Western Depression playlist 1.0.0

Abandoned by command thousands of miles away from home, even if you "Escape from tarkov" Tarkov won't escape you..

Long after the tarkov conflict ends you won't forget it, but hey why wait for the PTSD to kick in! :D (might make a eastern variation of this playlist)

Track list:

Little Dark Age - MGMT

The Perfect Girl Maruex

After Dark - Mr.Kitty

The Night We Met - Lord Huron

Romantic Homicide - D4vd

Sparks - Coldplay

Cry - Cigarettes After Sex

As the World caves in - Matt Maltese

Glimpse of us - Joji

Daylight - David Kushner

Past Lives - Sapientdream

Freaks - Surf Curse


lovely - Billie Eillish

roslyn - creamy

  • Thanks for the cool playlist : )

  • I think Western in this case is "Highschooler or teenage white girl with first world problems," because none of these are good depressing songs. no HANL? no Red House Painters? No Nothing or Whirr? Witness the death of someone you love for once

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    • I actually took this choice of music personal, i genuinely believe you dont know what depressing is. Western music includes crap from the UK and canada, who i know has some of the most depressing songs imaginable.

    • Bro bought the wrong Edge of Darkness edition :kekw:

    • Bro was going for that Alex Zhang Hungtai vibe and put ...Coldplay...

    • I had no idea of these artists but I will add them next update, and I have witnessed people I love die thanks

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    • Thank you man