Featured Definitive Retexture Immersion Project (DRIP) 1.1.2

Getting bored of the same standard clothes over and over? Need some fashion for your PMC? Then the Definitive Retexture Immersion Project is for you! Try D.R.I.P today! 350+ Retextured clothing and equipment items at your fingertips!

Are you tired of that boring old USEC Base Upper?
Want to be dripped out in the most exotic of camos?
How about a sweet Supreme hoodie, and slick black pants?

Then the Definitive Retexture Immersion Project is for you! D.R.I.P Adds hundreds of new clothing and equipment options, from a Momex mask in Coyote Brown, to M81 Woodland NICE COMM 3 backpacks. From custom t-shirts and hoodies, to beautiful ATACS FG-X combat uniforms. Compatible with 3.5.5!


What does D.R.I.P include?

  • Over 120 Upper clothing items!
  • Over 60 Lower clothing items!
  • More than 200 pieces of equipment!
    • Everything available for both BEAR and USEC!
  • Custom trader Tupitsa, who provides quests via Virtual's Custom Quest Loader, and unlocks clothing for you!
  • Light progression making our custom items easier to obtain than vanilla. Who's paying millions of roubles for a shirt?
    • Items are mostly locked behind quests, and this will be further expanded upon in our future 1.1 update!
  • Clothing and gear added to bots and container loot!
  • No trader crashes despite hundreds of custom items being loaded!

To install, simply open D.R.I.P.rar, and drag the D.R.I.P folder into your user/mods folder.

NOTE: Currently conflicts with Kiki Degradation Remover.

Huge thanks to the following people, starting with the MILF Modding Team:

Preview of a handful of items here!
Want to learn how to do retextures yourself? PM me! I teach!

  • Version 1.1.2

    Updated to 3.6.1


    VSR-93 Prototype camo "Barvikha" available on the following clothing:

    Patrol Jacket
    Surplus Jacket
    Surplus Pants
    Zaslon Pants

    Added a config for JustNU's Vanilla Clothing Extension clothes to be added to the tag system. Enable it in the config file only if you use the mod!

    Preparing for a large update. This was released more as a hotfix for people to be able to use DRIP on 3.6.1, rather than being an actual update. We have an extremely large and exciting update coming soon.

    Additional notes:

    Coming soon, DRIP will be separated into a core and three content portions to help reduce download issues for people, reduce file size, and play into a new system we plan to implement. All DRIP content will be available via this mod page still, and the new core will be available via a separate mod page. The core will be similar to JustNU's in that others are welcome to, and in fact encouraged, to create new content utilizing the mod, and will include tutorials and resources for the creation and addition of new textures as well as tag system files. Additionally, quests can be included in these content packs.

    Thank you all for supporting the mod!

  • Version 1.1.1

    New content, texture reworks, and vanilla item tags added to the tag system! Large update plus 3.5.8 compatibility! Furry stuff!!!!!

    Added the pants from fghkl4565's Classic Gorkas mod!

    Some camos of ours reworked by the wonderful Svbtext!

    Tag system updated by Virtual!

    Due to harassment towards a team member over the content they produce, I must state we do NOT tolerate harassment, judgement, or intolerance. At all. Don't test us. More furry and LGBTQ stuff will be added.

  • Version 1.1

    Hi all! Apologies this update took so long. We've included a brand new system aimed at making PMCs dress more realistically to real players, huge thanks to Virtual for their code and help, and becoming an official member of MILF!

    This system will make it so, a certain percentage of the time, PMCs will choose from a list of tags, which hold clothing. They may choose a wide variety, such as "woodland" which will give them matching woodland upper and lower clothing items. Or they might get more specific, such as choosing "emr" which will give them matching EMR upper and lower. This system is designed to replicate real players trying to make their PMC fashionable. Please enjoy and let me know if you run into issues with this system!

    Some change logs:

    • Fixed Winter Jacket - Russian Splinter
    • Fixed dogecube issues with Tigerstripe Tactec
    • Fixed issue with Tupitsa not buying equipment. Now buys equipment and barter items.
    • Fixed slick normals being weird
    • Fixed locales only working in en option
    • Fixed duplicate hawaiian shirts
    • Fixed issues with multiple quests, namely killing Reshala not working due to an incorrect _props line

    • New upper - Fighting Jacket - Flora
    • New upper - Surplus Jacket - Flora
    • New upper - Fatigues - Khaki
    • New upper - Fatigues - Ranger Green
    • New upper - Tactical Hoodie - Coyote
    • New upper - Tactical Hoodie - Olive Drab
    • New upper - Surplus Jacket - EMERCOM VSR
    • New upper - T-Shirt - Average DNC Enjoyer
    • New upper - Combat Parka - Combat Black (Alternate)
    • New upper - Combat Parka - Navy Blue
    • New upper - Combat Parka - Olive Drab
    • New upper - Combat Parka - Sand
    • New pants - Cargo Pants - EMERCOM
    • New pants - Jeans - VZ95 Woodland
    • New pants - Jeans - VantaDRIP Black
    • New pants - Jeans - M81 Woodland
    • New pants - Cargo Pants - Flora
    • New pants - Specialists Pants - Flora
    • New pants - Fatigues - Ranger Green
    • New pants - Fatigues - Khaki
    • New hat - Service Cap - EMERCOM
    • New rig - D3CRX - M81 Woodland
    • New rig - D3CRX - Black
    • New rig - D3CRX - Ranger Green
    • New rig - Triton - EMR
    • New rig - Triton - LES
    • New rig - BSS MK1 - Three Colour Soviet
    • New rig - BSS MK1 - VZ95 Woodland
    • New rig - Tactec - Sandstone
    • New rig - Tarzan - EMR
    • New rig - 6SH112 - Flora

      And plenty more I've missed due to the sheer size of content update! Huge shoutout to Svbtext for their massive content contribution this update, as they are currently the main texturer!

      To install, please delete your old DRIP folder and install the new one. Please do not try to overwrite your old one as this may or may not cause issues.

  • Version 1.0.1 HOTFIX 2 FULL

    Full DRIP 1.0.1h2 upload for general download. Use this link if you haven't downloaded the mod before. Includes fixes for the Slicks, Winter Jacket - Russian Splinter, and Tactec Tigerstripe, fixes Tupitsa not buying stuff, plus two new textures, the Flora fighting jacket and Flora 6sh112, courtesy of Svbtext.

  • Version 1.0.1 HOTFIX 2 LITE

    Fixes small dogecube error with Tigerstripe Tactec, fixes issue with Winter Jacket - Russian Splinter, fixes Tupitsa not buying anything, and fixes Slick issue. Adds 6sh112 Flora and Fighting Jacket - Flora. NO CONTENT INCLUDED, for users upgrading their 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 install.

    Download and install over your current install.

  • Version 1.0.1 HOTFIX 1 Full

    Contains a hotfix for the bundles.json file, and all content. Download this one if you haven't previously downloaded the mod! Otherwise see the standard 1.0.1 HOTFIX 1, which ONLY contains the new bundles.json file!!!

  • Version 1.0.1 HOTFIX 1

    ONLY contains the updated bundles.json! Does not contain any content, this is for people who need to fix their 1.0.1 issue with Slicks.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Hotfixed an issue with Tupitsa not purchasing items. He will now purchase gear and barter items.
    New download link should prevent throttling. *Should.*

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hello DRIP brothers!

    I just added full support for DRIP on my mod ALGORITHMIC LEVEL PROGRESSION!

    All one has to do is ensure that you add my mod after DRIP in the order.json file (see installation instructions above), and turn on "addCustomTraders" in the config.


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    • Thank you dushaoan <3

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    • Bit of a weird one, when i get to the quest that involves killing scavs on interchange as soon as i use the glock my recoil goes completely out of whack, I am using a lot of mods 71 in total and 41 client mods, iv gone through them all not sure if there is a compatibility issue with SPT-Realism or what not but soon as i remove drip i don't have the recoil bug

    • if ur using anything that impacts recoil its that, such as the Olympus mod

  • Apologies to the few who downloaded this and is having an issue with the missing comma in the vanillaclothing.json5 file.

    You can download a replacement here or fix it yourself. The file can be found in the db/externalclothingtags folder. Just add a comma after the } on line 124, or download the aforementioned fix.

    Apologies again!

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    • for some reason all the retextures of gear are missing textures. including some articles of clothing. Any idea why I'm getting this issue? possible download hiccup?

    • Quite possibly as we have no issues on our side, I'm assuming download hiccup. Unfortunately we get throttled on our useage due to how many downloads DRIP gets so fast. Thank you for understanding.

    • yeah that makes sense. the download is currently maxed out unfortunately

  • The 3.5.8 download will NOT work on 3.6.0. We won't be updating the mod until 3.6.1 releases very shortly. This is due to 3.6.0 having multiple hotfixes, making it hard to track at what point the mod will work. It also means that we can save a bit of space and avoid unnecessary downloads. The 3.6.1 update will be backwards compatible with the recent instances of 3.6.0.

    Thank you all for your patience and to Drakia who provided assistance to users in the discord / basically gave us all the information to update the mod <3.

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    • She's on the way folks. New DRIP is imminent.

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  • After being begged to change to Mega or something else, I've now moved back to Google Drive.

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    Please include your mod list and what steps I can take to replicate this if possible!

    • Bug: All clothes unavailable/clothes entirely broken

      Modlist: MFACShop


      AUG attachment pack





      M Guns



      Modular NVG

      Less Restricting Headwear


      Weapons and Attachments Customizer

      Two-slot Extended Mags

      Extra RM Ammo

    • Still no items to buy/ sell to 😢

      Screenshot below:

    • The latest version doesn't seem to respect any "addToBots": false changes on the retextured gear. Also now I can't even use the weight system to turn off the new clothing on bots (at least I can't find a way to do it myself).

    • @ReSynth - Mods list? I've only had this happen a couple times with non-compatible mods thusfar.

      @Pettan - I'll see what I can do - we implimented a new system to cause bots to be more uniformly fashionable akin to real life players who try to match their camo or at least their colour scheme.

    • @Pettan 
      I'll add this as a config option in a future release but for now, to stop all bots spawning with custom clothing, you can go to the addTagsAndWeights class and remove all the bot types in the

      botClothingGenData array. This will result in all bots using default gear, even if they were meant to have custom ones.

      As for the "addToBots" option, did you use this in a previous version? Did it function when made false?

      Thanks in advance, we really appreciate your feedback to know what we need to do.

  • Do not run this mod

    Are you running SPT 3.7.0 or newer? Do you see how the version number listed under the mod name is "3.6.1" and bright red? DO NOT RUN THIS MOD. You will break bot spawns.

  • Hey, once I use this mod In-game it completely breaks NPC spawns as no Scavs, PMCs or Bosses spawn please tell me if there is any way to fix this as this is my go-to mod for clothing and gear.

  • I think i found a fix for the mod. ONLY TEMP!

    removed the whole CustomBotGen from the TS mod it self. So it doesnt call the function at all. That seemed to work for me. I Use ALG and i have 0 issues so for. I juse SWAG for controlling spawns of bots. If its okay i can upload a "FIX" for you guys. But im not sure if im allowed to.

    Sorry for bad english. :)

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    • Ooh have you tested everything else out? Like, does the trader still work fine, and can you still choose and unlock clothes through quests?

    • Ive tested around 20+ hours. All seems good for now. Havent met any problems yet.

    • Do you think you can provide a link here with the fix? Im not sure of what exactly I need to delete

    • https://www.mediafire.com/file…TORV_HOTFIX%2529.rar/file

      Make sure it says [DOCTORV HOTFIX]. That way you make sure its installed right.

      Just replace the files. And if you use "Algorithmic Level Progression" please setup the config for custom traders if you want the bots to spawn with the gear.

      Add me on discord if you need anymore help.

      Discord: _doctor.v


  • hey wondering if this mod will be continued or is it gonna be dropped?

  • Update please :"D <3

  • when will we get 3.7.1 support? i want to use the mod but i sadly can´t D:

  • Sorry to be annoying but I gotta add my voice to the chorus - your mod is the only one I'm waiting for, it's so good! No rush of course, just hearing when you're planning on releasing would be a huge bone to throw at us :D

  • are we ever going to see another update? I would really love to use this mod!

  • are you going to update this for the newest version it will not work now

  • Hi, 3.7.1. update planned?

  • do you think you will Update to 3.7.1?

  • deleting everything within the customBotGen.js and customBotGen.ts files makes this work on 3.7.1. There may be some weird stuff that happens that I haven't experienced yet, but 2 raids in and no problems yet

    • Hey so does this essentially just give the questline with no cosmetic changes?

    • no, this gives the items and clothes without putting them on bots (the part that's breaking things). you do get an error on startup but everything works fine.

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    • How did this exactly work my game seems to stop responding when I try to enter a raid. Could you send your botgen files

    • deleted customBotGen.ts but couldn't find the .js version

      when i got into a raid there wasn't any bots around

  • when could we possibly expect a 3.7.1 version of DRIP or does it work on 3.7.1 still despite not being updated for it.

  • Pls Update to 3.7.1 I need my Drip

  • hey, after installing this and it not working I have troubles removing the mod entirely. In the launcher it still shows 23 Server mods and 24 profile mods. It also says that it the mod is still found in the profile but not loaded on the server.

    In-game I can't change tabs in my character screen, overall does not show my character avatar and clothing wise it shows only resolution values.

    I think I screwed m game here...

    • you must edit your profile to remove all clothing items from the mod.

  • Sadly doesn't work for me. It's outdated so...

    In the menu and flea all items are loaded, but when I try to start a game it gets stuck at 'starting local game'

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  • Anyone able to confirm if this mod works on 3.7.1?

    • No, if you do install it, the game will run but no AI will spawn in raid.

    • Thanks, hopefully it will be updated soon

  • will there a update for 3.7.1 in future ?

  • we need jeans for us BEAR boys

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  • is there a update to 3.7.1 ???

  • lets all how we gonna see 3.7.1 :3

  • Anybody know if this mod is going to get a revive, and update?

  • Are you going to update for 3.71?

  • Update please :') <3