Featured KMC Server Value Modifier 1.5.1

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Standalone All-In-One Tool you ever need: Gives you the access for most game values and quality of life improvements, featuring easy-to-use GUI and ability to create presets


Check the ReadMe for more info.

  • Version 1.5.1

    Ayy, Fixes!
    For AKI 3.0.0
    Fixed Fleamarket, Airdrops and Max skills,
    Locked Fence offers due causing lethal error on launch.
    Added new option in Items section that allow you to drop items in raid without their destruction.
    Reupload 24.06.2022. 1PM GMT+3 : Fixed initial message if there is no loader present, no more crashes on startup

    Although i'm surprised there's people doesn't check the mod internals when it has GUI.
    Reupload 26.06.2022 7PM GMT+3 : Fixed a typo in GFVE that didn't allow to save text fields in Bots Loadouts and Quests.
    Sorry for inconvenience.

  • Version 1.5.0

    1.5.0 Is here baby!

    Reupload 1: 22.06.2022 19:30 GMT+3 - Fixed typo in SVM related to Airdrop time.
    You can fix manually - check comments

    Only when i thought i fixed all the bugs, fifteen more shows up killme

    Visuals overhaul,

    Hideout section overhaul,

    Quest section,

    Pockets in CSM,

    fields related to blacklist,

    Airdrops section in "Loot" section,

    little QOL and ability to pre-load presets when you run GFVE,

    and god knows what else with as much bugs as features.

    Have fun!
    TODO for 1.5.1: Localization and limit fixes, probably a lot of them.


  • Version 1.4.9

    1.4.9 Update for 2.3.0+
    Added energy and hydration loss rates, requested by user.

    Added an ability to remove trade limits, also requested by another user.
    Fixed typos related to bots loadouts containers that didn't made function to work
    Fixed typo with ballistic coef not being setup right, also i set minimum limits to 0.3 because it also adjust reticles, be warned.
    Moved `max skills` and related to it funcs into `Old or Experimental` due to not fitting to the general idea of SVM, they won't be removed tho.
    Presets should be completely compatible.
    I forgot to change number in the message that shows on loading ;-;

  • Version 1.4.8-H1

    1.4.8-H1 For 2.3.1
    Hotfix #1 - fixed container multipliers names being unassigned, causing no loot in containers in reserve and lighthouse
    Adjusted insurance values to minimum 0.01 since setting them to 0 would cause a warning message and will set them to 0.3 afterwards
    Increased limb maximum limits in health section to 5k

  • Version 1.4.8

    FOR 2.3.1
    Minimum changes, separated multipliers for Dynamic and Container loot
    updated some weather and skills fatigue values.
    Also cleaned some unused/removed lines both in SVM and GFVE, such as loot overlap.

  • Version 1.4.7-H1

    1.4.7 For 2.3.0 And above
    Nothing much, revived `Clothes are free` and added a new feature called Safe exit, no particular hotfixes or anything.
    Cleaned a little bit of JS code.
    07.04.2022 21:40 GMT +2
    HOTFIX: Fixed Price markups causing profile error if you play with modded traders, forgot to add some basic checks for those.
    You can either update or make modded traders load before SVM, or you are free to not Update if don't play with those.

  • Version 1.4.6-H1

    29.03.22: Hotfix: Fixed typo related to loot multipliers being set as limits values, making TOO MUCH loot
    Please redownload.

    Rough patch to 2.3.0, had no time to test it.
    In short:
    Bots loadouts were updated and will not cause errors, now all IDs also stores probability chances (i guess).
    Loot section was stripped due to changes to loot in general, it's functional but less controllable.
    Removed global multiplier and added a checkbox to affect containers with multipliers, whole container section was removed.
    Added Lootable melees in BL.
    Some values were adjusted to current AKI defaults.

  • Version 1.4.5

    1.4.5 Changelog
    Minor hotfix:
    Made compatible for 2.2.1
    Fixed USEC generation being ignored
    Fixed value check for weather

    Profiles are fully compatible, feel free to just replace old svm with new one, no changes required.

  • Version 1.4.4

    You probably hate me for those frequent updates, but I can't do much about it, such scale projects requires a lot of fiddlin' in everything ;-;

    1.4.4 Changelog

    Fixed and reworked `Save Taken Gear after Death` Into `Enable Softcore`, it works properly and will count your raid as `run-through` if you die or MIA, saving your loot as not FIR

    Fixed and fail-proved Bots loadouts PMC types, whatever AKI sets as defaults type will work.

    Added PMC Friendly Fire and weapon Durability into Bots section, also made Bot cap white since it's taking value from internals rather DB.

    Loadouts were updated to 2.2.0 presets. - you may find some IDs are duplicated, don't question me, it's the Aki dev decision to control the random this way so certain gear will be more common.

    Removed chances from loot in containers for simplicity, i've left it in lazy mode for now.

    Removed global and made individual filters for cases - Suggestion by AtonicX from EmuRC

    BE ADVISED, NEW PRESETS WILL BE MANDATORY - Mostly because I refilled bots loadouts with New IDs, if you are accustomed with XML, you can remove Botsloadout fields(all 4) from your own preset and save it again with defaults loaded in, sorry for inconvenience.

  • Version 1.4.3

    FOR AKI 2.2.0
    All of the reported issues were fixed, list is in changelog.
    REUPLOAD [2:36 GMT+2 03.02.2022]
    Fixed Usec/Bear ratio and little visual issue with Max skills window in GFVE
    Presets will be fine, redownload if those settings matter to you.
    ANOTHER REUPLOAD [5:16 GMT+2 03.02.2022]
    Save gear after death had wrong loader name, fixed.

    Reworked my preset, it wasn't complete for some reason.
    Btw If you want to add own preset into main build - feel free to contact me in discord
    Also fixed `Pistols ID` to `Holsters ID` - i hope you're happy ;-;

    If you question my coding skills - don't worry, i question them too. i'm really sorry ;-;

  • 1.5.0, It's here, It was somewhat playtested, but I can't guarantee solid experience since the list of changes internally is tremendous, without help from TheSpartacus (KMC team) - it would take ages to update it.
    As usual, I'll most likely release 1-3 hotfixes between first 72 hours, will be reading comment section regularly - therefore, feel free to review bomb me, any critique or feedback is welcome, further detailed troubleshoots is welcome in EmuRC(GFVE has link) for more direct approach.
    Other than that - Enjoy escapin' with your own experience with this mod.

    1.5.1, Since some issues required to write changes in GFVE i had to make a separate version, I also stumbled on the thought to remove that pesky addition BSG added and implemented it.
    I'm still looking for bugs, 1.5.2 will be more focused on bots functions since that page is quite lacking of options.
    Other than that - localization, tips and polishing are also targets #1.
    72 hours passed - Seems like most of biggest issues were fixed.
    In total - I have to look if Fence is revivable and rewrite some code related to fleamarket, everything else seems to be working as intended.

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    • Many functions is not working, like bying any clothes, bying clothes by free, all quests, custom ragfair access level, 3x5 pockets, it's all that I had time to check. About errors, just one:

      (node:10268) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: Cannot read property 'items' of undefined

      at RagfairOfferGenerator.generateTraderOffers (C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:8213:35)

      at Proxy.update (C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:2433:40)

      at Proxy.load (C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:2425:14)

      at RagfairCallbacks.onLoad (C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:2501:28)

      at App.load (C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:16016:59)

      at C:\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:17694:47

      at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)

      (Use `Aki.Server --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)

      (node:10268) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection. This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). To terminate the node process on unhandled promise rejection, use the CLI flag `--unhandled-rejections=strict` (see https://nodejs.org/api/cli.htm…unhandled_rejections_mode). (rejection id: 1)

      (node:10268) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code.

      But server working, anyway. Game starts, everything is ok... except mod work.

    • Fixed error, everything start without problems. Maybe, mod will working, i'll check now. (I disabled ragfair setting in GFVE and enabled them directly through database)

      Upd: All quests works again, seems problem was connected with GFVE ragfair setting. I think other mod options should working too.

      Upd2: All works, ragfair too. Ragfair section: I changed min, def and max time of selling to default, and uncheck "fence" button.

      Thanks for your work!

      Confused 1
    • Could be nice if you could specify what went wrong in a first place.

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    • I'm not sure... May be, checking box "Fence" in "Ragfair" section cause this error... I had this error once, long time ago, when I even not used GFVE and in globals.json tried to forcing Fence's items to appear at fleamarket. I didnt changed other ragfair settings, except selling time, but selling time always worked fine in this mod, so... :/

      " RagfairOfferGenerator.generateTraderOffers" - it could be problem with generation Fence's assort through flea, if you cheking box in GFVE, I haven't other ideas.

    • Ok, I finally managed to synthesize your problem, although I have no idea how you manage to call it without changing SVM code, but ok.
      Other than that - yeah, it is fence option in offer generation, but that's above my expertise, might just lock it for now.
      `All offers` surprisingly works, although I still may presume it will broke if custom guns are used.

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  • FYI - Cash Stacks doesnt stack to what i set it as

    Settings 1,000,000 wont let me stack more that 500,000

  • In 1.5.0, checkboxes from "primary weapon" to "armor" in Bots loadouts, and reward scalling option in Quests are not saving in custom profile. I think, same issue in 1.5.1?

  • Hi I am having an issue with trader prices, I have them set to 100 so as to give maximum value of items yet for the most expensive items like bitcoin or top tier armour the most they buy them for is like a few thousand rubles.

    Also my scav case even when using moonshine or Intel is only returning 1-3 cheap weapon mods at best.

    • Dejavu, i think i saw that message on Kobrakon's AIO.
      First of all, I don't have any changes related Scav Case loot pools, only prices.
      Second of all, are you sure you don't have any other mod that could override item prices or trader discouns?
      Bitcoin cost 303k with 100% on markup percentage.
      Mind you there's also Price multiplier in Items section, be sure it's at least "1"

    • Hi thank you for the quick response the price issue was because the setting in items section was for some reason at 0.1 so I have adjusted that now.

      For the scav case items though no I don't have any other mods active that could effect it, could the price modifier I had being at 0.1 possibly be effecting it due to all items being extremely cheap, I will run some tests and let you know if it changes now I have increased item price.

    • Ok that's the price multiplier for traders fixed but the issue with the scav case is still the same, not sure what could be effecting it like this.

    • I mean, it's a default behavior, you just got unlucky.
      However - you can adjust such values manually.
      That's the place where price, time and yield located.
      I could add such things in hideout section later on, no one had demands for it before.
      Although instead of using scav case as gacha game - i recommend using a gacha trader mod, when it'll get updated.

  • (node:8648) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Unsupported issue: Expected "," or "}" but "1" found. (please open an issue at the repo)

    at runFixer (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:91:16)

    at fixJson (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:103:21)

    at doubleCheck (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:29:44)

    at fixJson (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:105:10)

    at doubleCheck (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:29:44)

    at fixJson (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:105:10)

    at fixingTime (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:113:11)

    at checkJson (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:146:12)

    at JsonUtil.deserialize (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:16296:99)

    at SaveServer.loadProfile (C:\Users\user\Downloads\SPT AKI\obj\bundle.js:14698:50)

    (Use `Aki.Server --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)

    (node:8648) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection. This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). To terminate the node process on unhandled promise rejection, use the CLI flag `--unhandled-rejections=strict` (see https://nodejs.org/api/cli.htm…unhandled_rejections_mode). (rejection id: 1)

    (node:8648) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code.

    I might just be incredibly stupid but no idea what this means

    • You forgot or misplaced a symbol in either custom properties or bots loadouts, or quests.
      I need to write catch functions on those, really.
      Launch GFVE and look for last manual text edits you did, and look for others, how are they structured.

    • I reinstalled the program then ticked only one thing but it still shows the same error message?

    • Then it's not SVM that is an issue, have you edited anything manually? have you tried running game without SVM?

    • running it without SVM is completely fine and I had not edited anything manually

    • found the issue, for some reason there were 2 profiles

  • good job thank you :thumbup:

  • Hello , just wanna say thank you for this mod.

    Thanks 1
  • It seems that the "in raid moddable" option isn't working or partially working? I was able to take a handguard off an AKS but it would not allow me to take any pistol grips or other guns handguards.

    Any chance I can recommend an option where the user can modify the size of their stash? Just like how we can modify cases/containers it would be great if we can do the same for our stash.

    Overall the standalone modifier is working great. Thanks!

    • Will look into it, although this function is generally a buggy mess, so won't promise anything :D

      You can mod your stash size via custom properties, there's even an example included.
      Although i must warn you - last time i had issues with it when i increased the size to 98 vertical lines - Traders and Flea said i didn't had enough space.

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  • hey man can you add an item overlay option to further increase the loot as i run each map at 10000 items with overlay and i run it fine no lag so please give more customization for loot overlay

  • you may want to adjust your readme file, took me a few min to get it working but if you just drop the file in mods and then launch the server, the server crashes the moment it opens. i didnt realize you need to open the program first then make changes and apply them in order for the files to be created for the server to actually run with them. it didnt say any of that in your read me, it only mentions it when you open the program first

    • Ah, right, i forgot to create a catcher for new flea revision.
      The fact server crashes with no message is not a lack of description but a bug.
      usually it would disable mod and will tell you that you're lacking a file.
      I'll reupload the fix soon.

  • The server crashed right after starting when I put this mod in my folder. I tested it without other mods and it's the only one crashing. Any suggestions? Never mind, I rebooted my PC and it works now... strange.

    • Same as above, will fix it soon.

    • I read that and my issue was different. I had already done everything needed (checking off the compatibility checkbox etc) and it was still crashing, though when I restarted my pc it fixed itself.

    • Mods compact checkbox does nothing tho, just a placeholder :D

    • Interesting.

  • Hello, the mod does not work, I installed it on version 3.0.0. I installed the mod, went into the game - I do not observe any changes. Help plz :|

    • So descriptive - Lemme get neural helm to read your mind to witness exact error, oh wait, I don't have one.

      What exactly went wrong? Without server logs or exact actions you did I am unable to help you.

  • Love using this mod, but in the newest version I have found some issues. The max skills setting always gives an error stating there's no profile even when there is one, and none of the flea market/price change settings work at all. I don't think the airdrop settings function properly either, and neither does the option to disable flea blacklist. My other mods are FAIT, Chomp-DisableFleaBlacklist (after realising this mod's option didn't work), and CWX Masterkey, just in case they could cause any issues.

    • DisableFlea and Airdrop is already solved, Airdrop fix had reuploaded and blacklist is coming soon, will look into flea rn.
      UPD: Flea is fixed - will reupload tomorrow after some checks, although now i question a lot of other stuff - keep me in touch if you find anything else

    • Health change suppose to work flawlessly tho.

    • Airdrop is not working for me either. Have CWX hideout,masterkey and weather.

    • Be sure you have redownloaded SVM, I'll post re-uploads on same version. and will upload another one soon.

    • So I reinstalled the mod a couple of minutes ago, and it seems that neither the flea price changer or the one in the items section work. Max skills still gives the issue 'new profile detected, cancelling function' when there is already a profile set up, and the game seems to get stuck occasionally, with the loading icon over every menu, but I think that might just be a Tarkov thing.
      UPD: Blacklist remover doesn't seem to work properly either- the items are available on the menu, but there aren't any offers for them. I also noticed after setting the item price changer to 1, and the flea changer to 0.01, that for some things the first listing has a much lower price than the rest, making me think that it works somewhat but not fully.

  • Я не могу понять, как заставить его работать

    • Круто было бы понять что ты с ним пытаешься делать.

    • Редактирую данные через GFVE.exe сохраняю, применяю. Но в игре ничего не меняется. Как исправить?

    • Как и куда устанавливал, что пишет сервер?

    • У меня нет папки mods создал свою. Распаковал архив туда, при загрузке сервер его даже не видит. Как будто мода даже и нет.

    • Если у тебя даже папки mods не было, то я даже не хочу угадывать что ты там натворил, заходи в EmuRС и там можешь подробней все описать

  • Hey, is it possible to completely turn off the rain and the fog?

    • You might need to use samswat weather changer, since it allows to change weather on the fly - the weather settings are still quite weird, even if you set them to lowest value, which i recommend to do.

  • WOW! You are so quick! When I first saw 3.0.0 is out I was like: "pff... as if I am going to play without KMC Server Modifier... lol"

    But then I saw you updated it already :D


    • I wish I didn't left a lot of stuff unfinished before actual release, was planned to be the first who'll update :D

  • hey just a heads up using only this mod and fins ai tweaks makes the airdrops not work. tested with fins ai only and they worked fine again. so just a heads up

    • Hmm, that's weird, i'll look into it

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    • Yep, that's on me, idk how but I didn't assign right values.
      Line 144-145 if you want to manual fix it in SVM.js

      Airdrop.airdropMinStartTimeSeconds = Config.Loot.Airdrops.Bigmap_mult;

      Airdrop.airdropMaxStartTimeSeconds = Config.Loot.Airdrops.FactoryDay_mult;


      Airdrop.airdropMinStartTimeSeconds = Config.Loot.Airdrops.AirtimeMin;

      Airdrop.airdropMaxStartTimeSeconds = Config.Loot.Airdrops.AirtimeMax;


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    • my lines on 144-145 are not the same.... i have

      Airdrop.airdropMaxStartTimeSeconds = Config.Loot.Airdrops.AirtimeMax;

      Airdrop.airdropMinOpenHeight = Config.Loot.Airdrops.DropMin;

    • so the same actually? but in different order some reason

    • this is what i have for my airdrop section...

      //############## AIRDROPS SECTION ##################

      Airdrop.airdropMinStartTimeSeconds = Config.Loot.Airdrops.AirtimeMin;

      Airdrop.airdropMaxStartTimeSeconds = Config.Loot.Airdrops.AirtimeMax;

      Airdrop.airdropMinOpenHeight = Config.Loot.Airdrops.DropMin;

      Airdrop.airdropMaxOpenHeight = Config.Loot.Airdrops.DropMax;

      Airdrop.planeMinFlyHeight = Config.Loot.Airdrops.FlyMin;

      Airdrop.planeMaxFlyHeight = Config.Loot.Airdrops.FlyMax;

      Airdrop.airdropChancePercent.rezervbase = Config.Loot.Airdrops.Reserve_air;

      Airdrop.airdropChancePercent.shoreline = Config.Loot.Airdrops.Shoreline_air;

      Airdrop.airdropChancePercent.woods = Config.Loot.Airdrops.Woods_air;

      Airdrop.airdropChancePercent.lighthouse = Config.Loot.Airdrops.Lighthouse_air;

      Airdrop.airdropChancePercent.bigmap = Config.Loot.Airdrops.Bigmap_air;

      Airdrop.airdropChancePercent.interchange = Config.Loot.Airdrops.Interchange_air;


  • Server: executing startup callbacks...

    [INFO] Importing database...

    ModLoader: loading mods...

    [INFO] Loading: LeKaiju-AdvancedModding

    [ERROR] Trace:

    ReferenceError: API is not defined

    at new AdvancedModding (C:\Users\Pomoc\OneDrive\Desktop\sp tarkov\user\mods\LeKaiju-AdvancedModding\src\script.js:47:4)

    at Object.<anonymous> (C:\Users\Pomoc\OneDrive\Desktop\sp tarkov\user\mods\LeKaiju-AdvancedModding\package.js:3:22)

    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1063:30)

    at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1092:10)

    at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:928:32)

    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:769:14)

    at Module.require (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:952:19)

    at require (internal/modules/cjs/helpers.js:88:18)

    at o (C:\Users\Pomoc\OneDrive\Desktop\sp tarkov\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1)

    at C:\Users\Pomoc\OneDrive\Desktop\sp tarkov\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1

    what am I supposed to do here?

    • I don't know? The only advise i can give - don't install games on desktop, that's a really unwise thing to do.
      Other than that - you have issues with LeKaiju mod, not with SVM, you're missing some kind of API, probably a mod dependency of sorts.

      Thanks 1
    • yeah I realised it mentioned something with lekajiu so I had to delete it and I downloaded coremod and that seemed to help so
      thanks anyways!

  • Hey i Found 1 small issue

    All Loose spawned Guns such as Kiba or Labs are all stock instead of being modded

    i have no other mods that conflict with this mod and im not sure if its a problem for other people aswell

    i hope there is a resolution to this, I'd like to loot Kiba and get that Nice Reap-IR AK

    Best of luck Great mod Btw!!!

    • Have nothing to do with SVM - I only tinker server values that's already there, and SVM has nothing to do with presets that could spawn on the world

    • Could it be SPT AKI?

      i Tried playing with 0 mods and this problem still persist

      if you have any solution I'd like to know but thanks for the heads up

    • I mean - you turned out the mods, what else could it be if not the game itself?
      The fix is fairly simple - it adds existing gun profiles in database to be loaded in the raid where is required.
      Question is - how to add those in it, and I don't remember the answer.

  • I enabled "Chance based extracts always available" and "Default Extracts available for everyone" options and when i enter customs there are no extracts available which is very weird, so far only happens on customs.

    • Not my mod issue, you just stumbled upon server desync thingy, rare occasion - the only exit will be Alt-F4.
      Double O every time you enter raid, if it happens, just restart it.

    • Yeah, it also happens on live, sorry for jumping on the conclusion that it is your mod causing it. Keep up the good work.

    • On live? That's quite rare.
      You can use Safe exit option - if it load off the raid properly though - you'll save all your gear and loot, although it will lose FIR status.

  • Hello!

    Great mod!

    I think I have found a bug, when enabling the barter items stacking feature some items do not save properly. For example, I had 2 Clin window cleaner in a Lucky Scav Junk box in the stash and when I exited the game and restarted everything (server and game) I had only one, I've noticed similar behaviour with Light bulb and possibly others (it's hard to keep track of what you have, when something goes missing I think I've gone mad, basically gaslighting myself :D ).

    These are the settings I used:


    Any insight would be appreciated! Thank you!


    Looking through the logs and profile.json I found this:

    This is the entry for CLIN in the profile:

    And the corresponding error message in the log:

    It would seem that the code responsible for saving the items fail to actually save the amount in the stack, hence the null. What is different about the bugged items as opposed to the ones that work?

    EDIT 2:

    I compiled a list of objects that had the "StackObjectsCount": null :

    EDIT 3:

    A temporary solution is whenever you quit the game, go into user/profiles and open your profile JSON, search for "StackObjectsCount": null and then search for the _tpl value to determine what kind of object it is and then find it in your stash and split the stack and re-stack it. Then repeat until there's no more "StackObjectsCount": null to be found. Tedious, but it works.

    • The problem was known for ages, you can see it mentioned here 2-3 times in comment section.
      Technically it's unhandled behavior, you can't really blame neither BSG or AKI for that, the items weren't intended to be stackable, even though they have field to insert amount of items into one.
      This exact menu appeared when I first start transfering funcs from Eresh AIO mods.
      Basically haven't touched since then.

      The solution would be avoiding touching it in general, therefore they are not enabled by default AND has separate switch to enable them.
      Thanks for such detailed report though.

    • I'll probably move them into deprecated zone and add a tooltip leading that items can vanish.

      I don't think there is certainty of what items does stack properly or not, so changing code for specific ID will be unnecessary.

    • I see, I'm guessing patching that unhandled behaviour is beyond the capabilities of the default javascript mod support and will likely involve harmony and a bepinex plugin.

      If I had the time myself I'd look into it and make a proper stacking mod (along with auto-stacking on sort), I'm very familiar with Unity and modding Unity-games but sadly life gets in the way sometimes :)

  • Hi, its possible that in softcore when i die, keep only the gear that i bring in raid and loose all the loot?

    That would be nice!

    • Unlikely, but i'll look what could be done.

  • Is there a way to add a setting that would change the size of the stack of money that SPAWNS, not just the max size of each stack?

    It's pretty tedious to to stack 125mil worth of roubles. It would also significantly reduce the chance of being told "you do not have enough space" when you try to add a certain amount. Especially if you're trying to add it to a standard account and the stash is almost full.

    • I don't really understand what exactly you want to achieve.
      by "SPAWNS" what exactly you mean?
      When it's being given by traders? it should just stack already in one cell till it reach the max IIRC.
      Given by creating a profile? Those are hardcoded.
      Spawns in places on map? I am not affecting those by any means.
      I'm confused.
      Give me a full cycle of what exactly is wrong.

    • Speaking if you're trying to add them via profile editor - it probably has own calculation method to split stacks into 500k, and that can't be changed either.

    • Damn. I use Profile Editor to add money. And if can't be changed, then whatever.

      But what I meant by "spawns" is when I added money with Profile Editor, I was wondering if SVM can change how much money is "added" per stack. If that's not possible, that's fine.

      It's was a convenience thing, as I described. Nothing required.

    • Yeah, it's up to PE (Profile Editor).
      I may assume, it was done by this way: Since to add money you need a `cell` to be occupied for such money - PE split desired amount you want to add into 500k cells to fill your inventory with, Therefore the only way to adjust how much you want to take in cell is to alter PE itself.

      Thanks 1
  • For some reason when i apply the changes they dont make the adjustments in game, is there something im missing?

    • I dunno, I don't fix issues with such low amount of details given.
      But if you want me to guess, here we go
      1) You have nested folder, either with SVM or any other mod, if one mod being faulty - server doesn't start any.
      2) You didn't actually apply and only saved preset
      3) You try to apply changes mid-game, which is impossible, both client-server should be closed.
      If it's neither of those errors - you're on your own, start looking for hints, for minimum - server logs.
      If you gave up - feel free to either drop screenshots and logs in support thread/DMs/in Emu Discord(link is in GFVE) and I'll help.

  • Yo whats up dog I apologize if this is dumb. Id like to know if I enable raid options in the .exe will it overload all of my fin ai tweaks settings? or my AIMate settings or AIO Kobra settings. I saw none of those in the incompatible list so I guess not? anyway im pretty much just trying to use the exe for softcore mode yesterday I had it working to where when I died I had all my same stuff back in the menu with me, dont know what happened.

    • Hard to tell, I don't have time to test every mod that can have similar options as SVM (and it'll be like 70% of non-content based mods? Since SVM is massive atp) but easiest solution would be running any other value editing mods AFTER SVM (aka put their folders in alphabetic order after SVM) so they will override any option SVM does.
      I don't really see the issue - you enabled softcore = you got your loot back, what's the problem?

    • Because to enable softcore mod it seems as though your enabling a lot of ai and bot settings by having to enable "raid settings" before you check off the softcore box I already have everything other than softcore set up with fins ai tweaks perfectly so im afraid that its messing shit up with my fin config, the config file called loader doesnt seem to work when I enable gear after death that way either.

    • Not really, no, the settings in `Raid` that may refer to AI is only events OR before raid options, but as I said before, load Fin's AI after SVM and you shouldn't run into issues.

    • I appreciate it!

  • Hey. I Just put the mod into the mods folder after extracting it and everything and without touching even touching the mod I get this.

    [ERROR] SVM is lacking loader file or there is an error, mod is disabled

    [ERROR] If it's Syntax error, edit it manually in loader.json or/and edit values with GFVE properly

    [ERROR] If it can't find module(loader), run GFVE and create it, duh

    Cannot find module './Loader/loader.json'

    Require stack:

    - C:\SPTarkovFiles\SPTARKOV\user\mods\ServerValueModifier\package.js

    - C:\SPTarkovFiles\SPTARKOV\obj\bundle.js

    please help.

  • Whenever I try to adjust the value, the input doesn't register. The window opens and general clicks work. However adjusting anything else does not.

    • No idea with such low amount of details.
      I just hope you have read first page and you have enabled those pages, other than that - HMU in discord and show me what went wrong.

  • while using you mod i cant figure out how to have scav/pmc spawn in im my raids same as labs how do u fix the enemy spawning in?

    • English?

    • Your mod is not spawning in bots after i apply the stuff in your mod how do i fix that

  • Hi, do the 'All sides clothes' include scavs/bosses?

    • Nope, I think I pointed the reason down in comment section

    • Ok thanks. Do you happen to know any mod that would have that? Or is it just the current state of SPT AKI that is conflicting with those options overall?

    • Nope, and the issue is that certain scav gear doesn't have certain animations, that may hung you up in game with no ability to do stuff

  • Hello. Downloaded latest version 1.4.9. When I run the game I'm seeing this..... v1.4.8???


    │ SPT-AKI 2.3.1 │


    │ │

    │ This work is free of charge │

    │ Commercial use is prohibited │


    Server: executing startup callbacks...

    [INFO] Importing database...

    ModLoader: loading mods...

    [INFO] Loading: GhostFenixx - Server Value Modifier 1.4.8

    SVM has awoken, EmuTarkovRC wishes you a good day

    [SUCCESS] Started webserver at

    [SUCCESS] Started websocket at ws://

    [SUCCESS] Server is running. Happy playing!

    • Yeah, I forgot to change the number there ;-;
      Other than that - in package.json and in GFVE it is set properly.

  • you can be a chad in tarkov now with this :love:

    wow! this one is OP! thx a lot, like the explanation tips and the spreadsheet :) :thumbup: :love:

  • Awesome Mod Awesome Creator

    I had issues at the start (Completely my own fault and even i was dumbfounded i could've missed what i did) and the creator was very helpful in contacting me quickly and helping me resolve the issue, could not thank him and his work on this mod enough

  • Review time

    If you are a newbie and can't follow instructions from All-in mod this is your best shot, simple, easy to setup, easy to use. Has practically everything you need. Thanks! <3:thumbup:

  • Essential

    So happy, this is my essential mod. Legend! 8o

  • Was waiting whole day

    It's a must have for me
    Waited whole day for the 2.2.0 update, worth it
    Thanks for your hard work!! ^^