Lua's Spawn Rework 2.1.8

Former CPSR, Bot Spawn Rework System


Original by ClairrePurr/Icesugar and Reborn by Hosav

Do not disable Boss Enable in Game Raid Setting
Disable has_boss in patterns config instead

MOD IS DISABLED by Default, Check config.json

I have been using Hosav's version and quite liked a lot

Trying to fix some bugs and adding more features with configs

pattern JSON files are now inside of config folder

:!: Cultists are only spawn at night (22:00 ~ 06:00), If you want to spawn at day than use cultists on other bosses escort, or edit script to replace raiders

- OR use the patch mod



Recommend to use with other AI Mod without Spawn changes

(Personally I used Fin's AI Mod for AI change only)

:!: Beware if you use Fin's AI Mod, you may have some conflicts

Quote from Shiro-chan due to the virus reports

Edit made by myself.
Virus Total checked, virus total personally and checked with alternatives, all files came clean.
At the moment, it seems fixed and no longer flags.



Bot Generation Server Logs



  • Version 2.1.8

    • Fixed where router doesn't work
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.5

    This is the last update for a while or forever

  • Version 2.1.7

    • Fixed OpenZones spacing problem, Thanks BSG :nikitathinking:
      • Thanks to Stigma for report and fix
      • v2.1.5 and v2.1.6 users must update the mod
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.4
  • Version 2.1.6

    • Fixed "max_alive_bots" config
      • v2.1.5 users must update the mod
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.4
  • Version 2.1.5

    • Updated bot config - "maxBotCap" for SPT 3.2.4
    • Updated pattern config
      • Added "max_alive_bots" into top config instead of each maps
      • Added "scav_map_openzones" for each maps OpenZones to apply for Scav spawns
    • Updated Spawn print logs
      • PMC Bot Type and Scav OpenZones are no longer prints unless "show_generated_bots" is "all"
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.4
  • Version 2.1.2

    • Removed "usec_default_enemy" and "bear_default_enemy" option in pattern config
    • Replaced pmc type option "pmc_type" in pattern config
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.3
  • Version 2.1.1

    • Fixed "gifter" role for temporary until 3.2.1 hotfix releases
    • Fixed customs map "OpenZones" for missing "ZoneScavBase"
    • Lua-Default.json pattern update
      • All "gifter" chance to 5
      • All "random boss" chance to 10 from 5
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.1 / 3.2.2
  • Version 2.1.0

    • Updated for SPT 3.2.0
    • Removed option "cursedAssault_chance" for PMC in pattern json
      • You can use the "cursedAssault" role to "bear/usec_type" in pattern json instead
    • Lua-Default.json pattern update
      • For SPT 3.2.0 only, "gifter" is disabled in default pattern json
        • Do not use it until next SPT 3.2.0 hotfix or update
      • "spawn_scav_raider_location_chance" to 44 from 33
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.0
  • Version 2.0.5

    • Fixed error that trying to load not an map setting in pattern json
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x
  • Version 2.0.4

    • Fixed Escort amount missing error when random escorts generates
    • I forget to mention before
      • Map names in the pattern json are now all map id instead of actual map name
        And you may having problem if you used old pattern files
        • "customs" => "bigmap"
        • "reserve" => "rezervbase"
        • "factory_day" => "factory4_day"
        • "factory_night" => "factory4_night"
        • (You can check in the /Aki_Data/Server/database/locations folder)
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x
  • Version 2.0.3

    • Changed "Lua-Default.json"
      • Removed "pmc_behavior_role"
      • Default "showTypeInNickname" value to false
    • Fixed "EscapeTimeLimit"
    • Fixed "BossLocationSpawn"
      • v2.0.1 users must update the mod
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x
  • inactive modder

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  • Do not disable Boss Enable in Game Raid Setting
    Disable has_boss in patterns config instead

    :!:Error from Others config won't be answered in here, ask the problem in their mod page:!:

    :!:Please check the config.json and pattern config files include Readme file before asking:!:

    Question that explained in Readme file won't be answered from me as well

    No longer comment supports from author
    You may ask me in SPT Discord but no gurantee for answer or help

  • somebody pleeaaaaaaase tell me how do i add more pmcs enemys into my games cause ive bin trying but for example when ever i run factory i still only end up finding 1 or 2 i tried to set the max like 100 but nothing happening so can anybody please maybe tell me how

  • Still on 3.2.5 here. Not going to update SPT again until Streets is ported over (in a workable condition).

    Just a quick question for one of my favorite modders:

    Is the 'Default" value for max alive bots the maximum limit for any map? If I have "Default = 30" and "Shoreline = 32" will the Shoreline value override the Default value?

  • Does this work for 3.3?

  • I haven't had any Rogues spawn on lighthouse, does anyone know what might be causing this problem?

    • i had the same thing with this mod a while ago, disable it and run again :)

    • that wouldve been easier lol, i made an entire new boss slot specifically for the rouges and fixed it that way

  • After playing vanilla SPT for a while, the spawns became very predictable. This mod has help re-energize the game for me.

    I do have a question though: What's the easiest way to adjust the ratio of scav to PMC spawns? The chaos of fighting many PMCs is good at times, but it's making progression for some scav killing quests a lot more challenging. Is there a field somewhere to change the weighting of spawn classes, or what's the best approach to tweaking this?

    • Вы случаем не в 3.2.5 играете?

  • has anyone found a fix for this and realism mod causing all big pipe spawns?

  • Edit: Oops, didn't see the comment regarding support in the comments until I already posted. Sorry!

    Hey Lua, I wanted to ask a question, and figured it'd be better to comment it than leave it as a DM on Discord.

    Inside of the mod.ts itself, there exists a line like so:

    bots.types["assaultgroup"] = jsonUtil.clone(bots.types["followerbigpipe"]);

    As you may be aware, PMCs now have their own unique bot type that allows them to inherit personalities while still being themselves. I was wondering if replacing followerbigpipe with sptBear would actually lead to Bears spawning properly. USEC(sptUsec) does with the appropriate changes inside of the pattern file, but not Bear(sptBear), so I figured I should ask and see if it's worth trying out.

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    • For people who may be waiting for a response from Lua; I've tried replacing it with several different ones. For what ever reason, without it being specified as followerbigpipe, this causes the game to just completely shit the bed and break. I don't know why, and it's unlikely that I'll actually discover why. That'll have to be done by someone smarter than me.

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  • I'm going to be working on a fix for the big pipe issue of this when combined with SPT.
    Will post here if I end up doing a "LUA'S SPAWN REWORK BIGPIPE FIX".

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    • That would be awesome man. I check everyday. What happened to Lua?

    • Nothing, busy life, playing some games

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    • Would look forward to it, best wishes, and luck, to you and Lua!

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  • There no any info about install path. Instead it only link to FAQ.

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    • You sure about that?

    • What is install path? Dont need to troll. Not everyone know this without instructions.

    • Sorry, Have you check FAQ "How to install mods".

      It covers install path and instructions.


  • Hi there Lua,

    I have an altered mod.js that shows the pattern selected at the END of the server window for example:

    Is this okay to include in a patterns mod that I uploaded, based on your wonderful mod?

    • I'm not sure how it needed to be but sure, it will be fine until i update (maybe) the mod

  • Only PMC not move and responsive, can fix this bug? (Aki 3.3.0)

  • just updated EFT and SP launcher. The server says your mod may not work properly but it does load it. Ive been having difficulty spawning AI after the update. do you plan to release an update or no? love your mod btw.

    • got PMC's to spawn and the mod to work but PMC's are not moving and are not responding to fire.

  • is there a place to see where the "zones" match up on each map? like reserve, for raiders it says PTOR1 and PTOR2. where are these?

    • Overview page

  • couldnt find where this step was supposed to be done if i run FIN

    If you use Fin's AI Mod, you need to "disableAllSpawnChanges" sets to true

    • no longer needed it seems like

  • Code
    an error occurs, bots are not loading, what should I do? Download: Lua-SpawnRework 2.1.7 [Disabled] for 3.2.4
    • Did you enable the mod in the config.json file and are still getting this disabled message?

  • I can tell you the assasin Olympus mod is not compatible with this.

  • really hope you are leaning more towards for a while than forever when it comes to updating. At least whenever we get streets of Tarkov coming to spt. Love your mod and it's very sad to hear it may be ending for you for modding it.

  • the mod doesn't seem to be working on 3.2.5

    I don't see the generated bots in the spt aki console, and the game feels basically as without the mod. It changes only when I set __DEBUG__Generate_bots_on_start to true (in this case i see the generated bots in the console and also it feels in the game) but it's not workable when you have many different configs and you want the bots to re-generate every raid

    • Yep somenthing is wrong with last game version i gues,tried every posible settings and onthers and still not work :/ shame

    • Yea I got the same experience as you. without this mod the Factory is just broken because I'm running around the map and no bots spawn or If I'm lucky 2 or 3 bot spawns.

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  • i`ve tried everything but its still disabled

  • I'll be the first one to admin I'm a idiot and don't know anything about anything, how can I set it so that it does not spawn raiders on maps it's not supposed to?

    Do I change all the raider_waves lines in lua-default.json to false? will that also stop raiders from spawning on reserve and labs?

  • Does this mod have any issue with All the bosses?

  • Is it it just me, or does the sniper spawning not working? Also Knight and his mates are spawning, but they have 0 spawn waves.

    • Did you figure this out? I have also noticed the issue

    • you'll need to add the sniper zones to the scav_map_openzones line on each map that has Sniper Scavs (Customs, Woods, Shoreline, and Lighthouse.





  • Lua,

    I see on the config file that you have for shoreline a 10% chance of bosses spawning and it can be any of them from the looks of it. Couple questions.

    1.) The section for spawn locations is just a couple { } brackets. Does that mean anywhere on the map?

    2.) Does the config have it set to just spawn one boss no matter what or can the goon squad also spawn along with the boss like online?

  • What would be the best settings in the population and difficulty menu before going to a raid to insure that you at least will see a pmc or a scav every raid? I've been getting a lot of dead raids at medium population and now at high. Horde seems to sometimes do it but it's way too much ai in one single place. I have Ai Limit loaded and Incursion Diversity for Lua's Spawn Rework.

  • I have been working for around week with your mod and still cannot produce the results I am wanting. I wanted to reach out for some advice. Currently I'm playing shoreline and my goal is to have most zones to have bots I can have firefights with. With current settings I found that I would run around the map looting for around 10-20 minutes and by the time I'm extracting with 10 minutes left, I have kill maybe 3 people, most of the time just scavs.

    So I started by slightly increase the # of wave, the number that spawn in each wave, and increased the insta wave on scav/pmc by one. This helped some if I went only to the zanatorium or power. Outside of that it was always dead in greenhouse and swamp area in the 12 raids I did. I finally tried lowering the max bots that can spawn in an area down to 5 thinking that it would just immediately rotate over to an open zone if the main zone was filled (if so this is a nice feature for each map to adjust spawns). Is this the case or do they just not spawn? What recommendations would you give to produce a nice in the middle where most zones could have enemies to fight often enough while not being completely pack and dropping frames.

  • Hey man :) I'm having a ton of fun on factory but it seems factory is the only map spawning Ai. tho I've only try customs, woods and factory so far with this spawn rework. what may be the cause of ai not spawning?

  • Error:

    bot generation failed - unable to find bot with type assault in cache

    unable to find bot assault isPmc: false in cache...

    Please Up

    and thx for update)