Lua's Custom Spawn Point Maker 1.0.0

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Are you looking for easy way to make custom spawn points on your own?

  • Great tool. Could you also include the actual screenshot maybe with the same name as the json created when pressing Insert? I have a hard time remembering where I pressed Insert especially when adding 20 or so new spawn points.

    • Well, Not sure I can make force to take a screenshot and move the file into folder, I would suggest to take a screenshot every spot when you make the spawn point in that case and find the screenshot when you confused with where is this position is by compare the position in screenshot file name.

    • ok, no problem. I will just keep making notes on a notepad when I press insert.

  • Man, you are a genius. It almost can't get any easier. Thanks for the tool.

    I have one question: do you think it is better to assign spawn zones in an even out way? I mean if I add 20 spawn points and there are 5 default spawn zones on the map, then it's better to assign 4 to each no matter the distance between the actual zone and my new spawn point.

    This way if the game chooses to only spawn AI on let's say Zone1 there's still a chance to make new spawns work.

    • Bot's using nearest nav mesh And some places are trying to go back to their spawn zone.

      So, I would suggest to use nearest spawn zone.