Featured Raid Review 0.0.3 - v3.8.x

An experimental way to review raid data such as kills and looting, with the ability for positional replay.


To use this mod, make sure the SPT Server is running, play a few raids with the mod installed of course.

Once you've played a few raids, open the web client from in-game by hitting F5 or opening your browser, and going to

From there you can flick through your raids, and scrub through the playback system if positional data was captured.


  • Only a Chromium based browser is supported right now, cross-browser compatibility is on the roadmap.
  • v3.8.X versions are compatible.
  • FIKA support is somewhat unknown, there are reports of it working for the host.


Download your compatible version from the 'versions' tab.

Each particular version will have specific installation / upgrade notes, please refer to this before commenting!


  • Review information for raids such as kills, looting, players, bots, and positional information.
  • Basic toggle filters/grouping features to view raid information after the fact.
  • Replay and visualize positional movement and events that occurred throughout a raid.
  • Follow a specific/player by clicking on them.
  • Click on an 'event' in the timeline.
  • Focus/highlight a player by hovering over name in the Legend panel.
  • Toggle various visualizations to hide and show markers on the map.
  • Toggle map layers to see different levels of a map.

Known Issues

  • 🚩Map layer toggles are not working right now.
  • 🚩Labs is not working, please hold whilst I fix this!
  • 🚩File: raid_review__0.0.1.zip is being flagged by Windows Defender (& other AVs) currently flagging the minified javascript file "raid_review__0.0.1\src\Web\Server\public\assets\index-95ffd577.js", I promise this is a false positive. However, if you are concerned, please skip installing this mod until I figure out a way to verify this is safe moving forward as all my Defender and Virus Total scans indicate.
  • 🪲 Possible issue with ProfileIds mismatching in the Raids SQL Table, opened an issue here: https://github.com/ekky-llc/spt-raid-review/issues/5

This is just for quick reference, please log an issue via Github if you need me to address a bug!


  • [Feature] Share a raid, nuff' said.
  • [Feature] Favourite/highlights feature, similar to "twitch clips" for referencing back to specifc moments.
  • [Feature] Ballistics/rounds fired stats, visualize this in a focused "firefight" replay.
  • [Feature] Profile visulisation over a period of time, see profile stat increases with interactive graphs.
  • [UI] Differentiate between Bosses/Raiders/Rogues/Cultists from PMCs and Scavs.
  • [UI] Differentiate between PMC/Scav Runs.
  • [UI] Improve logos and icons for the playback system.
  • [Code] Code clean-up, tons of unused stuff and double ups of functions.

If you have an idea, or wish to contribute feel free to raise an issue or make a pull request!

Credits / Thank Yous

  • The entire SPT team for an amazing framework, and documentation.
  • SPT Discord, specfically people active in the 'mod-development' and 'dev-community' channels.
  • The folks over at 'tarkov.dev' for having an Open Sourced MIT Licensed repo that I could fork the interactive map from, litterally saved me weeks of work.
  • You for downloading the mod, and taking the time to install it.


I have a discord if you want to reach out, hang out or whatever.



100% do not ever feel obligated to support, but a coffee would be nice.



  • Version 0.0.3 - v3.8.x

    Please refer to installation/upgrade notes in the link.

    If you have a previous version installed, please follow the upgrade notes!

    Summary of patch notes

    I've tried to address some issues. Fixed the looting timeline so it hopefully displays actions more accurately now. Tackled some map data loading glitches, and to prevent the playback scrubber from going missing, I've added some overflow constraints to the map view.

  • Version 0.0.2 - v3.8.x

    Please refer to installation/upgrade notes in the link.

    If you have a previous version installed, please follow the upgrade notes!

    Summary of patch notes

    A protection mechanism was added to handle old profiles from the SPT Server, preventing UI rendering issues in the vite app. The 'positionsTracked' attribute is now part of the raidData for the '/api/profile/raids/' route, which controls the Map playback button in the UI. Additionally, the 'Loot Found' summary in the Raid Overview screen has been replaced with a 'Positional Data' available flag, and object mappings were modified to dynamically read map layers, resolving issues with Shoreline and Woods maps rendering empty screens.

    Further enhancements include updating the ingestion pipeline to correctly handle Profile_Id, reducing profileId mix-ups. A SQL Migration was added to drop the now-unnecessary positions table, as positions are stored in flat files. Try/catch blocks were incorporated into DataSaver.ts utility functions, and minor changes were made to the 'server' build script. The update also includes a new toggle for the Menu Item, defaulting to disabled and accessible via the F5 menu, and changes the "RAID_REVIEW" reference to "RAID REVIEW" in the Menu insertion. Lastly, Player Tracking is now enabled by default for better support, and the About Page has been updated.

  • Version 0.0.1 - v3.8.x

    Refer to installation/upgrade notes in the link.

  • Just uploaded patch v0.0.3 which addresses the following:

    • Fixed the looting timeline issue, it was showing that every loot action was someone dropping an item, it now displays correctly.
    • Added scrollbar that matches the theme of the web ui.
    • Using data provided by another user, fixed issues with map data not loading correctly, and added overflow constraints to the map view that was pushing the playback scrubber off the screen.

    Known Issues

    • 🚩The Labs is not loading, if you try to load the map right now it will crash the web client. I'm figuring this out, fix might take a few days as I'll be away for work.
    • 🚩Map layers are not working right now, this version introduced an unexpected bug trying to fix another issue (sorry).
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  • wtf ! big w man, thats insane, not useful for me, but i can definitly see people using this for multiple reasons, great work, another big support for the awesome SPT community

  • Love the idea of this mod and wanted to check the map review but it keeps giving me the following error:

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'name')


    at v5 (

    at Oc (


    at ee (

    at MessagePort.Re (

    What do I do?

    • What map are you playing?

    • I did 1x run on Factory as PMC then tried to pull it up once back in the main menu and got the above error.

    • Ah okay, does this happen when you open a raid? or the playback?

    • Playback. It shows the stats fine (who was in the raid, who looted / killed who, etc.) but gives this error when I press the view location replay.

    • I tried it again just now on Ground Zero and it worked fine, was able to see the location review. Will check again on Factory later.

  • Hey, Thanks for an awesome mod,

    it would be cool if you can add a share option of the raid web review. for easy share to friends

    • How do you see this working? Just so I can think it out as a feature moving forward...

      • Do you want to be able to package a raid, and all its data and send it to someone else to import and view within their mod installation.


      • Do you want to be able to click "upload/share", get a link and just send that to someone to view? That would involve a public server hosted somewhere, however, storage and stuff isn't free, so I need to think of a cost-effective way to do that.

      The next update I'm almost done with will allow people to visit the web client if they are in the same network, so people who use VPN's or host their SPT/Fika Server on a server somewhere else can just share the link directly.

  • Hey, awesome mod...I couldn't even imagine that such thing could be possible in SPT!
    But I have troubles making it work on my setup. The mod doesn't record any raids whatsoever. It doesn't send any notification it should ("raid recorded" etc.). I assume that the mod doesn't know what to "record" since my server is working on another machine and both computers are connected via Hamachi, although local web interface of the mod is working properly and server doesn't show any errors with the mod. Mod is installed correctly on both machines. I have no idea how to make it work :(
    Thanks in advance

    • The current version does not support SPT Servers hosted remotely. It currently only works from the host machine.

      The next update I'm working on will allow for this and bring this closer to a state where it should work for Fika enjoyers.

      I've completely hosed the playback system, going to catch some 💤 and try and fix it tomorrow.

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    • Thank you once again!
      Now I can stop banging my head against the wall thinking what did I do wrong ^^

  • Looks amazing I cant wait for full FIKA support.
    I run FIKA on a dedicated server and play from a different PC.

    Would it be possible for the dedicated server to record and store the replay files and the clients request files from the server?.


    • OK so installed on dedicated server and can log into web seletc profile but for some reason after raids I see no saved recordings :(

      I am never informed in game that its recording neither.
      can provide logs if needed

      thank you :)

    • Hi STK, currently the mod doesnt support the Server being hosted on a remote host.

      The client mod would've been trying to send all the telemetry to the pc you were playing on, not the remote host where the SPT Server is.

      I will be including options in the F12 menu for remote host enjoyers in the next update.

  • Map Layers are not working for me. They only make the current layer darker and thats it.

    • Is this happening for all maps? Have you got a screenshot I can look at?

    • Only played Interchange and Ground Zero so far but it doesnt work on neither of them.


    • Okay - I found the bug, it's something I introduced with v0.0.3 trying to fix anther bug, I'll open an issue to remind me later today (me rn).

  • is there any way to have it play back like a video? from what i know i have to click and drag. and if you implement this feature or if its already there, will there be (or is there) a way to speed up the footage?

    • There should be a play button, but it could be related to me using Emojis for the buttons instead of proper icons. Can you send me a screenshot of what you can see?

    • i dont know how to send photos but theres no emojis or icons or anything that indicates a play button. are you in the spt discord? i could send a screenshot there

    • Yeah I am , just search for "ekky"

  • Only thing it shows for me is "Upgrade Required", Running the 0.0.3 version.

    I run my server aki on another machine from clients, is this a problem?


    • Are the ports open for network access to 7828 on that other machine?

    • I believe so, in the screenshot was me connecting to my NAS which the server is running from my gaming PC. I didn't forward anything in router for external connections so just local was working.

    • Ah I see - It's very possible that :7828 is being routed to another service on your NAS, for example the HTTP web server that runs on your NAS may be taking in the request instead of going to the RAID-REVIEW server.

      What brand/model NAS are you running?

    • Custom, I don't recall using 7828 for anything, I use a bunch of services for media management but they all occupy higher ports. The webserver responds it just says "upgrade required", not sure what the order of things is supposed to be. Is everything done through that single port?

    • Windows or Linux?

  • this is insane !

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  • great mod, is there any way to easily delete the raid data to save space after viewing? I deleted the files in raid_review__0.0.3\data\positions, but although the map info is no longer available, I still see the raid listed in the browser

    • also, it seems that only my first raid was properly saved..al others have the player messed up, its showing other npc instead of the player

    • No... not yet, but I'll add a drop down to bulk delete raids.

      Positional data can be heavier than a black hole, however, the raid data should be in the kb range.

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  • Saw this mods usage was trending over on the Reddit. Pretty badass such a thing exists!

  • Hi, I'm loving this mod ! Thanks a lot again for your work :love:

    If you want some feedbacks on what to improve, I've got a few suggestions:

    • a single color for scavs/bosses/snipers and a random color for each squad (+ number in the circle to distinguish teammates). Because it's very difficult to distinguish scavs from pmc (especially between bear and scavs because the names are so similar), or else put scav or pmc in the legend.
    • display the SAIN brain type of pmc (rat, chad, etc.)
    • to be able to see the shots visually + visual animation when hit
    • health indicator (hp or %) on tooltip
    • remove all mags from the loot list, as they appear every time someone reloads, hard to see real loot.
    • reduce the size of the player's circle when zoomed in.
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    • Installed this mod yesterday and ran a customs raid this morning, works like a charm! Very easy to use and great UI in the browser!

      My only suggestion, in addition to @Chazu's, would be to add the factions (including scav differentiators like Bloodhound, Sniper, bosses, etc) to the list of bots/players in the map playback.

      Otherwise, absolute banger of a mod, fantastic work! 8)

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    • Thanks for the feedback!

      Absolutely, I'm going to go crazy picking colors for each faction / sub-culture of scav but I'll see what I can do. Depending on how I implement it, I may just randomize the colors and give you guys a picker for each category.

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  • When I click 'view map playback' I am getting this error: (I have all tracking enabled in F12)image.png?ex=666acf31&is=66697db1&hm=be1276bdc5c739c219da4e2886e67e7bcfba38710e619512ec064d52988f8bfb&=&quality=lossless

    • What version of the mod and spt are you running? If you can, could you upload these files using this https://www.file.io

      Profiles Folder: \user\profiles

      Data Folder: \user\mods\raid_review__0.0.x\data

    • here are my files, I have the same problem, Im using spt-3.8.3 and Raid review 0.0.2


    • Just tested your profile Shinratenseihc.

      Looks like Labs is causing me some problems, the map loader is not working right now.

    • thanks for your time and for your amazing mod, take your time

    • Here is the files: https://file.io/Nq63QSY5ZScI

  • Great mod concept, however I'm unable to view the map playback and I'm not sure why (I've tried with ungooled chromium and edge)

    • Might be an issue of incompatibility with Fika actually, here is the error:

      Unexpected Application Error!

      Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'name')

    • Yeah, I have not tested or even considered functionality with Fika yet. Are you the host, or a client connecting?

    • I have Fika and the mod works, its just Labs who is causing problems

    • I'm the host. The latest update works now on both edge and ungooled, thank you!

  • Would this mod eat CPU cycles, or rather impact your performance in-game?

    • It will, I have not measured the performance impact yet, but it definitely has room for optimisation which ill work on overtime.

      For example, an easy fix would be that I'm writing positional data regardless if the position has changed or not.

      I'm working on only updating when changes occur, which should help with performance.

      Little things like this should make the mod pretty much negligible for performance hits.

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  • would this mod possibly work on fika?? this looks like a great tool for teaching people tarkov

    • Honestly, I havn't looked into Fika support yet, but it is an open github issue, so I'll get around to checking that out when I can.

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    • Alright, thanks a lot. This really looks like a promising tool for AAR's

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  • Another mod directly out of my fantasy list.
    Amazing concept, cannot wait to try it.

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    • cant wait to see it in your video

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    • Love your videos mate, enjoy!

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  • Just uploaded patch v0.0.2 which should address the following problems:

    • Installation issues with having to modify the `core.json` file, the mod now ships with dependencies, so you will not need to change this for fresh installations. If you're upgrading, you can revert that change to the `core.json` file.
    • Old profiles causing issues with the web client from opening properly.
    • Player Positional Tracking not being enabled by default, this is now enabled by default in the F12 menu for fresh installs. Upgraders may need to modify this setting if you have not already enabled it.
  • For the life of me I can't get this to work. This is all I get.


    • What do the logs say when you launch the Server? Any big red writting?

    • It's not consistent. Right now for example I have an error on start that the package.json requires name, author, version and such. Before I had the error where app failed to load or something like that which prevented the server from starting any mod at all and would not progress beyond that error. I have to record the details when it happens again.

    • Updated the notes for the mod to include a fix that worked for Csxopp.

      Installation Issues

      If you encounter an error upon installation that reads "The application had a critical error and failed to run ... command failed ... pnpm install" please refer to a fix was found by "Csxopp", his advice is to "delete the mod files for raid-review, download/install Node.js and pnpm, reinstall the mod and start the server."

      Trying to figure out a better way to distribute the mod without needing to have dependecies install.

    • I did that and still have the same error but I'll try that again.

    • I invite you to give v0.0.2 a try, for your case just delete any references to RAID_REVIEW_0.0.1 from your mods, and try a fresh installation of v0.0.2.

      I removed the need to edit the `core.json` file, and shipped all the dependencies you need with the zip file.

  • I've been waiting for a mod like this forever. Thanks for bringing one to SPT!

    Now, I am having an issue that someone hopefully could help me out with, the raid overview and timeline of events work fine, however the map playback doesn't work for me. This is what I see when I click the button for the map playback: GTx1dAY.png

  • Is there any way to differentiate player scav from regular scav at all? Btw, this is awesome. I ran a raid this morning to test it out. Awesome stuff, can see the base of something i definitely will want in my raids always. I did turn on tracking but the map didn't seem to be visible. I just restarted everything and will give another raid a shot and see if it works after restarting everything.

    • AFAIK 'player' scavs should have their PMC name in brackets after their scav name

  • image.png?ex=666a0e04&is=6668bc84&hm=40afb0d6a197b058261513bd4d695fb42fe9b669ea4c998a5653ca15e880ea50&Dissapointingly getting this error when trying to load the after raid page on (F5). Possibly could be do to playing on 3.8.0? I tried Csxopp's fix for the server errors which worked but now get this. :( Any help would be greatly appreaciated as this mod looks really cool, great work to the author who did manage to get this to work for everyone else!

    • Would love to help, I havn't got a 3.8.0 installation ready but I'll see what i can do.

      Would you be willing to send me your profile.json and the database file inside the mod folder?

      Profiles path


      Database path


    • Absolutely! I don't see any way of uploading the files directly to this website, so I hope a file.io link will work.


    • Do have more than one profile, it appears that it could be related to another profile with an old data structure maybe?

    • There is two profiles in the user directory due to using Fika while playing, ive got my account and my friends who is hosting it.

    • Ok so big news actually I tried taking out some old profiles like you mentioned and it loads the profiles on the (F5) page. It seems that if anyone has any old profiles in thier user account they should remove them so that it doesnt cause any conflicting errors.

  • im amazed at this community and the continued ideas that keep coming! well done this is some thing cool

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  • Thanks a lot for this mod ! :love:

    However, I can't see the map when I click on the “View Map Playback” button.

    When I add “/map” to the url, I get an empty page.
    Tested with Edge and Chrome.


    • Oh, I have to enable player positional tracking on F12 Menu
      Sorry, haven't read properly ^^

      Happy 1
    • Hope its working for you now! I'll make sure its enabled by default in the next patch.

    • Yes it's working fine, thanks a lot again ! <3

  • Mod raid_review__0.0.1 package.json requires name property

    Mod raid_review__0.0.1 package.json requires author property

    Mod raid_review__0.0.1 package.json requires version property

    Mod raid_review__0.0.1 package.json requires license property

    Mod raid_review__0.0.1 package.json contains an invalid version string

    Mod (SPT-Realism) is missing package.json. Make sure you have checked the mods hub page for install instructions

    getting this error on server start up, it pulls me to a blank page also when i try and use the mod

    • Delete the mod in the mods folder and the bepinex plugin, refer to my first comment and download Node.js and Pnpm and make sure autoInstallModDependencies is true in <SPT-Install>/Aki_Data/Server/configs/core.json

      Then copy and paste the mod files back in.

      I’m guessing the spt realism folder was added from a mod like WTT, if you don’t have realism installed just delete realism from ur mod folder

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    • i have deleted realism from my mod folder but it keeps popping up sometimes, maybe a fresh server is needed.

      but i will delete the mod and try again thanks for the advice.

  • Just takes me to a blank page. Had the same issue (and fix) as Csxopp. But the Stats Mod Client page is just black blank page.

    • hmm maybe check to see if aki server has been let through the firewall

      it should be called The single-player modding framework for Escape From Tarkov. in the firewall

    • I had to manually add the server, but I did and it is allowed. Still same result.

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    • you could try to change the port for the web server idk if this would work at all. if you go to SPTarkov\user\mods\raid_review__0.0.1\src\Web\Server and open express.ts you can find the port and change it.

      dont know if it does anything tho

    • I don't know, it connects to the page, there's just nothing there.

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    • might be a browser issue, no clue tho i would try different browser and clearing cache but just wait for the mod author to get back on he prob will know what is going on or have ideas to fix it.

  • Hopefully you can get the virus scanning to pass. I love the concept of this mod, and I would love to try it, but not willing to ignore virus scan results sorry.

    • Completely understandable, hopefully i can figure out the problem.

  • Calling it now, this is gunna be one of the best mods for learning ever. To finally have a live visualization of your pathing and actions on say a loot run you want to teach a friend, they can finally see your pathing on the route and where you'll tend to get into fights. Amazing utility tool ngl :thumbup:

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    • 100% the potential for this mod is so high can't wait to see what he does with this.

  • I can't download the files. My virus program is super aggressive against it.

    file: C:\Users\charl\Downloads\raid_review__0.0.1.zip->user/mods/raid_review__0.0.1/src/Web/Server/public/assets/index-95ffd577.js

    Crying 1