Featured SPT-Aki Profile Editor 2.5

This tool let you edit your SPT-Aki profile easily. This let you edit everything you can find in your profile!


FAQ: https://github.com/SkiTles55/S…tor/blob/master/ENGFAQ.md

Require you to install: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/e…0.4-windows-x64-installer


  • Level, nickname, character voice
  • Switching between regular\ large pockets
  • Hideout building levels
  • Trader relationship levels
  • Quest statuses
  • Skill\ Mastering levels
  • Examined items
  • Removing\ adding items in stash (WIP), adding money
  • Import\ export\ removing weapon builds


  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Multilingual, with the ability to edit localization
  • Automatic backups every time you save your profile

How to use it ?

* Extract the executable anywhere except in user/mods.

* Open the executable.

* Select your SPT-Aki Server folder

* Choose your account

* Validate

* Make the wanted edits

* Click the save button

  • Version 2.5

    To install, unzip the downloaded archive and run setup.exe


    SPT-AKI 3.4.0 support

    Removed item size calculation if it is not a weapon (https://github.com/SkiTles55/S…-Profile-Editor/issues/44)

    Additional fix for wrong merchant level (https://github.com/SkiTles55/S…-Profile-Editor/issues/47)

  • Version 2.4.2

    To install, unzip the downloaded archive and run setup.exe


    Fix for the negative reputation of the merchant

    Fix for sorting on merchants tab

  • Version 2.4.1

    To install, unzip the downloaded archive and run setup.exe


    StatusTimers fix

  • Version 2.4

    To install, unzip the downloaded archive and run setup.exe


    Added localization editor to edit\create new localizations

    Added ability to drag a window when a dialog\message is open

    Added ability to add global item presets to stash and containers

    Server folder selection system has been redesigned, now, on error, a dialog is displayed with a list of files / folders that could not be found in the selected folder. If necessary, you can edit the relative paths in this dialog.

    Added the ability to disable checking for updates in the settings

    Added StatusTimers property to CharacterQuest for correct work with SPT-AKI 3.2

  • Version 2.3.1

    To install, unzip the downloaded archive and run setup.exe


    Added quest status "Expired"

    Changed link to server executable file

  • Version 2.3.0



    Fixed search for items in items adding tab (#23).

    Added viewing\partial editing of PMC/Scav equipment

    Added display of item tags, and the number of items in the stack

    Added viewing\editing the contents of containers

    Added weapon stats view, and export\add to custom builds

    Added the ability to add assembled weapons from custom / global assemblies


    UI improvements

    Fixed error reading FailRestartable, MarkedAsFailed quest statuses (#17).

    Improved trader level setting logic.

    Added an installer that automatically installs .NET when needed.

    Settings files, logs, localizations, and backups have been moved to the AppData folder.

    Added "Troubleshooting" section to settings.

    Fixed incorrect item adding bug (#18).

    Added checking for profile issues before saving (checking quest statuses and traders levels against various conditions).

    Added setting "Default action for profile issues" in the "Additional" section.

    Added a list of weapon parts and mods to weapon builds.

    Fixed missing weapon parts and mods in the add items window.

  • Version 2.1.1




    Миграция на .NET 6

    Исправлена некорректная работа списка запрещенных предметов

    Добавлена группировка квестов по типу

    Добавлена загрузка локализации для еженедельных/ежедневных квестов.

    Новая система проверки обновлений

    Исправлен сброс прогресса навыка при уменьшении значений


    Migrating to .NET 6

    Fixed incorrect work of the list of prohibited items

    Added grouping of quests by type

    Added localization loading for weekly/daily quests.

    New system for checking for updates

    Fixed reset of skill progress when decreasing values



    Исправлена ошибка сохранения вручную установленных статусов квестов.


    Fixed a bug with saving manually set quest statuses.

  • Version 2.0



    • Добавлено редактирование Дикого
    • Изменен интерфейс добавления предметов в схрон
    • Добавлен быстрый режим
    • Улучшения интерфейса


    • Added Scav editing
    • Changed the interface for adding items to the stash
    • Added Fast mode
    • Interface improvements
  • Version 1.9

    Updated for SPT-AKI 2.0.0

    Available here: https://github.com/SkiTles55/S…leEditor/releases/tag/1.9

  • Version 1.7

    Compatiblity update with SPT-AKI-1.0.0
    Update made by jbs4bmx, thanks to him!