Plant Time Modifier 1.0.0

This lets you adjust "Protect objective", "Hiding objective" and "Repairing objective" task action times.

This is a simple client mod that lets you adjust "plant time" for the in-raid task actions.


You can do this in the F12 config menu where you can set multipliers for each of the 3 types of planting objectives.

By default the multipliers are set to 0.5, meaning the objectives take half as long to complete. The multipliers can be lowered to 0 for instant completion of the plant. They can also be raised all the way to 5 to make the timer 5 times as long.


"Hiding objective": When you need to place an item, or task item, by holding F in a specific spot. Like hiding the rifle and multitool in the shoreline task "Fishing".

"Protecting objective": When you've placed an MS2000 marker and have to wait x seconds for it to complete.
"Repairing objective": Similar to Hiding. Done in
"Farming Part 1" when repairing the control panels on Factory.

  • Nice! This is exactly what I have been wishing for. Thank you.

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  • getting an error saying "missing package.json" ?

    • This is a client mod, not a server mod.

    • As Brin said. That is a server mod error so it can't be related to this mod.

    • what does that mean and how do I install it differently? Im super new to all this sorry

    • Best place to get help with mods is probably the discord server

    • Need install to Bepinex folder

  • I'd recommend you fix your file structure so people can just unzip it in the base folder and have it automatically go to BepInEx

    • Ah you're right, my bad. I use Mod Organizer 2 to manage my mods that automatically detects that structure.
      I'll wait and see if any bug reports come in and update the zip with correct structure one of the next days

  • this will make fishing gear not a total pain, nice one

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    • @MooseEFT i said that one because thats what most people are familiar with :P