Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Change ANY Trader's image, Original or MOD with ease. Customize your traders how you see fit. Pick it, Name it, Put it in the custom folder. With a simple UI program to make it easier then ever to customize you traders images.


  • Very awesome tool! I like that I can grab icons from outdated mods and use them directly here, also really nice not having to clear temp files. I think you should add your comment about finding trader names to the main guide it was useful.

    Also, the shortcut doesn't work because it is only relative to your machines path so it wasn't useful for me. If you want a shortcut then it would probably make more sense to use an installer and place it elsewhere, kinda like what SPT AKI Profile Editor does.

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    • Thanks you, and also thank you for the suggestion. I have added it to the main post. also I didn't want to make an installer for just a simple little program. I adjusted the post to accordingly.

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  • Trying to make a full custom Trader pack. Where would i find the correct IDs?

    I tried Scorpion, yet its not taking so i probably need the correct id like you did for the main traders.

    • When the game is running and you go to the traders the server will load the traders images into the user/sptadddata/files/trader/avatar folder with the images switcher off delete the images in the avatar folder and load the game. The default images for all traders will be loaded into the avatar folder. When that happens the name of the image is the correct name for your custom images. Copy and past the default image name to your images and it should work.

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    • Also another simpler way would be to go to the traders folder in your user/mods folder and inside the traders folder there should be a res folder that is where the custom trader image is. Copy the name of the traders image and past it to your own image.

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    • Can't wait to see what your trader pack images look like. When can I expect to see the pack public?

    • Was super busy this weekend

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