Modding Stats Helper 1.0.0

Adds a tooltip when hovering parts in the weapon building screen that shows a quick overview of relevant stats and comparisons.

Modding Stats Helper


This mod adds a tooltip with stats when hovering parts in the weapon builder.

This allows you to quickly discern which parts are best/better for your build, and compare between parts faster.

Hovering a part in the part selection menu will show a comparison of that part and the part already on the weapon.

Hold ctrl to switch between comparison and stats view of the part.

Works well with my other mod: Trader Modding :)

Have fun modding your guns!


Not all stats are displayed. Only those I deemed most important to not clog up the tooltip UI.

You should still open item view if you wanna fully compare everything.

I might add some stats that people would like to see, or add a way to see all stats by holding shift eventually.

Comparisons won't show certain stats like malfunctions as sometimes they are a percentage, and other times text.

Mags won't show "load/unload speed" and "check speed modifiers" as they are handled differently and I didn't think it was necessary.

Rule of thumb is: bigger = more malfunction | load / unload speed, etc.

Same thing for stuff like MOA, won't show in comparison. Longer barrel = better MOA, etc. Self evident.

^ May or may not fix/add these in the future.

Compatible with realism mod stats.

Pretty rough patch but works well enough 99% of the time.

KNOWN ISSUES (may or may not fix):

Parts you can't put on won't show a tooltip telling you why anymore. To know why, you can simply CLICK the redded out part, and it will tell you at the bottom right why you can't put it on.

Rarely, some odd weapon parts will not show any stats and will throw an error. Unsure why. Can safely ignore errors (may be a realism mod issue).

Rarely, tooltip doesn't update / show properly. Simply stop hovering and hover again OR worst case scenario quit out of the weapon modding screen and reopen it.


    Whether you know the certain stats of some attachments or not this is a light little tool tip that will show you all the stats ive found myself using many more different attachments now that i know exactly what they do without the tedious way of checking each attachment and remembering their +/- stats. Great mod. To install Extract the contents and drop the BipInEx folder to your SPT root folder. If done Correctly, you should have a file like this SPT>BipInEx>plugins>Wara-ModdingStatsHelper :)

  • This is actually a very good qol mod

    Must have for new players!!!

  • Amazing QoL mod

    That's something that should be in the game already. After playing Tarkov for some time, you'll get the gist of the stats, but they're extra useful here on SPT with mods, overhauls, and additions.

    Instead of opening a bloated interface, now we have a clean and concise one. Amazing job from wara .

  • I'm outta titles but

    I still feel obligated to say thanks to all the great QoL mods I download and this is the newest shiniest one that I'll be adding to the 'essentials' list for sure. This is going to save me so much time hopping windows and alt tabbing once more and is absolutely perfect and a must-have for someone like me that's been playing a while but not really invested all the time into learning the exact numbers of everything (also I do appreciate you consciously kept the menu concise). Big thanks this is gunna be great not having to deal with that annoying preset window stutter when I hop tabs in the game anymore!

  • Works as intended.

    It's great!

    Compact & Easy!