Lilly-EFT-mod 1.0.0

A mode I made for practice.

This mode was created for practice purposes.

The main purpose is to modify the mod.js script, not to add items.

Because we are using a translator, interpretation may not be possible. ^^

It is difficult to add locales at this time.

# need


# install

# config.json option

    "Magazine": true,
    "MagazineSize": true, # Height=1; Width=1;
    "MagazineMulti": 10, # Cartridges._max_count*=MagazineMulti
    "RainbowColor": true,
    "loopItem": true,
    "oldLocales": false,
    "lvl1Traders": false

# MagazineSize, MagazineMulti

  • MagazineSize





  • MagazineMulti


# "RainbowColor": true, in mm_items.json

Added background color change to rainbow color.

I created this simply because I wanted to classify it by background color.

# loop in mm_items.json

When adding only some items of the parent item by changing them.

# add item list

- Add by changing only the icon and background color of the THICC.

icon list : powerbank, grizzly, cristmas_prize_02, plastic_suitcase_set, double_gun_case etc...


BackgroundColor list : "default","orange","violet","grey","black","green","blue","yellow","red"

- Glock, AXMC, SVD edit mag

- LillyWeight

"Weight": -1

- LillyAmmor

ArmBand, glasses, pipe

  • @lilly, "A mode you made for practice"? Mind telling us what does that mean? What is the purpose of this mod? You literally have nothing in the [Overview] that explains anything about "what this mod does". I don't want to discourage any user who takes the time to make mods to improve this game we all love, but come on. Thanks

    • Cut them some slack... I know.. The mod doesnt say what it adds n stuff, but this is their most likely their first mod + It sounds like they aren't good with english.

    • :) Description updated

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  • Oh btw I think your locales are wrong or missing, at least depending on which version of Mighty_Condor's API you are using.

    If you want to add them correctly, it should look like

    All this depends on how many languages you want to add, you should know what prefix it is for your respective language.

    Also probably might want to attribute Mighty_Condor you are using the mod.ts made by him.

    Edit: NVM apparently the JS doesn't work that well ven with those changs.