Lua's PlayerBossScav 3.0.2

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
Please do not spam mod comments with requests for mods to be updated - repeat offenders will be muted at moderator discretion.

Playing Scav like a Boss



Playing Scav as Boss Character

Mod is disabled by default, Check the config.json

:!: Always backup your profile:!:

:!: You need to play Scav once after enable the mod to re-generate scav profile
Or enable "GenerateScavProfileOnStartup":!:

  • Choose Boss / Scav Types
    • "RoleList" has all bosses include cultists as default
    • (You can find all types in Aki_Data/Server/database/bots/types folder)
  • Random Appearances
    • On your taste by config and randomness
  • Change Scav Skills
    • (You can find all skill properties in Aki_Data/Server/database/templates/profiles.json search for "Skills")
    • For skill values, 0 is disable and maximum is 5100
    • Skill "BotReload" is boss's default skill for making reload speed gotta go fast level
  • Change Scav Play Cooldown
    • It is set to 0 as default
  • Change Scav HP by multiplier
  • Change Scav Energy and Hydronation
  • Version 3.0.2


    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.2 / 3.2.3
  • Version 3.0.1

    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.1
  • Version 3.0.0

    • Code refactored for SPT 3.2.0
    • Added "RandomAppearance" config for random clothes
      • "RandomizeEveryParts": pick random bot type for each parts that "KeepOriginalParts" is false
      • "KeepOriginalParts": if you set false on part, It will use selected role's appearance for the part, also you can use "botType" for each part (for example, look at the "Raider" config It has "bear" bot types for voice and name from "pmcbot"
      • "BlacklistRole": as config named "Random", It uses all bot types (empty bot types are excluded even not listed in blacklist) so, If you want to not use some of bot types appearance, adds in here
    • SPT 3.2.0 only - "gifter" is disabled and auto-replace to "assault"
    • Updated server logs
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.2.0
  • Version 2.5.1

    • Fixed error on new profile
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x
  • Version 2.5.0-1

    • Fixed fenceService function error (Not properly tested but It should works)
    • Previous v2.5.0 also re-linked to this version
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x
  • Version 2.5.0

    • Updated "Chance" to "BaseChance" and Added "ScavKarmaChanceMultiplierByPercent"
      • Value [0.6 = 60%] and if your [Scav Karma] is 0.5 with [BaseChance] 25.0 ==> 32.5 (+ 7.5 to BaseChance)
      • BaseChance * ( 1.0 + (Scav Karma * ScavKarmaChanceMultiplierByPercent) )
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.1.x
  • Version 2.4.9

    • Updated for Typescript
    • Removed "BonusAmmo" option
    • Moved "gifter" to Raiders role list
    • Supported "akiVersion": 3.0.0
  • Version 2.4.4

    • Updated for Aki 2.3.1
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.3.x
  • Version 2.4.3

    • Fixed "Filter" error that caused by other mod remove secured container item filters
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.2.x
  • Version 2.4.2

    • Re-Reupload, smh.
    • Updated function for Aki 2.2.0
    • Added Weapon durability config
    • Added Pouch (Secured Container) config
    • "BonusAmmo" will gives full stacks ammo of generated weapons
    • "ContainerItemFilter" restrict items like Secured Container
    • Supported "akiVersion": 2.2.*
  • I modified the config, and it worked for a little. I go to play as a boss again and its a normal scav again, ive played through 5 scavs and a boss scav will not show up. i reinstalled the mod and did the same thing, again no boss scav. Can you just tell me what to edit to get the scav bosses cause clearly something isnt adding up anymore

    • Am having the same problem

  • Some reason when I try to up the boss chance I just get normal scavs instead

  • If i just want to play with just big pipe and Birdeye. Can i just backspace off the others off the rolelist, for example. {ive done this and its only worked for the bosses}

    "RoleList": [



    Great mod btw ty.

    • yes

    • Thanks,

      When i only have bird eye and bigpipe on the rolelist with raider chance 100 i only get a normal scav,

      are birdeye and big pipe tecnically bosses? should i put boss chance to 100 instead?

  • for some reason i get the bosses outfits but standard scav guns??? i know very little about computer stuff so id appreciate detail

    • Read the release note and config file.

  • 灯塔的未定义上限

    没有找到 Lighthouse 的机器人上限,使用默认值}



    在 HttpResponseUtil.clearString (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:20079:18)

    在 HttpResponseUtil.noBody (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:20082:21)

    在 BotCallbacks.getBotCap (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:55:34)

    在 $de60112e0288ef4d$export$1dd35d19c79daa7c.action (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:15301:42)

    在 BotDynamicRouter.handleDynamic (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:15250:59)

    在 Proxy.handleRoute (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:15553:49)

    在 Proxy.getResponse (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:15545:28)

    在 AkiHttpListener.getResponse (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:21012:38)

    在 AkiHttpListener.handle (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:20965:43)

    在 HttpServer.handleRequest (E:\TLTKF3.2.4\obj\bundle.js:17193:22)

    ? 1
  • make it so we have our own followers please, also make it so that AI will follow us when we tell them too please :)

  • please someone tell be how to enable the mod i looked at config.json and i dont know what to do now : (

    • you guys are no help

    • set "Enabled" false to true

    • ok

    • but how do i open the file every time i try to open it with 7-zip it does not want to sorry if im annoying you i just don't understand

    • do i got to enable it in game or on the file?

  • Hello, Lua. I like all your mods very much, especially this one. I have a small question. I like to play the role of boss and upgrade for them. Game balance is not my concern, so is there any way to turn the appearance and attributes of my pmc into boss?

    Thank you for all you done~Hope you happy everyday~

    • You can try to copy from bear and usec type file in Aki_Data\Server\database\bots\types to other bosses file, It may works or not because server is generate bot presets.

  • It appears normal scavs aswell but i want only bosses. How do i enable just bosses?

    • edit config file for chances.

    • Not sure what values should change, could you help me, please?

    • set base boss chance to 100 in config.json

  • Thanks for your good work, it's going great.

    A request for extra ammo would be possible again as before. Possibly possible as a true / false option. Also there is no or only one magazine, maybe you could adjust the selection.

    Best regards

    • Actually It was a SPT bug that relate with container because player scav shouldn't have it.

      I was thinking about to do that but didn't that mod itself has bugs, it is kind a stable with minor bug so might try later on, thanks.

  • got new version still says this

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'level' of undefined

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'level' of undefined

    at BotGenerator.generateBot (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\obj\bundle.js:6841:70)

    at BotGenerator.generatePlayerScav (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\obj\bundle.js:6789:20)

    at PlayerBossScav.generatePlayerScav (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\PlayerBossScav.js:98:42)

    at Mod.generate (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:63:444)

    at Object.action (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:55:30)

    at $79469d862e09d5e9$export$1d24e66a30f2c3c6.handleStatic (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\obj\bundle.js:13983:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\obj\bundle.js:14299:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\obj\bundle.js:14289:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\obj\bundle.js:15973:38)

    at Inflate.cb (C:\Users\survi\Desktop\Tarky\obj\bundle.js:15999:22)

    • Make sure you're on SPT 3.2.2

  • TypeError: Cannot read property 'experience' of undefined

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'experience' of undefined

    at BotGenerator.generateBot (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\obj\bundle.js:7176:59)

    at BotGenerator.generatePlayerScav (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\obj\bundle.js:7124:20)

    at PlayerBossScav.generatePlayerScav (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\PlayerBossScav.js:95:42)

    at Mod.generate (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:63:444)

    at Object.action (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:55:30)

    at $79469d862e09d5e9$export$1d24e66a30f2c3c6.handleStatic (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\obj\bundle.js:14783:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\obj\bundle.js:15099:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\obj\bundle.js:15089:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\obj\bundle.js:16778:38)

    at Inflate.cb (D:\spt 3.2.2(19428)\obj\bundle.js:16804:22)

    I don't know what's wrong, but I only see the loading screen.

    • Updated, thanks.

      Thumbs Up 1
  • [Client Request] /client/game/start

    Body: followergluharassault

    Hands: followergluharassault

    Feet: followergluharassault

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'experience' of undefined

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'experience' of undefined

    at BotGenerator.generateBot (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\obj\bundle.js:7176:59)

    at BotGenerator.generatePlayerScav (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\obj\bundle.js:7124:20)

    at PlayerBossScav.generatePlayerScav (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\PlayerBossScav.js:95:42)

    at Mod.generate (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:63:444)

    at Object.action (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:55:30)

    at $79469d862e09d5e9$export$1d24e66a30f2c3c6.handleStatic (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\obj\bundle.js:14783:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\obj\bundle.js:15099:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\obj\bundle.js:15089:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\obj\bundle.js:16778:38)

    at Inflate.cb (E:\Battlestate Games - SP-3.2.2- - Kopie\obj\bundle.js:16804:22)

    [Client Request] /launcher/profile/info

    [Client Request] /launcher/server/version

    • Updated, thanks.

  • I can't understand what is wrong. I put skill from profile to bot skills, but none of them works(

  • Doesn’t work with 3.2 just yet! Waiting for the updated file!! One of my favorite mods to use!

  • thanks for update

  • Scope mounts dont have scopes, any fix?

    • Not mod's problem, that's how SPT weapon generation works on AI

      Sad 1
  • TypeError: Cannot read property 'standing' of undefined

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'standing' of undefined

    at Mod.generatePlayerScav (S:\Tarkov\SPT\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav-v2.5.0-1-aki31x\src\mod.js:73:76)

    at Object.action (S:\Tarkov\SPT\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav-v2.5.0-1-aki31x\src\mod.js:50:34)

    at $79469d862e09d5e9$export$1d24e66a30f2c3c6.handleStatic (S:\Tarkov\SPT\obj\bundle.js:12998:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (S:\Tarkov\SPT\obj\bundle.js:13293:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (S:\Tarkov\SPT\obj\bundle.js:13283:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (S:\Tarkov\SPT\obj\bundle.js:14863:38)

    at Inflate.cb (S:\Tarkov\SPT\obj\bundle.js:14888:22)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

    at Inflate.emit (events.js:315:20)

    at endReadableNT (internal/streams/readable.js:1327:12)

    I get this on start up. What did I do wrong?

    • Thanks for the report, fixed on v2.5.1

  • Are the rogue bosses included? I can only find knight in the config file.

    • He is the best one after all =O

    • true but like dont u wanna play as the rest of the gang too?

    • in the raiders role, they named with follower so I put them into raiders

    • Thank you!

  • TypeError: this.fenceService.getFenceInfo is not a function

    at Mod.setScavCooldownTimer (F:\EFT SP\Aki_data\Server\src\helpers\ExtendedProfileHelper.ts:177:45)

    at Mod.generatePlayerScav (F:\EFT SP\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:170:42)

    at Object.action (F:\EFT SP\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:50:34)

    at $79469d862e09d5e9$export$1d24e66a30f2c3c6.handleStatic (F:\EFT SP\obj\bundle.js:12998:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (F:\EFT SP\obj\bundle.js:13293:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (F:\EFT SP\obj\bundle.js:13283:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (F:\EFT SP\obj\bundle.js:14863:38)

    at Inflate.cb (F:\EFT SP\obj\bundle.js:14888:22)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

    at Inflate.emit (events.js:315:20)

    Im Getting this during startup and i end up sitting at a infinite loading screen

    • i also get this i am just gonna disable it for now and wait tis early in the new update after all

    • Fixed on v2.5.0-1

    • I appreciate your work

  • TypeError: this.fenceService.getFenceInfo is not a function

    TypeError: this.fenceService.getFenceInfo is not a function

    at Mod.setScavCooldownTimer (C:\Aki 3.1.0\Aki_data\Server\src\helpers\ExtendedProfileHelper.ts:177:45)

    at Mod.generatePlayerScav (C:\Aki 3.1.0\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:170:42)

    at Object.action (C:\Aki 3.1.0\user\mods\Lua-PlayerBossScav\src\mod.js:50:34)

    at $79469d862e09d5e9$export$1d24e66a30f2c3c6.handleStatic (C:\Aki 3.1.0\obj\bundle.js:12998:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (C:\Aki 3.1.0\obj\bundle.js:13293:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (C:\Aki 3.1.0\obj\bundle.js:13283:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (C:\Aki 3.1.0\obj\bundle.js:14863:38)

    at Inflate.cb (C:\Aki 3.1.0\obj\bundle.js:14888:22)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

    at Inflate.emit (events.js:315:20)

    • Fixed on v2.5.0-1

  • I spawned in with boss health but not as a boss.

    • It only uses boss bot's template nothing else, no followers.

    • I don't have a boss model or loadout I just have a lot of health like a boss.

    • miss configure the config file or other mods conflict problem, seems like nothing I can do without logs

  • Whats the ID code or whatever for the rogue bosses? I can't seem to find out how to play as the rogue bosses depicted in the picture.

    • spt 3.0.0 is not on the version for new boss, wait for 3.1.0

      Confused 1
    • Ahh I see you updated the mod to 3.1.0, great! Keep making awesome content! :P

  • plz updoot good mod

  • Hoping for a AKI 3.0.0 update! Great mod!

  • I am trying to edit the config.json file so that way I only spawn as the bosses and not some of the followers. I do not think I am editing the file correctly. How would I make it so that I only have a chance to spawn as one of the bosses? Thanks!

    • set chance to 100

  • Configured the config.json file, but no luck. The scav spawn timer is gone, but nothing else has changed.

    • check "Enabled"

  • Does this still work with SPT-AKI 2.3.0? Will it be getting an update? Or can we just update the package.json ("akiVersion": "2.2.0",)? Thanks

  • Hey, very nice mod,
    but sometimes i have a strange bug where my character can't do anything and in inventory it says that "hands are currently used" it often appears after shooting whole mag and trying to reload. Please tell me if it's just me or did it happen to anybode else?

  • not working

  • Player Boss Scav

    Brilliant mod, very easy to install and does exactly what it says on the tin perfectly. Highly recommended :thumbup:

  • fun to for once be the hunter instead of the hunted

    guud mod

  • Are you a Killa simp? Come, become Killa instead

    I made an account just to congratulate you on this mod.

    It's so good it's ridiculous and works like a charm with my (way too big) modlist

    Also Sanitar mode has to be the best way to get meds in SPT, lmao

    Excellent job, keep it up!

    Edit: tested last version on 2.0.0A5, it works! (I can even use Tagilla's sledgehammer when playing as him lmao)