Mosin Extension Realism mod compatibility 1.0.0

Realism Mod compatibility for NORVINSK_EVANGELION's Mosin extension mod

Realism Compatibility patch for Mosin Extension

Every single attachments from NORVINSK_EVANGELION's mod is now compatible with realism mod. all stats are fixed to reflect realism mod's changes to attachments.

Some examples

Finally my raifu mosin gets an upgrade to be sub-moa in tarkov animehehwhat

How to install

Put the Mosin Extension.json into spt-realism/db/put_new_stuff_here

  • Suggestion? nope it is great, on all your patches the stats all seem pretty balanced in practice!
    I do have something unrelated I have been stuck trying to troubleshoot with my limited you happen to know what could cause a trader/ flea offer generating modded armored items w/o the built-in armor (only the mod added items)? Cannot find an updated item/ category ID list anywhere...The trader mod responsible only generates offers for every item ID, making the aramid inserts a 'buyable' item. I have checked the effected items in the items.json files for the mod and they seem to point towards the aramid inserts being required, yet they still generate without, am I missing something?? Pic for reference
    Ex. of a mod Item that will have no armor when listed:

    Typical "hey figure this out for me" type comment so my apologies, I honestly have no clue what could cause this separation when generating flea/ trade offers, I am but a desperate man :|
    Trader sell category list:

    • I'll check on those in a bit too. some mods like on tgc and extra gear usec and bear has that problem too. I'm checking on how can i fix those. I'll update whenever i get to fixing those issues

    • Named all the mods I have that it has effected lmao, the trader is Koko for reference...Seriously cannot thank you enough for even taking the time to look into it <3

  • Open to any suggestions that people might have about the compatibility patch kanalove

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