Gran Turismo 1-5 Music Pack 1.0.0

Music from the Famous Racing series.

This adds in Music from the Gran Turismo series of games 1-5. I will add in 6 and 7 in a separate Pack as they have too much Music compared to the other games.

Install Instructions: Unzip to your SPT/Bepinex/Plugins folder. You will see a folder called Custom Music. Place this Folder in your BepinEx/Plugins folder and you should be good to go. PS: Let me know if the Music doesn't play or any errors occur.

NOTE: If the above install doesn't work ie Custom Music in BepinEx, you can take the music and dll file and post those into the Plugin folder. ONLY TRY THIS IF THE ABOVE METHOD DOESN'T WORK, I won't be held responsible if you do this first and complain in the comments.

This is me testing Props new Music Player as a "core". if successful, I will move my music Mods over to this player as it resolves the Music silent after raids issue people have reported.

Got a great suggestion to leave Previews of how the music will sound or on tracks that will play ingame so going to be doing that forward now. Here's one example of a track in the Music mod:

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  • Hi! Can you do the same thing but make it play from the gym's jukebox?

  • This working so well, even replaced with other songs

  • are these ripped?

  • I feel this would be nice for hideout music

    • Music only plays on the radio in hideout I think and I'm not sure how one could even begin to edit that mess of code.

    • the hideout music is in a resource folder in EscapeFromTarkov_Data. forgot which one but probably one before sharedassets38. i thought the main menu music is located in resource folders too no?

  • feels wrong but still good old racing vibes :saint:

  • never got racing vibes from tarkov lol

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