Clean Thermal Scopes 2.0.0

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Gets Rid of Grain in the FLIR and REAP-IR thermals

Your Clean thermals mod :senkosmug:

  • Currently working on at least the Reap-IR in 2.0.1 have not tested other thermals

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  • currently works in AKI 1.5.1 Sep 15, 2021

  • Hi, Is it possible to change the range of vision of the thermal sights?

  • please update to 1.4.4 animefingerdancing

    • I used it on 1.4.4, and it seemed to work (unless one of my other mods cleans up thermals too, which I doubt.).

  • Nice mod

    Can you add the T-7 Thermal Goggles as well, please?

    • If you need it for the T-7 you can use Clear NVGs Redux mod , or if you want to just change the T-7, you can add this to any .js file in any mod (this one for example, and be mindful to paste it in a place where it can be executed like after Start() or in this case after load() ) :

      const items = DatabaseServer.tables.templates.items;

      items["5c110624d174af029e69734c"]._props.IsNoisy = false;

      items["5c110624d174af029e69734c"]._props.HeatMin = 0.001;

      items["5c110624d174af029e69734c"]._props.NoiseIntensity = 0.0;

      items["5c110624d174af029e69734c"]._props.IsMotionBlurred = false;

      items["5c110624d174af029e69734c"]._props.MaskSize = 0.99;

      items["5c110624d174af029e69734c"]._props.Mask = "Anvis";

      -props.mask changes the HUD/FOV displayed, the default one is "Thermal" that is just a circle, Anvis is the quad eye night vision that has more FOV, this is how I usually played it in R7

      This is from memory so maybe it isn't right but it doesn't hurt to try.

  • In case someone really needs this in 1.0.1 , you need to change 2 or 3 lines of code in the mod for it to load, the only thing that changed is they way its loaded. You need to open "thermals.js" in the src folder with a text editor and change :



    this.mod = "CheekiestBreeki-CleanThermals";

    core_f.packager.onLoad[this.mod] = this.load.bind(this);

    common_f.logger.logInfo(`Loading: Clean Thermals`)




    const bundles = `${core_f.packager.getModPath(this.mod)}/bundles.json)`




    this.mod = "CheekiestBreeki-CleanThermals";

    ModLoader.onLoad[this.mod] = this.load.bind(this);




    const bundles = `${ModLoader.getModPath(this.mod)}/bundles.json)`



    -The only thing that changed is the 'core_f.packager' function into 'ModLoader'. Also I had to delete the 'common_f.logger.logInfo' function because the new one, "Logger.Info" wasn't working for me, this only affects the message that is displayed on server start, when the mod is loaded. I tried a few runs with the FLIR and I think it works now. 60hz display and everything. I hope this works for you too , have fun

  • please update the mod to 1.0.1, i love this mod, one of the best mods i use

  • This is very useful, is it possible to update please?