it

    • That's very odd. Try it now, I re-uploaded the same file, hopefully that works.

    • Hmm, I'm not sure what's going on- it's still showing as empty. I'll just download the full hotfix version :) no worries

  • g它无法正常工作,所有 dog

  • All I need to know is, is there flannel? You can't be a PMC without flannel

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  • I could just be blind and not see it but a config file where we could unlock the clothing for free would be a nice addition.

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  • great mod :D

    hoping to make some urban outfits for streets or something with this

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  • Aw damn, the 2nd on the left gave me a wicked color idea. Yellow-ish clothing like the "Fireflies" in The Last of Us. They wore yellow shaded clothing

    Edit: the 3rd on the left is actually kind of close

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  • Yo dude can u make download link from google dick or something? Bc MEGA saying "Give me money muzafacka"

    • No money no honey

    • Google drive has been throttling the link due to amount of downloads, I'll see what I can do.

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  • not sure if it is intentional but every slick is reflective

    • on further inspection, the problem is extremely strange. Every slick is reflective or broken?
      Sometimes they are almost pure black:

      But then when i inspect slick from tarkov and inspect the same slick from your mod it is fixed somehow?? (no strange shadow that make it black and no strange reflections)


    • I'll definitely look into this, I had no issues when bug testing before release so I will absolutely make sure to check that something hasn't buggered up. Thank you!

    • Fixed, download the Hotfix 1.0.1 which contains a new bundles.json. I uploaded it as a single file or as the full download so people can update their old installs if need be!

  • Code
    Am I setting something wrong? My quest conditions look like DRIP_0_AFF_0
    • That's strange. What other mods are you using?

    • need translate for anothers languages

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    • Code
      I switched the language to English and everything was fine. Thank you
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  • how do i private message youu

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  • conflicts with Kiki-degradation remover you get this error.

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