Lua's Flea Market Price Updater 3.1.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
Please do not spam mod comments with requests for mods to be updated - repeat offenders will be muted at moderator discretion.

Real-Time Price Update for Flea Market

Real-Time Price Update for Flea Market (Ragfair)
(Except blacklisted items since 12.12 Flea Market)

MOD IS DISABLED by Default, Check config.json

  • Real-Time Price
    • Flea Banned items are updated from traders (option)
  • Public API
    • No need to Patreon pledge or Register/Login
  • Auto Update
    • Price data updates every 5 minute, in-game update interval is 30 minute by default
    • Price is not eqaullay to Live server, Data and API from
  • Version 3.1.0

    • Updated for remove old offers that generated before price update, No longer off priced offers in flea market
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x / 3.2.x
  • Version 3.0.0

    • Refactored code a bit
    • Added more logs and colors with them
    • Added more configs
      • "Enabled": Default is false, you know what to do
      • "UpdateIntervalSecond": Default is now 1800s (30mins) and Minimum is 600s (10mins)
      • "UpdateFilters": New, now we can pick price datas within time we choose and lowest/highest or average price
        • "Prices": "lowest" or "avg" or "highest"
        • "LimitPriceDataWithinTime_Hour": Default is 24 hours, you can set to -1 for all price history data (around a week data)
      • "UpdatePricesFromTradersForBannedItems": Update flea banned items from traders
        • "Enabled": Default is true
        • "LowPricedItemsOnly": Update only low priced items, prevent item reselling (Why would do that tho)
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x
  • Version 2.0.0

    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x
  • Version 1.9.9

    • Updated for Typescript
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.0.0
  • Version 1.9.0

    • Updated for new api parameters
    • Fixed to update ragfair offers table
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.3.x
  • Version 1.8.0

    • is back to online as fork
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.3.x and 2.2.x
  • Version 1.6.0 (Revoke)

    • Seems like is went down and is still running API, revoked to 1.6.0
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.2.x
  • Version 1.7.0

    • This version might not work properly, Not Tested.
    • Changed market data host from to
      • Thanks to r1ft for the info
    • Price data update interval is 12h, no need to update every hour anymore
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.2.x
  • Version 1.6.0

    • Fixed code error that causes undo the price updates.
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.2.x
  • Version 1.5.0

    • Changed update interval to 10min (600s)
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.2.0
  • Hello!Great mod.But when I enabled mod,I can't use scav case.My Aki version is 3.2.0 and I'm using the latest version mod.

  • Hey, great mod and pretty much essential for me to have.

    But uhm, i recently updated my game to 3.1.1 and i think your mod breaks Flea market on 3.1.1. It seems to cause all currencies to be calculated equally, at least for sorting. As in 1 USD = 1 EUR = 1 RUB

    Barter price approximation also seems to be broken.

    This also has a side effect on weapon presets as it will always choose USD or EUR as the lowest prices (despite usually being the most expensive ones).


    (7 257 usd is over 775 000 RUB, yet it thinks it's cheaper than 32 000 RUB)

    • That's on SPT's price setting, not related with the mod.

    • It only happens with this mod though. Without your mod Flea is working correctly.

    • I'll check it later tonight

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    • Just tested without mods, It still sorting same.

    • Without your mod it sorts correctly:


      I also found a thread about the same issue and in the same thread the OP and others mentioned that your mod also causes the issue (weird that no one actually reported to you though): Flea market price sorting always show USD/EUR on top of Ruble regardless the actual value

      GhostFenixx managed to find the cause of it and explained why it happens.

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  • some prices are showing up for very cheap 24k for miller bros sword. 1 ruble for CPC tac rig

  • Hello. The prices doesn't seem to match live for me. Would the ServerValueModifier cause the problem?

    • Not sure, you shouldn't check Live server for this mod, It uses datas, compare both in-game and website to confirm if not, try to disable SVM.

  • 3.0.0 Update soon? nyurage

    Tarkov main game just have a wipe and now I need this mod to match them

  • I have a problem with this mod: until this day, everything was fine and the prices matched the prices of a real flea market, but today I started getting this message:

    [SUCCESS] Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater: Updated market data, Total 0 items

    and the prices stopped changing.

    I have the "Server Value Modifier" mod installed and I used it to open items blocked by BSG, and now I can't say for sure what happened before - this mod broke, or I used the "SVM" mod. I've tried deleting all mods except for this one, and I've also tried reinstalling this mod, but no matter what I do, it doesn't update the prices anymore.

    my spt-aki version 2.3.1

    • Not sure why but I won't maintain the old versions, sorry.

  • Something is broken again? ... but the site in my browser load without problems ...

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    • im getting the same error

    • yes, having the same issue too.

    • That's because some query parameters were deprecated.

      The easiest way to fix that is replacing itemsByType to items in code.

      However, there's more deprecated parameters in query body that could be cut soon. New query will probably look like that:

    • works thanks

      EDIT: The mod no longer gives errors but the prices still do not update

    • It looks like mod doesn't clear offers with old prices, just generates new offers with updated price. If you disable ragfair dynamic price multipliers, you'll see, for example, RGD-5 offers for 12240 (this value is taken from price template) and 21328 (this value is taken from API).

  • Is this mod based off the live version because the red keycard seems pretty cheap as heck.. Its only listed for 600k o.o Thought the keycard was in the 55M to 80M?

    • There is no api data to update the red keycard therefore mod won't update the price, It uses SPT's price.

    • tarkov market is reporting 800k, I think its because of the current ongoing event on live where Flea market was disabled

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    • okay, I did not know that at all.. I thought it used Live Version Prices.. Thank you for letting me know. If it uses SPTs Price then what makes the mod different from it? Sorry I'm sure you answered this in your Overview but stupid dumb me doesn't understand. :x

    • @L963 Sorry, I haven't been on Live Tarkov for 3-4 months since I found out about SPT XD Only time I use the client is to update it. So the event right now is no one can use Flea Market right now? :o

    • @Demigods, from what I know it got unlocked yesterday. It was an event taking a couple days. Probably no new sales of keycards yet so the there is no new data to update.

      And the difference between this mod and the SPT prices is that the SPT ones are static. These change together with the live server

  • I seem to be having this issue with this mod, have I done something wrong or is the mod acting up? -

    EDIT: I believe the website or something is down, if this is the case I guess I'll have to wait until its back up and running or someone has an update about it. Appreciate any replies in advance.

    • we will need a new copy of tarkov-tools

    • The API seems to be broken

    • Welp, will see how it goes until this week and trying to replace to tarkov-market with donor's api key.

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    • Thanks for the replies guys, it's a shame this is happening but it's just one of those things which I hope manages to start working again cause I can't play without this mod man xD

    • Any update Lua?

  • Although mod is currently showing it's updating item price, has been shutdown. Flea market price seems pretty close with or without the mod, just FYI...

    • API still running, SPT update contains latest price from flea so.

  • does it work on aki 2.3.0?

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    • yes without a issue

  • Or you can create your own proprietary API

    • Not gonna maintaining API for this.

  • [ERROR] Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater: (524) Failed to update market data. Retry in 10 minute

    it still hapens on the new version

    • the replacement site is down

    • Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater: Updated market data, Total 2089 items

      i think it works now

  • [ERROR] Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater: (524) Failed to update market data. Retry in 10 minute

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    • I thought I was the only one have this issue.

    • Google response code 524.

      If you keep having this error, maybe site is down or you need to use vpn.

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  • is shut down due to Ukraine war

    mod is now offline


    PS. No more updates and not going to change to tarkov-market
    i'm not going to pay for API key every month.

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    • Updated to alter site

  • tarkov-tool is shut down, plz change

    • Is this mod useless until then? or can i just change hostname: '' myself?

      or is there more to it? Because be on that I don't know JS coding.

    • yep useless now, but when author update this mod then i think he will fix this problem

    • Nope, tarkov-market requires to join their patreon to get an API key every month which is i'm not gonig to pay.

    • hey Lua go here Tarkov Market Free this is not tarkov market someone made this after tarkov tools went down.

    • @r1ft, Thanks, updated.

  • is it enouth to allow server and client.exe with my firewall, or is there something else that needs to be allowed to communicate for updating the prices? thanks!

  • Code
    What kind of nonsense, why did my price for cartridges become inadequate after installing the mod? The price for cartridges was underestimated by 2-10 times, I have a 995 cartridge, which should cost 3000+ rubles, costs 300
  • is it posible to make it so that u can take barter offers? bc in the main game the rare keys are only sold for barters bc of the sales tax.

  • Isn't the fleamarket update not in AKI itself? Or is this mod anything else doing?

    • Aki doesn't update flea prices until new release because Aki is single player mod which is no internet connection required.

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  • Works very good. However if this is combined with the mod that removes the blacklist of the flea market, it makes the market for some reason very slow and sluggish to respond. If either mod is run individually it works fine and is fluid and fast. But since both mods alter flea market, likely not surprising they affect each other.

    • If you talking about Chomp's disable flea blacklist mod, it shouldn't affect each other and no code problem from my sight so, no idea.

    • Oh that is curious then, must be something else then interfering. Will do some testing and if I find what is the problem will post it

  • This mod isn't working, for example the M4A1 is selling for 17k when it's actually selling for 65k on live.

  • Have no connection problems, but not sure if this mod works at all. Tested on Ledx - it had id 5c0530ee86f774697952d952. Prices can be found in
    [Game folder]\Aki_Data\Server\database\templates\prices.json
    So I've changed price for 5c0530ee86f774697952d952 to x10 - from 981 935 to 9 819 350, and flea market price was around 8 000 000 - 11 000 000 no matter if mod was there or not. Server console had green message
    [SUCCESS] Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater: Updated market data, Total 2122 items.

  • I'm having the same problem as others, only red errors i get in my log is from this mod, hangs in beginning of raids or extracts.

    [ERROR] Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater: Error: read ECONNRESET

    I'll test without this mod and see what happens.

  • Error 9001 on the Flea whenever I try to do most things

    no errors in Server log

    Then the flea glitches out and becomes unusable.

    • No problem with the mod and most likely mod doesn't make ragfair unusable.

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  • Hey love the mod but i have been getting a couple of hangs when extracting a raid. and looking at the server log the last one at least seems to be related to your mod

    [Client Request] /client/game/keepalive

    [ERROR] Lua-FleaMarkedPriceUpdater: Error: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established

    [Client Request] /client/game/keepalive

    [Client Request] /client/game/keepalive

    [Client Request] /client/game/keepalive

    [Client Request] /client/game/keepalive

    [Client Request] /client/game/keepalive?retry 1

    [ERROR] Lua-FleaMarkedPriceUpdater: Error: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established

    [Client Request] /client/game/keepalive?retry 2

    End of log

    No other errors while browsing the rest of the log

    • yeah seems to be related to your mod. i did 5-6 raids yesterday without it and no hangs. but tried using it again today and two hangs at raid end. No errors in the server log today though

  • I get this error upon starting server.

    "[ERROR] Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater: Error: connect EACCES"

    • It's not mod problem, is offline at that moment or maybe problem with your ISP tho

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    • Ahh right okay sorry I was unaware, thanks for the insight.;)

  • can i use this mod on AKİ 2.0.0?

    help would be appreciated

    • it could be working but not sure and I have no plans to support old versions, sorry

  • seems doesnt work now.just me have this problem? :(

    • If you're in China, ISP may rejects to connect

    • thx for reply.Can VPN solve this problem

    • Strangely enough, i can use it at 16069,but i cant use it at 16432 and 16440. =O

      but also it loaded at the 16440 server control command panel just like this:

      [完成] Lua-FleaMarketPriceUpdater: Updated market data, Total 2116 items

    • only supprts for stable versions, dev versions are not supported on the hub

    • I really want to use it at 16440 ;( ;( ;( ;(

  • So it seems I can sell FIR items but I'm scared that they won't be sold and stay forever in the market.

    3M RUB WCase and 800K LEDX being sold would come in handy....

    Edit : OMG, things just got sold, if anyone wanted to know just like I was wondering :D

  • Love the mod and a MUST HAVE :!::!::!::!:

  • Needs an update for 3.0.0


  • Must-have mod. Thanks for the update Lua<3 animelaughing

  • Works fantastic

    Great guy and fantastic mod to add back live like functionality to the flee market.

    Watch out for some other mods that add items, if you get a 9001 error you need to figure out what mods are adding gear, guns, etc that are broken and remove them or your flea won't work right. 8)

  • A must have Mod for every SPT fan IMO !

    Working like a charm and super useful for learning actual Flea values of items (except one or two Blacklists). Thanks a lot for your contribution! <3